Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


27. Part two/Show time p4

Chapter 27 Show time p4                           

At Breakfast it was decided that they would get on the hop on hop off city sightseeing bus. They picked the one that allowed them to visit Muir Woods to see the redwoods. It departed hourly from San Francisco.


    Thankfully it was early and they were able to grab seats upstairs on the open top bus. It was a beautiful day and they decided to stay on the bus until they reached the Muir Woods stop. Still it was interesting to see on the way the Golden Gate Bridge spanning the bay. They learnt from the headphone guide it took men more than a year to completely paint the metal structure so when they finished they would have to almost immediately start painting again.

    “That’s a load of rubbish,” Martino shouted out, “I can’t see anyone up there painting right now.”

    “You’re an idiot,” Ben declared, turning around from the seat in front him, “The guide said almost immediately they start painting again.”

    “Don’t call me an idiot you four eyed git.” Martino retaliated knowing full well Ben’s touchiness for having to use reading glasses.

    “Stop it you two.”  Bettina told them angrily from behind, “Or do I have to come and sit between you?”

    “Sorry,” the boys said in unison and then laughed.


    Near the end of the journey they came to a very steep incline and the bus, being so full, couldn’t cope. Almost everyone had to get off, just an elderly couple and a mother with a baby were allowed to stay on. The driver then drove the now almost empty bus up to the top. Then waited for them all to climb up the road and get back on again before continuing the journey but this time downhill.   


 “Wow,” exclaimed Ben, they had reached Muir Woods and he had just caught sight of his first giant red wood.

According to Bettina it said in the blurb some of the trees were over two hundred and fifty feet tall, and they collected the water they needed to survive from the mist that came each morning rolling in from the bay.

    No way could he take a photo with his phone camera of the whole tree. Even from where he was sitting on top of the bus.

Once on the ground moving along the path further into the grove they came to this huge tree. Ben asked one of the boys from the bus to take the three of them tree hugging and then to send the picture to Bens phone.

Ben started laughing when he looked at the photo it showed all three of them standing together with outstretched arms holding hands and still unable to encircle the whole tree trunk.

    Again, according to information the trees grew from very small seeds and were only germinated by fire.

    As they walked, they came across one of the giant trees that had fallen down. It was amazing to see that instead of large pieces of wood it had shattered into matchstick size splinters. According to Bettina that was the reason they had survived for so long, the wood was no use for anything.

    That evening after a long day of sightseeing, they ate fish once again and afterwards, at the hotel, they split up with Bettina going to her new hotel room and the boys to theirs.


Sometime in the middle of the night Bettina heard someone knocking on her door. When she looked through the spy hole, she saw it was Ben. 


At breakfast Martino was feeling somewhat upset and annoyed. He just sat there watching both his sister and Ben at the table chatting away while eating breakfast as if nothing had happened.


  Bettina tried to ignore her brother’s eyes, knowing he was looking for a fight.                 


Ben suspected Martino knew about last night because he had been very short with him this morning. And now at breakfast, he appeared rather angry with his sister.


The conversation started civilly enough between Martino and Bettina that was until they started speaking heatedly in Italian.

    Ben although he couldn’t understand what they were saying, could see, if he didn’t intervene, they were heading for a major bust up.

    Banging the table to get their attention he told them to, “Stop it.” Then declared, “I hope you’re not fighting over me,” knowing full well they were.

    Martino replied, “It’s always the same with her,” looking accusingly at his sister. “I find someone I like and she takes them away from me.”

     Ben could see Martino was almost in tears when he said this and, trying to calm things down a bit, he said “I might sleep with you separately but I do love you both equally.” He then added, “Maybe a threesome might work.”

    The twins said almost in unison, “No way,” then looking at each other said, “Could we do that.”

     “Well think about it,” Ben said. Then he added, “I’m only here for two more nights before I go home.”

 Changing the subject, Ben suggested he would like to see China Town and have Chinese food today.


    The nearest cable car stop to their hotel was Bay Street at Fisherman's Wharf on the Powell-Mason line. Bay Street had two stops one being the end of the line where everyone had to get off. Then the car was moved onto a turntable where the grip man, who controlled the car, unhooked it from the down cable and, together with the conductor, pushed and pulled the car around so it faced the other way. Then once again after being hooked back to the up cable, the car was moved along to the other stop where people were queuing to get on.

     Ben and the twins, decided to stand on the running boards and hang onto the poles provided on the outside of the car. Once the cable car was in motion, they found standing great fun. By then Martino was no longer angry and was laughing and joking with his sister pretending to fall off. Ben took a video of the twins fooling around, including the grip man, who operated the braking system, shouting at them, to stop it or he’d make them get off at the next stop.

   That thankfully was Nob Hill, the stop they wanted.

   So before changing on to the California Street line they had a good look around.

   Nob Hill turned out to be an area of upmarket buildings.

   Ben took lots of photographs of the views looking down with the bay in the background and, of course they visited the famous Fairmont hotel, which certainly lived up to its name for old fashioned luxury.

Once again hanging on the outside of the cable car, they continued their journey down to Chinatown.  


    Going to an actual Chinese restaurant was new to Ben, and finding he was expected to eat with chopsticks was laughable, if not impossible. Usually he ate the Chinese food he got from the stall in Camden Town market with a plastic fork. It was also strange to see things on individual serving plates for him to take as he pleased rather than it all heaped up into one large foil takeaway container.


    Martino placing the chopsticks into Ben’s hand, told him, “You hold them like this.” He then demonstrated, using his own chopsticks, how to pick things up.

    Ben’s first attempt made them all laugh. Although he had picked up a piece of meat, by the time he had raised it to his mouth he had lost control, and it had fallen back down to the bowl.

    Bettina lifted her bowl, then holding it in the palm of her hand, moved it nearer her mouth, showing Ben it was easier to lift something with the chopsticks from bowl to mouth that way.

    Eventually Ben got the hang it. Even so, the waiter took pity on him and brought him a fork.


    Ben was surprised when the people on a nearby table asked for the food left in the serving bowls to be put in doggy bags to take home. He had to laugh when the man said they hadn’t finished all the soup from the first course and even though it was no long on the table, he wanted what was left over from that as well.


After a long lunch they looked around Chinatown and Ben realised he couldn’t compare it with the one he knew in London which was all restaurants, cake and food shops. The one in London was also a tourist attraction. So therefor always very busy with people taking photographs of its gated arch. Whereas here it was a more residential area. He remembered the last time he was in in London the place was decked out with paper lanterns and there was a paper dragon prancing around.

   Unfortunately, both cable cars on their return journey back to the hotel were so crowded, that Ben and the twins had to take inside seats.


    Later that same evening after returning to the hotel Ben was delighted when the twins agreed to try a threesome.

    Bettina moved back in with the boys. She then invited them into her bed wanting to be in control of the situation; Ben lay in the middle between the twins. It took them only a short while to realise that this was not going to work, because they couldn’t stop laughing. At one stage Martino fell or was pushed out of bed, he then dived back in and got his own back by tickling Ben, exhausted they all fell asleep.

    The next morning after breakfast, Ben had a meeting with Clive Snow at his gallery to discuss the claim for compensation for his loss due to the break in.

    Afterwards Ben and the twins had lunch in the hotel and generally just lazed around at the hotel pool.

    That night Martino went up to bed early saying he had a head ache. Ben and Bettina when they came into the room found him fast asleep. So as not to disturb him they shared the other king sized bed. Slowly the two of them started making out and soon they were in the throes of lovemaking when Ben became aware of movement in the bed. Martino had slipped in beside them.




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