What happens to Katniss and Peeta after Mockingjay? Alongside how they cope with their nightmares and memories of the games? Read along to find out.

Katniss and Peeta have been back in District twelve for a few years now, the have already grown closer again. But will Katniss' and Peeta's relationship carry on? Will they be more than 'Star Crossed Lovers'? Will they become a family?
I just want to say that at the moment, I am busy editing this story so I apologise i it seems all over the place at the moment, it will be sorted soon :)


16. A Family

"Katniss my dear, how are you?" Effie asks bursting through the doors.

"I'm fine, just a little tiered." I say as she hugs me.

"Good, good. Now where is she?" Effie demands. I look over at Peeta who has Willow secure in one arm and a teddy in the other hand. He seems so happy.

"Peeta has her." Effie rushes over to Peeta and demands that she holds Willow. I laugh a little. Effie runs back over to me with Willow in her arms.

"She is so cute." Effie coos. Peeta walks over to me and wraps his arms around me.

"I knew you could do it." He says.

"Oh My, Peeta she has your eyes and Katniss she has your hair." Effie exclaims delighted. I lean back onto my pillow close my eyes only for a while.

When i reopen my eyes it looks like half of Panem have gathered into the small room i'm staying in at the hospital. Peeta, Haymitch, Effie, Mom, Johanna, Annie and Finley.

"Hello beautiful." Peeta says. He is sat in the chair next to my bed, holding Willow.

"Hey, can i hold her now?" I ask.

"Sure." I take hold of Willow.

"Hello gorgeous." I say to her in a voice that you only use for babies. A tear slides down my cheek i would have never thought I would be sat here holding my daughter today after everything that has happened.

"My beautiful daughter." I say. Peeta smiles and wraps his arms around me.

"My beautiful wife and my beautiful daughter. My family." He says. I lean over and kiss his soft lips.

"I love you Peeta Mellark."

"I love you more Katniss Mellark" He says before planting a kiss onto my lips.

"Ellow Awntie Katniss." Finley is standing at the side of my bed, he has grown so much since the last time i saw him.

"Hello Finley." I reply.

"Finley i told you to leave Aunty Katniss asleep." Annie says picking finley up. He starts squirming in her grasp and lets out one or two screams.

"Don't worry. I was already awake." I say.

"Oh sorry Finley." She sets him down.

"Go and play with your bricks." He crawls over to a box full of different colour bricks.

"Can I hold her for a minute?" She asks.

"Sure." I pass her Willow. Johanna soon wonders over, along with my mom, Effie and Haymitch.

"Prim and your father would both be so happy for you right now." Mom says as she hugs me.

"I know, i miss them."

"I miss them too honey, but let us not dwell on the past but look into the future. We both know that weather alive or dead that they will always be with us." I smile at her wise words.

"I would like to hold my granddaughter please." My mother pipes up above the noise. Annie hands Willow over to her.

"Katniss, she is beautiful." My mother says in awe. Johanna walks over to us. 

"Now whilst im sat here i do not want any kissing goint on between you two love birds." Johanna demands as she sits on the end of the bed. I roll my eyes. The smal T.V in the hospital flashes on with the Capitol seal. This only happens when there is an important message to be said. My mother hand me Willow, and i pull her securly to my chest preparing myself for the worst. The room suddenly becomes quiet and we glare at the T.V, only hoping the news isn't bad. Caesar Flickerman appears on the screen. 

"I have just been given some very special information." He begins. Peeta takes hold of my hand and Caesar continues.

"I am very happy to tell all of you. That a very special event has occurred in district twelve. This morning, Katniss Mellark  gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Weighing 7.5 pounds, Willow Rue Mellark was born on September 26th at 9:32am. President Paylor has a special message for Katniss and Peeta."  The scene changes to President Paylor standing on the balcony.

"I would like to say congratulations to Katniss and Peeta Mellark, and we wish you the best. You definitely deserve this after everything you have been through." And the screen turns off. 

I sigh in relief. Willow is sleeping peacefully in my arms. I think of how she will have to learn about the haunting world her mother and father had to live in when she is older. I don't want to tell her about it, but I know i will have to.

I soon over hear and argument between Johanna and Haymitch that I would rather not listen to and by the sounds of it, it looks like it is going to get out of hand. 

"Will you two shut it, Willow has finally got to sleep and I don't want you to wake her." I say. 

"Fire girl is getting feisty." Johanna laughs. She walks up to me.

"Everyone else has held her but i haven't." She moans. I carefully hand her Willow. 

"Just try to not wake her up. I swear if you do i will kill you." I threaten.

"Whatever." Johanna replies. It turns out she doesn't end up listening to me. Johanna starts to tell her about how much Peeta loves bread. I can't help but laugh a little. Willow soon begins to cry so Johanna hands her back to me.

"I can't deal with her when she cry's." Johanna says and then walks off. I try to feed her but it ends up that she isn't hungry so i decide to sing to her. 

"Deep in the meadow, under the willow

A bed of grass, a soft green pillow

Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes

And when again they open, the sun Will rise. 

Here it's safe, here it's warm

Here the daisies guard you from every harm

Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings the true

Here is the place where I love you."

When I am finished, Willow is fast asleep. I plant a kiss onto her head. 

"Your father always used to sing that song to you before you went to bed." My mother says. 

I smile as i remember, I would never go to sleep until he had Sung it to me. 

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