Just One...

This is just a fluff-y storyline piece I wrote for my Elixir (Josh Foley) RP account. Josh Foley x Kevin Ford (Wither x Elixir). Yes, hunny. That's X-Men.


4. Just One Moment

"Josh!" Laurie's scream woke Josh from a deep sleep as she pushed the door open and sprinted into his room.

"What?" He moaned into his pillow, risking a glance at the clock, which told him it was 3am.

"The Hellions- They were- And-" She couldn't seem to force the words past her tears. "It's Kevin... He's-"

"Kevin?" Josh sat bolt upright, a stab of panic in his heart. "Laurie! What happened?!"

"He's- They- Somebody shot him!" She sobbed.

"What?!" Josh jumped from the bed, grabbed Laurie's arm and headed for the door. "Where is he?"

"Th-the infirmary." Her emotions made her words almost unintelligible. "Josh! Y-you can't touch h-him!"

"Laurie, I don't care!" He snapped, storming down the corridors. Still, no one knew about his relationship with Wither, which had now been continuing in secret for about three months.

"Please, d-don't hurt yourself!" Laurie begged, oblivious, before Kevin's low scream rang out through the hallways.

"Fuck!" Josh moaned, slamming the access pad on the wall to open the infirmary door and sprinted inside.

"Kevin, you idiot! What have you done now?!" Despite his relatively cool exterior, Josh was falling apart inside. He was staring at the boy he was madly in love with, who was writhing in pain, blood seeping from a small hole in his exposed abdomen. He'd only just got Kevin, he wasn't ready to lose him yet.

"Oh god." He breathed, noticing the growing pool of blood on the table Kevin was placed on, below his body. "It's okay, Kev. I'm going to fix this. I can fix you."

"Josh..." Kevin's voice calmed Josh slightly, whilst bringing tears to his eyes.

"I'm here. You're gonna be okay." He whispered, barely able to speak.

"Mr Foley, unfortunately you can't help here." Hank McCoy spoke up from the monitor where he prepared surgical supplies.

"Shut up! I know what I'm doing!" Josh yelled. The room fell silent. "Everyone get out." He growled. There was no response. "Out! Now!"

"Josh, you don't seem to understand-"

"No! I understand perfectly. Leave. All of you!" He ordered, cutting off Hank's words. Josh couldn't help feeling a little surprised when they obeyed and left him alone in the room.

"J-Josh... I can't... It..." Kevin's voice was weak.

"Shut up!" Josh ordered, placing his gold hands over the gunshot wound. "I'm going to make it better."

"I l-love you." Kevin whispered, closing his eyes.

"Come on, you idiot." Josh bit deep into his lip, mentally willing his powers to work faster. "I'm not going to let you die on me."

He sighed, a smile taking his lips when he began to feel Kevin healing. He could sense the cells and organs begin to bond back to their rightful place.

"Kevin?" Josh begged, finally allowing tears to roll down his cheeks.

"Josh... You.." Kevin blinked his eyes open, though his skin tone still adopted an unhealthy grey tint.

"It's okay, just a little longer. It'll all be better soon." Josh smiled softly, and leant forwards to kiss Kevin's lips. Pulling back, his breath caught and his features adopted a strong frown.

"Josh? Are you- Are you okay?" Kevin panted, feeling the life slowly retake his body. Josh screwed his eyes shut and another tear fell down his cheek. "Josh?"

"I-it's okay. I've al-almost fixed you." Josh pushed his eyes to open and forced a smile past the incomparable pain in his hands. Using his powers to heal Kevin had drained them slightly, so much that he could not fully protect himself from Kevin's mutation, which was currently tearing its way through his palms. But he couldn't stop. He needed to be sure Kevin was entirely healed before he even considered letting go.

"Oh my god." Kevin gasped. "Josh, stop!"

"N-no! Just- Argh! Just a little- a little longer." Josh moaned.

"No! Stop!" Kevin yelled. He wished to be able to push the other boy's hands away, but his blood stained clothes had been removed when he was brought in, and with Josh coming straight from bed, both boys wore no more than their boxers. Kevin had no way of pushing Josh away without potentially causing him more pain.

"Help!" He pleaded, as loud as he could manage past the lump in his throat and the fact he was almost dead just minutes ago. "Somebody! Please!"

"I love you, Kevin Ford. I want to f-fix you." Josh whispered, forcing the words, as his eyes seemed to roll back and his body began to become limp.

"Josh!" Kevin yelled as if the name was a beg. Just as he summoned the strength to push himself up onto his hands, Josh collapsed onto solid floor beside the surgical table Kevin was positioned on. "No!"

Hank entered the room quickly, promptly followed by Laurie, who tugged on some rubber gloves. Her face dropped when she saw Josh on the ground. She gasped and dropped down beside him, taking his decayed hands in her own.

"What did you do?!" She yelled up at Kevin, pulling Josh's unconscious body to her chest.

"He- he wouldn't stop! I told him- I wanted him to let go, but he- he wouldn't!" Kevin stammered, wanting nothing more than to take Josh into his arms and kiss him until he awoke.

"You-" Laurie pushed to her feet, her eyes locked on Kevin's, when Hank lifted Josh from the floor and carried him over to one of the beds. "You sick, disgusting bastard!" She yelled, slapping him hard across the face, her rubber gloves barely protecting her. "This is all you've ever wanted, isn't it? To hurt him?"

"No! You can't believe I did this on-"

"Shut up, Wither!" She snapped, sobbing. "Never speak to him again!"

"I told him not to! He wouldn't listen. I-"

"I said shut up! You destroy everything!" Laurie ran quickly over to where Josh lay, motionless on the bed. Kevin wasn't sure if it was the heat of the moment, or Laurie's mutation projecting her emotions, but he suddenly felt unbelievably frustrated.

He loved Josh, madly. And now he had to watch him suffer and it was his own fault. He had hurt the boy he was in love with, and he couldn't even help try to fix him. Pushing up to sit on the table, he listened in to Laurie and Hank's conversation, his hands tightening to fists.

"It's alright, Laurie. He collapsed due to the excessive use of his powers. He'll wake up soon and his hands will heal quickly then. For now, we just need to bandage them." Hank explained quickly.

Hearing the slightly positive news, Kevin calmed a little, but the anger was still there. He stormed from the room, tears lining his eyes, and locked himself in the nearest bathroom, turning on the shower and sitting under the stream of water, allowing it to wash away the blood that caked his skin. Behind the water, no one could ever tell he was crying, so he allowed himself to. He sat for hours, staring at the wall, silent tears marking his face, until there was a strong knock on the door.

"Umm... Kev?" Julian spoke up awkwardly from the other side of the thick wooden door. "Josh is awake. He's asking for you." Kevin released a relieved sob closed his eyes. But he way still scared. This was all his own fault. He couldn't cope knowing he'd hurt the boy he loved.

"No. I don't want to see him." Kevin called back, his voice faltering.

"Come on, man. We all know last night wasn't your fault. Just talk to him, yeah? I think he-"

"Keep Josh Foley the hell away from me!" He yelled, cutting Julian off mid-sentence.

"Woah, Kev. Calm down." Julian sounded surprised at Kevin's words.

"No! Don't let that gold freak anywhere near me!"

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