What I Need

Caia Johnson is 23 and stuck between juggling motherhood and the on going battles between her parents and her daughter, Summer, father Blake. After 7 years of being a single mother, will Caia be able to get over Blake, let her parents fix their problems themsleves and look to the future or will she crack under the pressure of trying to get Blake back into both Caia and Summer's lives?


2. Life according to Caia

"Summer come on! Your at school today remember!" Caia shouted to her 7 year old, Summer. "I'm coming mommy!" Summer yelled, clattering down the stars of their 3 bedroomer Vermillion home that Caia moved into 5 years ago. She started to make her daughter breakfast when she emerged into the kitchen, her brown hair messy and dishevelled from her good nighs sleep and her hello kitty PJs looking like they needed a wash. "Did you sleep well honey?"Caia asked, pouring cereal into Summer's personalised bowl that her mom bought her for her birthday. " Yea, I had a alright sleep." Summer said yawning. "Here you go, babe." Caia said, putting down the bowl in front of her daughter and sitting at the table to finish her toast. "So, what do you want to wear at school today?" She asked. "My hello kitty T-shirt and my pink leggings and converses that grandma Rosa bought me." Summer said, referring to the shoes that her father, Blake's mom had bought her for Christmas. "Well I'll go run the water for you to wash and get out your clothes." Caia said, heading upstairs to there newly refurbished bathroom. Summer was born 5 months after Caia turned 16 and wasn't the easiest thing for Caia to adjust to as she never thought about becoming a mother and experiencing full on parenting. She got her daughters clothes out and laid them on her Disney princess bed before she heard Summer run up the stairs and heading into the bathroom. She came in the bedroom with her hair just as soaked as her face and piled on her outfit all by herself. "Your so clever dressing yourself now, Summer Thorn." Caia said, as she pulled a hairbrush through Summer's thin, brunette hair and put it in a ponytail. "Right your done! Go brush your teeth and we'll go." Caia said, as she pulled a brush through her own brunette hair and fixed it into a ponytail. Caia owned a salon called Summer Thorn in Vermillion and had enjoyed a good hairdressing and makeup artist career over the past 4 years and was hoping for the salon go thrive even more. She brushed her teeth and grabbed her bag before turning of the TV and heading with Summer to her broken Volkswagen beetle to go to Vermillion Elementary where Summer attended school. "I'll see you later honey." Caia said, kissing her daughters cheek and watching her run over to her friends, Honey and Nevaya. "Bye mommy!" She said, waving to Caia before she drove off for her long day of work facing her. 

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