What I Need

Caia Johnson is 23 and stuck between juggling motherhood and the on going battles between her parents and her daughter, Summer, father Blake. After 7 years of being a single mother, will Caia be able to get over Blake, let her parents fix their problems themsleves and look to the future or will she crack under the pressure of trying to get Blake back into both Caia and Summer's lives?


13. Reconciliation?

After months of Blake being back in Vermillion, today was the day that Blake asked Caia once again "Caia, can we get back together?"  After hesitating for months and being warned of by friends, she decided that Blake was the one, he was the father of her child, the one man she dreamed about, the person she didn't want to be without. "Yes Blake, I've wanted this for months but everyone was warning me of. Blake your the one I want." Caia said, kissing Blake for the first time being a couple again.   Blake Aston Mayer was the one Caia had yearned for over the years, the boy she cried over when they were in high school; the man she cried over when he left her alone with a daughter, the man she laughed with, the man she shared a daughter with. Her one and only who turned her sky's from grey to blue in under 5 minutes. The person she wanted to stay forever. 

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