What happens to Katniss and Peeta after Mockingjay? Alongside how they cope with their nightmares and memories of the games? Read along to find out.

Katniss and Peeta have been back in District twelve for a few years now, the have already grown closer again. But will Katniss' and Peeta's relationship carry on? Will they be more than 'Star Crossed Lovers'? Will they become a family?
I just want to say that at the moment, I am busy editing this story so I apologise i it seems all over the place at the moment, it will be sorted soon :)


23. No! This Can't Be..

Peeta, Annie and I are sat in the garden overlooking Finley and Willow who are sat on the freshly cut grass surrounded by teddies and building blocks. Annie and Finley will be going home later so we try to make the most of the time we have left together. For the three days that Annie and Finley have been here, Peeta has stayed off work. So we can all spend time together.

"It is such a beautiful day." Annie exclaims. The bright sun is shining down, the sun couldn't be any brighter even if it tried.

 "Sometimes I think district 4 is a bit too hot. I mean I love it there,being by the sea but sometimes the weather isn't the best feature,"

 At that exact moment I notice Willow stand onto her small, chubby legs and take three small steps before plomping back onto her bottom. Peeta looks at me with a big grin on his face. For the last couple of days we have been trying to teach Willow how to walk. Without success. She would stand up on her legs but just plomp back onto her bottom. 

"Katniss did you see that? Did you actually see that?" He asks excitedly. Annie, Peeta and I all rush up towards Willow and Finley. We sit down beside them just as willow begins to get up again and take a few more steps then last time, towards Peeta. When she falls back onto her bottom Peeta picks her up with a wide smile on his face.  

"Our little Willow just walked. She just took her first steps. We are so proud of you Willow." He says and plants a kiss on her forehead. I take her of Peeta and kiss her forehead. 

"She must have got that of her mother. I was 1 and a half when i took my first steps." Peeta laughs. 

"No, I don't think so Peeta. I was stubborn when my parents were trying to teach me to walk. I was 1 and a half when I began walking as well. Whereas Prim on the other hand was nine and a half months old when she took her first steps." 

"She has grown so much within nine months." Peeta says. 

"I know." I reply. Peeta wraps his arms around us both, embracing both me and Willow into one big hug. 

"I love you both so much." He says. 

"So, so much." 

After a few minutes he pulls away. I hear a coughing sound behind me, so I turn around and notice Haymitch standing a few feet away. 

"Don't worry sweetheart, I didn't miss it." He says. 

Willow wriggles out of our grasp and takes a feew steps towards Haymitch. He picks her up. 

"Did my little cheeky granddaughter just take her first steps?" He laughs. Willow giggles along with him. 

"Haymie." Finley yells running up to Haymitch. 

"Hello Finley, where's your mother?" Haymitch asks, patting Finley on the head. 

"Far away so you don't chuck milk on her this time I guess." I say. Haymitch rolls his eyes. 

"Will you just let it go?" He asks. 

"I'm here." Annie says walking up to us. 

"Hi" She says. 

"Well I would love to join in with the family renunion but I need to have an important word with Katniss and Peeta." Haymitch says. 

"What do you want to talk to us about?" I ask.

"Not here." Haymitch says. He hands Willow over to Annie and leads me and Peeta inside the house. Whatever he wants to speak to Us about, it can not be good. 

"Do you remember learning about an disease called Cancer at school?" 

"Yeah." Peeta says.

"Well i have just seen Dr Lydia in town and she has just told me that there have been patients, mainly children being found with the disease." 

"How is this even possible. I mean, i thought they found a cure for it ages ago." I say.

"Katniss, don't believe everything you are told at school. Now what I am saying is that Dr Lydia has booked you, Peeta and Willow for an appointment later at four O'clock with a doctor called Dr Nisha so she can do some tests. I will accompany Annie and Finley at the train station. These tests are important and they need to be done." 

"What about you? Are you going to have them done Haymitch?" I ask. 


"Then I am not having them done. Willow can have them done but i am not." I say. 

"Yes you are." Peeta says.


"YESS KATNISS! I have already nearly lost you. I don't want to loose you forever." 


I storm up the stairs and into my room. I throw myself onto the soft cotton sheets and cry. 

"Katniss, Katniss." I hear someone say. I open my eyes and notice Peeta sitting beside me. His hand is resting on my shoulder. 

"Hmm?." I say sleepily. 

"We are going to the hospital, to get those tests done. Annie and Finley went half an hour ago. Annie said that she will phone you later." Peeta says. 

"I told you. I am not having those stupid tests done."         

"Katniss just please. What will you do if you do have cancer? Nobody will know, it will kill you and then Willow will live without her mother. And I don't want to loose you, I love you too much. Just please Katniss." Peeta begs. I bite my lip and think, I lost my father when I was eleven due to a mine explosion and not having him around is horrible. How would Willow live happily if her mother died when she was only young and she was brought up without her. And it would be hell to lose Peeta. 

"Fine." I mumble. 


"Mr Peeta Mellark, Mrs Katniss Mellark and Miss Willow Mellark." The receptionist calls. We make our way towards the doctors room. Manny people stare at us as we walk so just to make sure she is safe,  I clutch Willow tightly to my chest. 

"Hello Mr and Mrs Mellark." Nisha says as we enter the room. 

"This must be little miss Willow."  she says in awe. 

"Please, take a seat." She points to two seats next to her desk. I sit down and put Willow onto my lap. Peeta sits beside me. 

"So, as you may know there has been an outbreak of cancer. This was a disease discovered in Egypt in 1500 b.c. the last time we knew of someone having this disease was in 2000's. Nearly 200 years ago. There were over 200 different types of cancer. Within the last month we have been finding patients, mainly children with the disease. Note, you can't catch it. Anyway, we need to do tests just to make sure you don't have a cancerous tumor inside your body. So all I am going to do is take some blood from all of you and send it down to the lab to be tested. We will ask you to wait in the waiting room for around an hour until we have the results. We will do Willow first." Nisha rambles on. 

I roll up Willows top sleeve so  Nisha can take a sample. Willow doesn't even flinch. 

Within two minutes Nisha has blood samples from, me, Peeta and Willow. 

"Can I please ask you to wait in the waiting room?" Nisha asks. 

The hour is long. Willow wriggles around on Peeta's lap whilst I am sat nervously shewing my naills. Peeta doesn't say or do anything but take hold of my hand. Soon enough Nisha calls us back into her room. 

She sits at her desk with a pile of paperwork next to her that wasn't there before. She doesn't look at us until we are sat down. She takes a long deep breath and then begins. 

"I don't know how to say this. I honestly don't." She looks at us, her eyes full of sorrow. I grab hold of Peetas hand. 

"Willow's blood test didn't come back positive, like your's or Peeta's did. I will need to do further examinations on Willow. X-rays and more blood tests. Follow me." Nisha stands and I try to get up, but I can't. I sit there, a single tear rolls down my face. This can't be, it just can't. 

"Katniss." Peeta says. I look up to him, I see two tears roll down his face. Willow is asleep in his arms. 

"Do you want to carry her?" He asks. I nod. Peeta passes me Willow. I stand up, clutching my innocent daughter who has possibly been invaded by a beastly cancer tumor. 

I quietly sob as we follow Nisha through the winding corridors of the hospital she stops us outside a set of double doors she presses a buzzer that is at the side of the frame.

"Only doctors and patients can go beyond these doors. She says. Another doctor that is dressed in white open the doors. He has a child like bed on wheels. 

"Willow Mellark?" He asks. 

"Don't worry Willow, you will be okay. We will see you later princess. I love you." I  whisper. I kiss her forehead and hand her to Peeta. 

Peeta whispers his goodbyes to her and kisses her forehead. He then places her on the bed. The doctor in white disappears down the corridor along with Willow and Nisha. 

I slide down the wall and begin to cry properly. Peeta sits beside me and also begins to cry. Not as loud as me though. 

"Why does everyone I love get taken away from me." I say between sniffs. I look at Peeta, his eyes red from all the crying. He shakes his head. 

"I have no idea why Katniss." He says. 

"I feel as it is somehow my fault." 

"It isn't your fault sweetheart." I hear someone say. I look up and notice Haymitch standing infrot of me. He looks as if he might burst into tears. Haymitch sits down beside me. He rests his hands on his knees and his forehead on his hands. I feel Peeta put his arm around me and pull me into him. I rest my head on his shoulder and cry. 

" Katniss, I have got a feeling that she is going to make it through this. She is a fighter just like her mother. " Peeta says. I look into his eyes, all they are filled with is sadness and hope. 

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