Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


26. Part two/Show time p3

Chapter 26 Show time p3

When Ben and the twins landed at San Francisco airport, Ben received a text message from Clive Snow asking him to urgently come directly to the gallery.

So leaving his luggage with the twins to take to the hotel, Ben grabbed a cab.

    What Ben found when he reached the Snows’ gallery made him feel sick. There had been a break in during the night. All his photo pictures had been damaged and some even destroyed.

    Worse still, daubed across the walls in blood coloured red spray paint were the words, “KILL ALL QUEERS,” printed in six-inch high letters.


    Understandably Clive Snow was very upset. Ben suggested he could get replacement stock sent over quickly. Clive told Ben not to worry, as he had decided after what had happened not to continue displaying Ben’s work for a while.

    Needing a shoulder to cry on, Ben headed for the twins. They had said The Hotel Radisson Fisherman's Wharf which, when the cab arrived, Ben discovered was a very up market hotel. At reception Ben was amazed to find that the twins had only booked one room for all three of them to share. The cute young lady at reception assured him the room was big enough to accommodate four adults.


    When Martino let Ben in he was pleasantly surprised for indeed the room was very large and had two King size beds giving them plenty of space to move around. The only problem Ben could see was that at night the sleeping arrangements would certainly be interesting, trying to decide who would sleep with whom. Even so it would feel strange for he had never shared a bed or bedroom with both a girl and another boy together.


    Even though Ben had shared the bed with Martino, they had just hugged and had a quick grope, and that’s all. Maybe it had something to do with Bettina being in the other bed that had stopped them, but nothing else happened sex wise.


    Ben stayed awake for hours thinking about how to move forward. The removal of his photo pictures from Clive Snow’s gallery, because of the break of in, had made him realise that his one-man show would not go on forever. It would stop in time even in New York. At least he had this job with Eddy to look forward to, but how he was going to explain it to Matt was another matter.

However, in the meantime Ben decided he would just enjoy the company of the twins, so moving over to Martino’s side of the bed, Ben cuddled up and fell asleep.


In the morning Bettina seeing how her brother and Ben were cuddling up together in the other bed. Decided to give them some time alone. So on her way to the bathroom she announced her intention of having a long soak in the bath instead of her usual shower.


While Bettina was soaking in the bath, Ben and Martino took the opportunity to have an enjoyable quickie, which to Ben’s mind was much like the time he had cheated on Patricia with Colin, the waiter, in the bathroom. It had the same feeling of tension and excitement of maybe being caught out, this time by Bettina.


    Later at breakfast Bettina would catch her brother and Ben share a look and a smile which confirmed her suspicions that they had made out while she was lying in the bath.

 It was decided by all that they would walk around Fisherman's Wharf today and have lunch out.



   Ben was amazed to see so many sea lions in one place, apparently it was a tourist attraction and a must thing to see when visiting San Francisco.

The sea lions were lying on wooden structures in the water just off the dock. 

Ben decided to take a video clip of them using his phone camera. After which he and the twins thankfully moved away from Pier 39 with is fishy smell and oh so noisy school children.

Later when Ben played back that video clip they all had a good laugh as it appeared that the sea lions were talking with the children voices.

Next they headed for the shops where Martino discovered one that sold magic tricks.  His sister told Ben, best to let him go inside as he was into all that sort of thing after having read the harry potter books, otherwise he would drive them mad until he did.

    Martino found and bought a pair of glasses with 3 D holographic eye projections set in the lenses. They were both funny and scary at the same time. He also looked at an electronic wand that he could use to switch things on but though it cost too much. By then it was getting on for lunchtime and feeling hungry, they decided to eat in one of the many local fish restaurants.  Afterwards they returned to the hotel, and had a rest before getting ready to go on the gay walking tour of the Castro neighbourhood.


Bettina at first enjoyed the tour of the Castro District, and thought it's colourful past was very interesting. Also seeing all those Rainbow Flags flying from the pole of every major building very inspiring, and how freely gay people lived. But at one stage on the walking tour, everything changed it was when Ben found Martino’s hand and openly held it.

That evening Bettina moved out and got herself another hotel room.

    The next morning, they all met up as if nothing had happened.


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