The Rogue Doctrine

This was up and running like a year ago, but because of the reception and all, i took it down. But Kyle J Durrant's (seriously, go fan him) 'Observations' sort of encouraged me to put this back up. Enjoy.


1. Introduction

Alright, first of all – just to be clear: No, I am not starting my own religion.

So: “What are you doing?” and “What’s up with the title?” and “Ohmigod, like, are you a Scientologist?”

To answer the last question first: No, I’m not a Scientologist. Now to answer the other two, more serious questions:
What am I doing? I’m doing what any author ought to do. Those who study English Literature will understand when I say: Books are hard to decipher. In the exams, they ask a very broad question and one of the most prominent of these questions being:

What is the purpose of the writer?”

And you’re sitting there and you’re thinking: How the hell am I suppose to know what the author was writing this for? I mean, with authors like George Orwell, it’s pretty easy to tell what he’s getting at – Communism is bad. Communism doesn’t work. Stalin’s moustache is weird [okay, not that one]. But you get my drift. With writers like Shakespeare and Chaucer and other epic ones, it’s much harder to tell what they’re trying to say.

One thing is for sure, though – all writings have a purpose. A moral. A didactic. A philosophy. So some are built on the modern theme of absurdity, but even behind that: there’s the hedonist idea of carpe diem or to live for the moment [literally, to seize the day]. Therefore, I’m writing this just to clarify my ideologies [not that I hope to get published, but, eh, this is fun :3] as I do try to put them through a lot of my writings; but I feel they aren’t staining through. People aren’t getting it. The message is on hold. It’s like Tsuno Everdeen and Onyx Moonstone say in The Unlucky Number:
“‘It’s okay,’ Tsuno said, smiling back, ‘I’m sorry you had to spell your ideology out for me.’
Onyx shrugged, ‘You have to spell it out for most people,’ she laughed.”

And the cover? Vesp’s doing :3 He’s awesome like that. So, if you’re interested, then continue reading. This isn’t a weekly update sort of thing, just something I’ll update when the time is right.

So, thanks for reading :3 and I wonder how many people will actually be willing to read what I think xD LOL, anyway: Rogue out!

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