The Rogue Doctrine

This was up and running like a year ago, but because of the reception and all, i took it down. But Kyle J Durrant's (seriously, go fan him) 'Observations' sort of encouraged me to put this back up. Enjoy.


2. I - Freedom [Terms and Conditions apply]

“No one is free, even birds are chained to the sky.”
~ Bob Dylan


Okay, so Freedom is an issue I’ve mentioned a couple of times. What do I believe about it? It’s made pretty obvious through Cato in In Sheep’s Clothes and Onyx in The Unlucky Number. Several figures in history fought for ‘freedom’. You have Spartacus fighting for ‘Freedom from Slavery’, you have ‘Freedom Fighters’ in places like India that wanted to break off from the British Empire only a few decades back, and more recently, there’s been many proposals for ‘Freedom of Expression’ and so on. But what is freedom?


Dictionary Definition
a) the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint: He won his freedom after a retrial.
b) exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.
c) the power to determine action without restraint.
d) political or national independence.
e) personal liberty, as opposed to bondage or slavery: a slave who bought his freedom.
[taken from]


My Definition
Cato describes my view of freedom in In Sheep’s Clothes. I don’t think can have it worded better, so here it is:
Let me explain, Proxima: Freedom is meant to be unrestricted, without bounds, no strings attached. Limitless. It’s supposed to be absolute. But nothing – in this world, at least – is without bounds.”
Freedom is meant to be completely infinite. But a new question arises – is this possible to reach? Is anything in this material world ‘infinite’? Of course not. Everything that exists here is essentially limited. That includes freedom.
Cato continues:
If you're not following Law of God, then you’re following law of man. And, even if you’re some anarchistic prick living in the middle of an unnamed jungle, you’re still bound by nature. Nobody can decide to survive without eating, can they? The only way I can possibly see how a person could be ‘free’ is if they die. Maybe that’s why Socrates said it was the greatest of human blessings. Laws bind even the inanimate planets.”


What do I make of it?
Onyx’s turn:
‘Freedom?’ said Onyx, ‘What’s so free about it?’
‘Well, the bird is free to fly in the sky,’ Tsuno looked up; ‘Unless, there’s something I’m missing here.’
‘Let me explain something to you, Tsuno,’ Onyx leaned forward in her seat, ‘A raven is a scavenging bird. It eats the flesh of the dead and the dying. It survives that way,’ she paused, ‘It is “freedom”.’
Tsuno furrowed his brows.
Onyx continued, ‘We all reach out for freedom, because that is what we’re told to reach out for; when really it circles above our heads: watching and waiting for us to die. We all want it, when really someone needs to come up and shoot the stupid bird down,’ she tore the image in half, making Tsuno wince, ‘Freedom is a lie; fed to people of every nation by their tyrant rulers. Freedom is a lie, and everyone’s been chasing after it.’

Freedom is a sham. You are permanently bound to some things in life: and that’s undeniable.


What are we bound to?
Natural things:
- Death
- Pain
- Loss
- Aging
- The elements [Gravity, weather, etc]
- Our parents/ancestors and siblings [We don’t choose them, now do we?]
- Time
- Consequences – Yes, sometimes we may do what we like; but we cannot control the consequences to our actions.

Subjective things:
- Laws of a religion [if any]
- Laws of a country/nation


Example: Freedom of Speech
To be completely free to speak would mean you should be allowed to say whatever you want, whenever you want, to anyone to want. Now, like communism, theoretically it sounds very nice. But only theoretically. It would imply that all people would have to be perfect in terms of speech. What am I saying? Observe –

Literal ‘Freedom of Speech’ insinuates the following:
- A KKK member is permitted to be racist
- A Nazi is allowed to be anti-Semitic
- A pervert is given the thumbs up to speak in a profane manner to any form of audience.
- And so on.

What’s that? They aren’t allowed to do those things? Isn’t that a limitation in freedom? And isn’t a limitation in freedom an oxymoron?
Freedom that is limited cannot be freedom. And the example I just put forward is an outright [yet, conveniently ignored] portrayal of it.


The First Theory of the Rogue Doctrine
Repeat after me: “Freedom does not exist.”


So that’s the first chapter out of the way
Anyone have anything to add? If you do, leave comments and I’ll get back to them ASAP. [Lol, just realised this could be a major way to whore out stuff] Don’t forget to check out In Sheep’s Clothes [original] and The Unlucky Number [Hunger Games fan-fiction] also.
Leave suggestions for other topics, also, if you have any.


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