What happens to Katniss and Peeta after Mockingjay? Alongside how they cope with their nightmares and memories of the games? Read along to find out.

Katniss and Peeta have been back in District twelve for a few years now, the have already grown closer again. But will Katniss' and Peeta's relationship carry on? Will they be more than 'Star Crossed Lovers'? Will they become a family?
I just want to say that at the moment, I am busy editing this story so I apologise i it seems all over the place at the moment, it will be sorted soon :)


30. Birthday

We get to see Willow two days after her surgery and according to my mother it was a great success, she said that all is left to do is the chemotherapy which will take up to four months. She will stay in the Capitol hospital for a month of it and then we get to take her home back to district twelve and she will go to the hospital there once every week to receive it. Willow is finally becoming her bubbly self again and two weeks after her surgery something extraordinary happens. 

Peeta and I are sat next to Willow's bed, she is sat up playing with the small teddies that Effie got her. She hardly has any wiers going into her body, only one on the back of her hand which is attached to a bag that has her medicine in at the side of us. Her hair has started to fall out because of the chemo, but that doesn't bother me. As long as my daughter is healthy and safe. I am okay. Willow grabs hold of Mr Rabbit and holds him out in mine and Peeta's direction. 

"Ommy. Addy." She says I look at Peeta in disbelief. 

"Ommy. Addy." She says again. 

"Okay, now I know I am not in a trance." Peeta says. He then looks at Willow, picks her up and sits her on his knee. 

"Did you just talk." He says in his baby voice. Willow waves Mr Rabbit in Peeta's face, I laugh a little. 

"I don't think it was Mr Rabbit speaking. I think it was little Miss Willow Rue Mellark speaking." Peeta says. He plants a kiss on her cheek. Willow then begins to wave Mr Rabbit iin my direction so I take her of Peeta and sit her onto my lap.

"Who is my cheeky little brave princess?" I ask in my baby voice. 

"Ommy." Willow says. I laugh again. 

"No silly you are." I say kissing her cheek. 

Peeta wraps his arms around us both. 

"I love you both." He says. 

"We love you too." I reply. 

*   *   *   

4 Months Later 

As we step through the door to our house I don't know what to feel. My emotions are mixed. Part of me is happy, happy that against the odds, Willow beat cancer. She fought through it and survived. Part of me still feels angry and upset that for the past five months Peeta and I had to watch our daughter go through something horrific. The last part of me is excited, today is Willow's first birthday. The year has gone by so fast and even though the last five months were horrible, there has also been good times.

It was agreed that I would take Willow our for the morning whilst Peeta got everything sorted. We decided that having a party as such isn't a good idea so we settled on having family and a few friends round for tea. The list consisted of; Mother, Haymitch, Effie, Annie, Finley, Johanna, Gale and his fiance Shorleine who have recently moved back to district twelve and grown very fond of Willow. I can hear them all talking in the livin room, so quietly, I sneak in there. As soon as we get to the door I place Willow onto the floor. She goes toddling in and begins to hug each and every person in the room. Willow has a kind heart and I knew she got it of Peeta but also, she reminds me of Prim. I hear Peeta walk up behind me, he wraps his arms around my waist. 

"She has got a big heart for a one year old." He says. 

"I agree. She takes after you." I reply. I look at him. He shakes his head a little.

"She also takes after you. She is going to be a wonderful person in the future." He says. 

Willow runs up to me and wraps her tiny arms around my legs. 

"I think it's time for presents." Peeta whispers. I nod my head. 

"Yes, I think it is." I say. 

We sit in the middle of the floor with Willow and watch her as she unwraps the presents. The joy on her face as she tears of the wrapping paper and the toy or top or dress is reveled is unbelievable. Of course Peeta and I have to help her unwrap them. When Willow is finished unwrapping the presents Peeta leads us into the dining room where he has set up a special birthday dinner for Willow. 

"She looks allot better." My mother says to me as I strap Willow into her highchair. 

"The doctors cleared her yesterday." I say.

"That's excelent." She says. I pul her into a hug. 

"Thank you fo being there for us." I say. 

"You welcome. I will always be there for you, never forget that." She says. I smile. When I as young my mom and I never had a strong relationship but it started to get stronger after my first games. I am grateful our relationship got stronger, I don't know where I would be without her

I help Peeta give out every ones meals which insisted on cheesy tomato soup for Willow as it is her favourite and Lasagna for everyone else. We then sit down at the table with everyone else. My mom stands up. 

"I want to make a speech. I know speeches are for weddings and all that stuff but I think this occasion deserves one. A year ago today a little someone came into Katniss' and Peeta's life. That little someone was little Miss Willow. Her first year has been eventful and her last few months have been hard for her as she battled against and won a fight against cancer. But let us hope that the rest of her life is full of wonderful adventures. Happy first birthday Willow." she says. As she sits down we all  begin to clap. The meal is wonderfuul, well of course it is. Peeta made it. When we have finished eating Peeta and I go into the kitchen and bring out the cake which is beautiful. It has two layers and Is light pink. Written on it it has 'Happy Birthday Willow' and below that It has a miniature version of the Mockingjay with writing below it that says 'Our Little Mockingjay.' The lit candle is placed on the top layer, the single flame flickering in the darkness. 

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthdy to Willow, happy birthday to you." We all sing to her as Peeta and I carry the beautiful cake up to her. It takes her around four or five big puffs before she is able to blow out the candle. Peeta cuts the cake and hands everyone a slice. Before I begin to dig into mine, I feed Willow her slice. It dosn't take her long and by the look in her eyes she likes it. I smile. 

"Was that yummy?" I ask in my baby voice. She begins to bounce up and down and clap her hands. I smile. I begin to tuck into my slice. It may just be a simple sponge cake but it is delicious. Peeta leans over to me and whispers into my ear, 

"Have you got her present?" He asks. 

"Yeah." I stand up and go into the living room to get it. We thought it would be Nice if we gave Willow her present form us after we had the cake. I find the small box laying on the windowsill I pick it up. I hear footsteps so I turn around to find Peeta standing in the doorway. He walks up to me and embraces me into a cuddle. 

"I can't believe she is one already." I say. 

"Time flies, it won't be long until she is starting school." He says. 

"I love my family." He adds on after a while. I smile. 

"We love you too." I say before I kiss him. 

"I think things are going to actually start getting better for us now." He says. I nod my head. Not knowing that we were both totally wrong. Not knowing that it wont be long before things start to get worse. 


                                                             END OF BOOK 1

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