Just One...

This is just a fluff-y storyline piece I wrote for my Elixir (Josh Foley) RP account. Josh Foley x Kevin Ford (Wither x Elixir). Yes, hunny. That's X-Men.


7. Just One Gift

Josh shifted as he watched his reflection in the full length mirror in the corner of Kevin's room. He wore nothing but his boxers. It was Kevin's birthday and he hadn't had time to get him a gift, so decided to settle on surprising his boyfriend like they did in those tacky movies he'd always seen Laurie watching. That was romantic, right?

It had taken him a total of forty eight minutes to decide what to wear, tearing through his underwear drawer in a desperate search for something that he deemed 'sexy' enough. He had received a few curious glances from David, but, thankfully, the other mutant asked no questions. In the end, he settled for tight, black boxers with a simple, grey waistband.

He had snuck into Kevin's room about ten minutes before. And now he waited. Kevin's class was due to finish at any moment and Josh was suddenly struck by the thought that he might not look perfect enough. Being sexy and romantic was hard! He moaned loudly in irritation and defeat and collapsed face first into the bed.

"Ugh!" He mumbled into the duvet. "Why do I have to be in love?"

"Wow," Josh looked up from the bed to see Kevin stood over him, his arms crossed over his chest and an amused smirk on his lips.

"Ta dar!" Josh announced sarcastically, kneeling up and throwing out his arms. This was a total disaster and not what he'd intended at all.

"You're really cute." Kevin chuckled.

"Happy Birthday." Josh said with an apologetic smile.

"This is definitely my favourite present." Kevin's words made Josh relax slightly. Kevin sat on the bed and removed his boots. Today had been a long day, and he was glad to be able to spend a little alone time with his boyfriend.

"Hey," Josh wrapped his arms around Kevin's shoulders and kissed his neck, regaining his confidence. "Don't you want your present now?"

"I dunno. Am I allowed it now?" Kevin grinned, excited at the prospect.

"You can have me whenever you want me, Birthday boy!" Josh purred. Kevin turned and took Josh into his arms, kissing him passionately. They fell down onto the bed, laughing a little.

"I love you, Kev." Josh whispered, smiling uncontrollably.

"I love you too, Josh." Kevin smirked a little. "Even if you're not the best at sexy surprises."

Josh shrugged. "Happy Birthday, darkness."

Kevin trailed his index finger down Josh's bare skin, following it with his eyes. His breathing slowed as he continued down, hooking his finger into Josh's boxers. Every point at which where he applied any pressure took the familiar grey tone. His eyes flicked up to meet Josh's and suddenly, it seemed like both boys' hearts stopped for moment. Josh exhaled a shaky breath, unable to tear his eyes from the boy before him.

"Josh..." Kevin's voice was barely a whisper, as he gently pulled the waistband of Josh's boxers, directing him closer. Josh couldn't find any words to reply, his mind stuck firmly in the moment. Raising his hand, Kevin brought his finger back up Josh's chest torturingly slowly.

Then, dropping his forehead to meet Josh's, he pushed the pad of his index finger into the skin just above where Josh's heart would be positioned. Gradually, he drew a large love heart on just left of the centre of his chest, his mutation leaving the perfect grey trail. Taking a deep breath, he retracted his finger for a moment, before pressing it into the centre of the heart, where he gently inscribed his initials - 'KF'.

"Mine..." He whispered simply, his eyes drawing back up to look into the eyes of his still speechless boyfriend. Josh swallowed hard, unable to take his eyes off Kevin, more specifically his lips. He ached to kiss him, but could barely move after the intensity of the previous moment. He forced himself to take a deep breath. He'd never felt so intimate or vulnerable with anyone before. Opening his mouth to speak, he realized he still couldn't.

"You belong to me, Joshua Foley. Every inch of your flawless skin, every word from your delicious lips, every breath you take." Kevin's lips drew nearer to Josh's as he spoke, but he stopped just short of satisfaction. "It all belongs to me."

"Y-yes." Josh finally managed a word.

"I will care for you and protect you until the very moment my heart takes its final beat. Understood?" Kevin's lips grazed Josh's as he spoke, driving the golden mutant to a state of excessive longing for a kiss. Focusing on his breathing, Josh nodded, once again rendered speechless.

"I am inexplicably and unequivocally in love with you. And I want to leave my mark on your heart, permanently." Josh released a small whimper that he didn't even realize he was capable of creating, as Kevin's lips passed his time and time again.

"What do you want, Foley?"

"Y-y-" Josh took a deep, steadying breath, attempting to force the word out. "You."

"Good." Kevin pushed up and stood from the bed, causing Josh to whimper again. Painfully slowly, he crossed his arms over his body and took hold of the hem of his shirt. He gradually lifted his hands, taking his shirt with them and causing Josh's heart rate to rocket. After what felt like forever to Josh Foley, Kevin pulled the shirt over his head, entirely revealing his miles and miles of perfect skin. Kevin allowed his eyes to lock with Josh's once again, while his boyfriend lay, unmoving, mouth hanging open, eyes widened, in his bed. Dropping his hands again, Kevin unlatched his belt, pulling it from his jeans perfectly slowly, before dropping it to the ground.

Next, his hands moved to his jeans, pushing the button free, before drawing down the zipper painfully slowly. Placing his hands on his hips, he pushed his jeans down his legs, Josh following each movement intently.

"Is this okay for you, Josh?" Kevin whispered, his tone strong and serious, stepping out of his jeans and straddling Josh's hips.

"Kevin..." Josh moaned his boyfriend's name in a way that sent a shiver through the other boy's body.

"What's wrong?" Kevin stroked his fingers through Josh's bangs, leaning down more, closing the distance between their lips a little.

"I need you." Josh breathed, forcing the words to form on his lips. His hands went to Kevin's waist, smoothly exploring his skin.

"I love you." Kevin's voice was soft but there was a tone of desperation that Josh quickly picked up. The brown haired mutant allowed his lips to fall just an inch from his boyfriend's. Moaning slightly, Josh stretched his back to reach Kevin's lips, now pushing his hands into his boyfriend's hair to direct his head closer, but Kevin quickly pulled back.

"No." He whispered, taking Josh's hands and pinning them to the bed either side of his head.

"Kev... Please." Josh begged quietly, his heart beating heavier than he had ever felt it.

"Calm down." Kevin ordered softly, but he knew it was a stupid thing to say. There was no way either of them could be calm now. "I'll give you what you need."

Josh couldn't believe how spectacular Kevin was. This was a shy, little boy from Georgia, who, Josh assumed, was a virgin up until a few days ago. He shouldn't have been able to push Josh to the edge of insanity like this.

"You know," Kevin began, his voice soft. "There are people here that I can touch, people whose bodies are not entirely organic. Mercury, for example. But I didn't want them. My mind - and my heart - was locked firmly on the irritatingly perfect, gold New Mutant from Queens."

Josh forced his eyes closed in an attempt to calm himself. It didn't work. And the way Kevin then took that moment to kiss his neck didn't help much.

"Every single day in training," Kevin whispered, his lips just below Josh's ear, still touching the skin. "I would watch you intently - every movement, every word, every breath. It was difficult, my mind regularly trailing off to thoughts of all the different positions I wanted to get your body into. But it's the closest thing I could get to actually having you."

"You do have me, now." Josh moaned, the way Kevin kissed his neck sending his head spinning.

"Which is why," Kevin continued. "I'm cherishing every moment with you so much."

"Please..." Josh gasped. "Let me touch you."

"Patience." Kevin purred.

"No." Josh moaned loudly.

"Shhh..." Josh found it unbelievable that his boyfriend could make the sound seem so sensual. "Do you want me to make love to you or not?"

The words caused Josh to squirm under Kevin's body, bringing a small smirk to Kevin's lips.

"Now, you have to trust me. I will kiss you like you long for me to, that's a promise. But I'm going to enjoy myself a little more first. It's my birthday. You do as I say. You're not allowed to touch me." Kevin explained, kissing Josh's neck once more, before pulling back and looking into his boyfriend's eyes. "If I feel your perfect, golden hands on my skin without my permission, I'll start over, and it will just take you longer to get what you want."

"Yes." Josh breathed, unable to say any more.

"Good boy." Kevin released Josh's left hand, but drew his right up to his own lips and kissed the knuckles softly, one at a time. Slowly, he drew his lips down Josh's arm, kissing and caressing his skin. Kevin couldn't help enjoying every second of contact between them, and the grey tint left behind on Josh's body.

"You're so beautiful." Kevin whispered, kissing Josh's neck softly, feeling the other boy's pulse below his skin.

"Kevin!" Josh begged, causing Kevin to smile slightly.

"Shhhh." Kevin nipped slightly at Josh's skin, making his way across his boyfriend's jawbone. He kissed the very corner of Josh's mouth, causing the other boy to whimper again. "Wow, this really is the best birthday present ever." Kevin smirked, pulling back slightly.

"Happy birthday." Josh whispered, attempting to force his mind away from how much he longed to touch and kiss his perfect boyfriend.

"This is just what I wanted." Kevin purred before kissing Josh passionately. Josh writhed under the contact. Everything was perfect. Josh suddenly had anything he'd ever wanted. He wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and pulled him closer.

"I love you so much." He whispered, a small smile taking his lips.

"You gonna give me the rest of my present now, 'Lixir?" Kevin smirked, kissing Josh again.

"Anything for you, Birthday boy."

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