What I Need

Caia Johnson is 23 and stuck between juggling motherhood and the on going battles between her parents and her daughter, Summer, father Blake. After 7 years of being a single mother, will Caia be able to get over Blake, let her parents fix their problems themsleves and look to the future or will she crack under the pressure of trying to get Blake back into both Caia and Summer's lives?


11. Moving on up

3 months later...

"Blake!" Caia yelled from her bedroom. "What?" He asked, heading into the bedroom. "Its my sister, she's gone into labour! I need to get to the hospital now!" She yelled, changing into her Hollister jeans, plain white tee, plain black hoodie and black converses, sticking her hair in a messy bun and grabbing her fluffy parka as it was a cold October night in Vermillion. "I'll get dressed! I'll ask mom to baby sot, the house is the way." He said, putting in his tee and getting her coat and boots. "There at the Sanford Vermillion maternity centre, I'll call mom and get Summer ready." Caia said, going into Summers room (luckily of was Friday so Summer wouldn't be tired at school). "Summer, wake up baby." Caia said softl . "Why mommy?" She grumble . "Auntie Shaniah is having a baby and I am going to the hospital to help." Caia said. "I'll pack some things for grandma Suzie's." "OK mommy." She said, climbing out of her princess bed, putting on her slippers and warm socks and getting her warm coat, hat, scarf and gloves from her hanger I'm her room. After packing Summer's things and having car starting troubles, Summer was safe at Blake's parents and Caia and Blake were at the hospital with a stressful night ahead of the . 

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