What happens to Katniss and Peeta after Mockingjay? Alongside how they cope with their nightmares and memories of the games? Read along to find out.

Katniss and Peeta have been back in District twelve for a few years now, the have already grown closer again. But will Katniss' and Peeta's relationship carry on? Will they be more than 'Star Crossed Lovers'? Will they become a family?
I just want to say that at the moment, I am busy editing this story so I apologise i it seems all over the place at the moment, it will be sorted soon :)


26. Caesar?


"Wait, I forgot something." I say. Katniss, Mrs Everdeen and I are just about to go to the hospital to visit Willow.

I run up the stairs and into Willow's room. I walk over to her cot and pick up Mr Rabbit, I promised Willow that I would bring him today. I quickly make my way back down. I holdup Mr Rabbit.

"I couldn't forget him." I say.  

"Are we all ready?" Mrs Everdeen asks. 

"Actually, can you wait a second?" Katniss asks. 

"Sure." I reply. I watch Katniss run into the living room and then back out. 

""Lets go." She says. Mrs Everdeen opens the wooden door that is standing in front of us. The sun may be shining but that doesn't make the day any happier.

I pull the door closed behind me as I step outside. Up and down Victors Village kids are running up and down chasing each other and laughing. I remember playing a game like that at school when i was young. I don't really like playing them types of games anymore they remind me too much of the arena. 

Katniss laces her fingers through mine as we walk down the steps and onto the street. 

It is a silent walk to the hospital, no one says anything. I keep my head down on the way, thinking about Willow and what she is going through right at this moment. I have always wanted a family, I am already married to the love of my life and when Willow was born i felt as if life itself would actually start getting better for us. But now, while Willow is fighting for her life, not even a year old, I don't think life could get any worse. I nearly lost Katniss more than one, and now I am close to loosing Willow, my only child. 

When we get to the hospital, I am in shock. The entrance is surrounded by cameras and crazy Capitol people. I hear Katniss gasp. 

"No." She whispers. I squeeze her hand. 

"Just keep your head down." I whisper. We push through the crowd of people who start throwing questions at us, 

"How old is Willow?"

"Where is she?" 

"Is Willow sick?" 

At last we make it indoors. I can still hear all the Capitol people screaming from outside. 

"What is happening?" Katniss asks. I shake my head. 

"I don't know Katniss." We make our way to the ICU. I don't know why they are here but if there are camera men and loads of people from the Capitol outside a hospital in District twelve then somebody else will be here as well. 

Katniss pratically runs to the ICU and thats when I notice him. Deep pink hair and eyebrows and his trademark midnight star suit. Caesar Flickerman. He is walking up the corridor talking to a camera.

"...This is a very serious disease, the number of patients with cancer from all over Panem, mostly children have been transferd to the Capitol hospital is outrageous. Over 350. But now the number of spaces left in the hospital in the capitol is below 30 and there isn't any other hospital in Panem with the facilities to treat and ure everyone as all of the cancer survivors have been treated in the Capitol. Our first main goal is to treat all the children as they are the most vulnerable." He is saying. We need to transfer Willow as soon as possible. 

When Mrs Everdeen and I  get to the ICU Katniss is standing there, I feel now is the best time to tell her. 

"Katniss, we need to transfer Willow to the Capitol hospital as soon as possible." I say. 

"I know, I have just seen it on the T.V." I look at her confused. She points to a television on the wall, it has Caesar walking around thi hospital talking to the camera.We are just about to walk into the ICU when Nisha comes running up towards us. 

"I need to speak to you." She says.

"Good." Katniss replies.

"Because I need to speak to you aswel." Katniss adds on, Nisha dosen't have time to say anything before Katniss says it.

"I want you to transfer Willow to the Capitol hospital." Nisha sighs. 

"Mrs Mellark, at the moment Willow is fine receiving her treatment here at the moment and I am sorry to say this but her odds at winning this battle are not in her favour." She says. My heart brakes when she says he last bit. 

"I DON'T CARE WEATHER YOU CAN TREAT HER HERE." Katniss is piratically shouting. 

"I WANT HER TO BE TRANSFERRED TO THE CAPITOL, I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE COST. I JUST WANT HER IN A BETTER EQUIPPED ENVIRONMENT WHERE HER ODDS AT SURVIVING MAY INCREASE. IF YOU DON'T TRANSFER HER. I WILL."  Nisha stands there shocked. It is clear that no one has ever given her orders like this. I take hold of Katniss' hand Nisha takes a deep breath and looks at Katniss. 

"Mrs Mellark..." Katniss cuts her off. 

"Please don't, I do not ant to hear any excuses. I have lost most of the people I have loved due to the games and war. Willow is just a baby, not even a year old. Please just give her a chance at life." Katniss begs. There is a pain in her voice when she speaks. She is about to break down.   

"Now, if you excuse me. I want to see my daughter." Katniss pushes the door to the ICU room open and heads inside. Mrs Everdeen and I follow her. 

"Do you think you could have been a bit more polite?" Mrs Everdeen asks quietly as we walk to Wilow's  cot. 

"Not really." Katniss replies. Willow is already awake when we reach her cot, a small smile forms across her face. I smile back to her. I don't feel like smiling, especially when i see more tubes and wires going in and out of her. It brakes my heart. 

"Hello." Katniss and I both say softly as we each take hold of one of her hands. I take Mr Rabbit out of my coat pocket and make him do a little walk on the mattress, at the side of Willow.

"Look who came to visit you." I say. Willow lets go of both of mine and Katniss' hands and reaches for Mr Rabbit, she pulls him towards her and cuddles him.

"How is my brave little princess doing today?" Katniss asks Willow. She strokes Willow's cheek and says, 

"Mommy and daddy both love you so much, no matter what happens to you we will always be with you." 

"Nana is here." I say. Mrs Everdeen walks up to the side of her cot and strokes her other cheek. 

"Hello beautiful." Mrs Everdeen says. 

Willow has only ever seen her nana once, when she was born. But I think she remembers her as Willow's beautiful, sparkling blue eyes lock on Mrs Everdeen. 

I feel someone place their hand on my shoulder so I tun around and notice Caesar Flickerman standing right there. He isn't wearing is normal smile, instead it is replaced with a sad frown. H shakes his head and pulls me into a friendly hug. 

"I'm so sorry." He whispers. He then walks over to Katniss and pulls her into a hug.

"This  must be so horrible." He says. I notice a single tear run down his cheek.

"It is. It really  is."  Katniss replies.

Caesar gives Willow's tiny hand a little shake.

"Hello little one." He  says. 

"Are you getting her transferred?" Caesar asks. Katniss nods. 

"They don't think it will benefit her but I want her transferred to a better equipped environment."  She says. 

"Well they can't say no to the Mockingjay." Caesar replies. 

"No they can't. I never thought i would find myself saying this but the sooner we get to the Capitol the better." 

A loud shriek suddenly fills the ICU room, I hastily turn around. A crying woman is sat next to a bed of a little girl. Doctors try to pull her away. 

"Bring her back." The woman cries. The doctors have finally pulled the woman away from her child's bed and are now dragging her out of the ICU room. 

"I want my daughter back alive. Katniss Everdeen might have stopped the games, but she didn't finnd a cure for my daughters illness." She screams. Just as the doors are about to close the woman glares at me. I walk over to Katnis who looks as if she might brake down at any moment and embrace her into a hug.

"People are dieing yet gain, and it feels as it is my fault." She says. I pull away, rest my forehead on hers and look her in the eye. The pain that is in them is unbelievable. 

"It isn't your fault Katniss." I say. I press my lips onto hers. 

"I just want our daughter back." Is all she says.

A doctor with a Stern face walks up to us.

"I am sorry but I am going to have to ask you all to leave. With the incident that has just happened we want to get all the children settled down again." He says. Katniss sighs, she turns to  Willow. 

"Keep fighting my little Mockingjay." She whispers as she plants a kiss onto Willow's cheek. I watch as she places  something onto Mr Rabbit. Her Mockingjay pin. 

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