Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


25. Part two/Show time p2

Chapter 25 Show time p2

    Much later, when the place was almost closing and most people had left. Ben was walking through the main gallery. When an elderly man called out to him, “Young man,” beckoning him over to join him and his young friend. They were standing in front of a picture depicting a really cute scantily clad young man. “I thought on the blurb it said you took this photo through the mirror. So tell me how come I can read the writing on the underwear. Shouldn’t it be reversed?”

    Ben laughed. “Yes you’re correct, it was taken using a mirror but it has been corrected using a software program on the computer.”

    “Isn’t that rather cheating?” the younger guy said.

    Before Ben could reply, a voice from behind them declared, “No it states that these are photo pictures. Meaning there an art form and not just photos.”

    Ben and the two men turned around to see who had spoken.

    To Ben’s surprise, it was Pat.

They both moved at the same time and flung their arms around each other in an embrace. Their bodies came together making a perfect fit. Then they kissed a long deep, hungry kiss.

The old man made coughing noises until Ben and Pat broke apart. Then he said in a loud voice, “I thought everyone told me you were gay.”

    “I am,” Ben, replied smiling, “But that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried out for the other team.” With that Ben holding Pat’s hand, ran off laughing.


Ben and Pat desperately needed somewhere to be alone. The obvious place was the porn room. Once inside, Ben shut the doors which automatically locked. It was an ideal place for there, in the centre of the room, was the padded bench.


Pat couldn’t believe her eyes when she entered the room. It oozed sex. Along the walls were boy’s captured in the act of having sex, although she knew they were only photos the boys seemed so alive and somehow each group appeared by a look, a smile or a gesture to be inviting her to join them.    


Ben watched Pat’s reaction as she looked at the photos on the walls it amazed him how everyone thought the boys were having sex. Because as he had explained to Eddy when he visited the porn room earlier it was all an illusion. Everything was posed to look that way and no actual sex except for an erection here and there mostly shown in underwear was going on at the time.


    “Wow,” exclaimed Ben as he came, up for air.

Immediately Pat pulled him back down. She wanted more. No way was she going to let him escape until she was well and truly satisfied.

    They eventually moved from the bench to a large bed in Ben’s new hotel room, where they continued to have sex until they fell asleep.


In the morning, thankfully, the exhibition had good reviews. Several of the gay papers had photos, one in particular made them laugh. It showed the porn room and their bench the site of the previous night’s fun and games.


Ben was downstairs in the hotel breakfast room alone Pat having just left.

 He was putting some cereal into a bowl and had selected a carton of milk from the buffer table, when who should enter the room but the twins.  


     Martino rushed over to where Ben was standing and enveloped him in an embrace exclaiming “Thank you.” Being an Italian, he said this with feeling and tears. “You saved my life getting that bastard Colin to change his mind and not testify against me.  It was all so horrid being arrested and everything. Then papa threatening to send me back home to Italy, and now I’m a free man and can stay in America all thanks to you.”

     When it came to Bettina’s turn, she hugged Ben and gave him a great big kiss.

     Thankfully Pat was not there to witness this emotional outburst, as she was already on her way to the airport and Washington.

    Over breakfast the twins were very enthusiastic about his work, especially the life sized photo pictures in the porn room. Martino laughingly said if he had those pictures on his bedroom walls, he’d have wet dreams every night.

    “That’s sad.” Ben remarked, “I prefer the real thing when I’m in bed.”

    The twins burst out laughing.

    “What?” Ben asked in puzzlement.

     “Well, we know that,” Martino said. “And I think everyone else in the entire gay world knows that, because it was plastered all over the gay newspapers the other day that you’ve had sex with each and every one of your models.”

    This statement of Martino’s sort of embarrassed Ben, and it didn’t help when he angrily responded, “Screw you.” This set the twins off laughing again because in fact he had screwed them both. 

    When eventually things calmed down, Ben told them he was heading out the next day to visit the Snows’ other gallery in San Francisco. This set the twins off. They jabbered away in Italian and after they finished their private conversation, Martino turning to Ben asked, “Have you ever visited that city before?”

    Ben answered, “No I’ve only ever visited New York.”

    Bettina nodded to Martino, who in turn declared, “We’re coming with you to San Francisco.”


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