A blood of olympus ending

For Rick riordans competion
Here's an ending I wrote for blood of olympus ^~^
Written in Percy's POV


1. Percy's POV

I knew I would have to make a sacrifice. I knew that from the beginning, but not even in my worst nightmares did I imagine this. Annabeth, my wise girl, was going to sacrifice herself to save the world. The saving the world bit was great, the war with Gaia would be over, but her being separated from me was not. She stretched upward, I knew how excruciating the pain must have been, but she did it anyways. To give me a final kiss. I knew she was going to Elysium once she died, but that didn’t stop me from trying to run toward her protecting form to protect her from herself. Only frank and Jason could keep me where I was. Nico was silent in the backround, I felt like screaming. Annabeth had thrown herself off a cliff to save him and his sister, and now he wasn’t doing anything. I’m not saying I wanted him to die, but I wanted him to stop her. Instead of screaming at NIco, I found myself screaming toward Annabeth, our promise.

“What about never being separated again, Annabeth?” I shouted but I knew it’s not fair. She was doing this to save everyone of Earth from a horrible fate. Even though Gaia wasn’t in her physical form, I heard her whisper in my ear and only mine.

“Go, young hero, die with her. Complete the legacy, and I will reward you both with a comfortable after life in the Isles of Blest” she murmured. The sky rumbled and rain began to pour down, I was too fragile to even stop myself from getting wet. Rain dripped down my face steadily in rhythm with my tears. I almost wished I was with Hazel, back at camp half blood, where I wouldn’t have had to see Annabeth’s final breath. She hesitated and I think she’s considering coming back, but then her eyes closed and her arms spread as if welcoming death, at the foot of the sacrifice rock.

But then something happened. Something no one expected. Nico ran forward, toward Annabeth. Towards the sacrifice rock. As I realised what he’s doing my eyes widened. I lurched forward to stop him, but the hold on my arms was harder than ever. I saw pain in Jason’s eyes as Nico swiftly dodged Annabeth’s attempt to stop him. He jumped and threw himself on the rock, impaling himself.

All was silent as we stared at the corpse, I could hear in the backround Gaia’s scream. But the only thing that’s clear is Nico is dead. I have no idea why he did it, but he did and now he’s gone, without a goodbye. Without anything.

 Finally the grip loosened and I ran. I ran to Annabeth who was now on her knees, staring in disbelief. I wrapped my arms around her and sobbed. I sobbed the way she did when she heard the Sirens all those years ago. I feel like I’ve suffered too many losses, my only brother is taken, reyna, Grover, Thalia, and so many others, even without Nico.

After what must’ve been an hour, we struggled back to the Argo 2. Everyone averted their eyes from the live pictures of Camp. Or at least that’s what they once were, in rage they were burnt and slashed, no one could deal with watching the bloodshed the Romans had caused, it was too painful. Nico and coach hedge came back to the Argo 2 days earlier, bearing bad news of Reyna’s death. Everyone had someone to mourn that night, we mourned everyone who had died due to this quest.

At night we each made as many lanterns as we could, and let one off for each lost life. I lit one for Bob, for Damnasen, for Reyna, for Nico, for Tyson, for Grover, for everyone we could think of. We all slept on the deck that night, because no one wanted to be alone. It was the end of the war, but not the end of possible death for any of them.

The next evening they had arrived at Camp Half Blood, the campfire flames were low and coloured black. There were too little campers. Hazel saw us first, without a word she excused herself and limped toward us on her crutches. I knew she’d hated going back to camp instead of staying for the final battle. She reached us and smiled at our safe return, but we could only manage a few weak smiles back. She looked around anxiously, then frowned

“Hey! Where’s … where’s my brother?” she asked. Dead silence. I’d forgotten about how hurt Hazel would be.

“Let’s go for a walk” I say, memories of this moment hit me as I thought of the resemblance of Nico’s face when he was 10. When he’d lost his sister. This was too painful but I tried to be strong. As we told Hazel, she took it in silence, which made it worse. If she’d just shouted and screamed it would’ve been easier. We would have a reaction at least. We tried to explain how heroic Nico had been, but it only seemed to make the situation worse.

In the woods it was bitterly cold, despite the camps controlling borders, Hazel spoke in a whisper “He told me he’d be careful. That he’d come back” with that she fled into the forest. 

She came back a few hours later, after she'd controlled herself, but her eyes were still red and puffy. 

That night I dreamt of all the people I had lost, I could almost feel every attack as if I were slaying arai. When I woke my heart ached. 

I told you, I didn't want to be a half blood.

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