Cigarette breath

One by one he destroyed my little-girl dreams with his fingers and cigarette breath.

*This contains strong language and scenes that might be offensive for some readers*


1. Introduction

So you think that this will be like every other story about a girl falling in love with someone she can’t have, and you’re right. This is the never-ending story. I fell in love with him. I knew he wasn’t the kind of guy that could be trusted. I knew he was the bad one. But you know what? Since we first started talking, my body has been craving him like air. Every cell in my body screams after his skin, his breath and his mouth. I shouldn’t want him he isn’t good company, and God how I wished that I could stay away from him. But I can’t… I’m addicted to him, like a drug dragging me towards a black hole of emptiness. Oh what would I give to be his girl. I know there are better guys out there, some that’ll treat me right, and make me happy in all the ways I imagined in my mind. But fuck that. I want him. I want to feel him against my body again, feel the way he can make me go crazy with his cigarette breath and his fingers on my skin. I want him to say all the right lies that will make me happy for a little while. I want him to tell me that he only wants me. You might think I’m crazy for wasting my time on someone like him and again you’re right. I know it’s crazy and stupid, he probably doesn’t even think about me. But that’s okay cause I know, when we’re alone he will only be mine for a minute, and that will be my happy place. The price for that is high, but I’m willing to pay whatever it takes. This is the story about him and me. A stupid girl falling in love with someone so dangerously, gorgeous and fucked up like him.

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