Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


20. Part two/Pat and Ben p3

Chapter 20 Pat and Ben p3

    Ben had a leisurely shower then got dressed and went down to wait for Pat in the hotel lobby. She had phoned and arranged to meet him there and to have breakfast first before they went sightseeing.


   Pat suggested as it was a lovely day now that the heat wave had passed they should take a ferry ride to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty.


 Even though the ferry was crowed Ben still found enough room to take loads of photos of Pat standing with her hair blowing in the wind and, as they got nearer the island, he was able to take some photos of her with the statue of Liberty in the background. Pat found it fun working with Ben as he started to instruct her how to stand and move like in the old days, when she was living with him and he used her as model.

    He even asked people if they would move out of the way so he could get a better shot.


    When they landed, Ben looked around and suggested “Let’s go over there first.” Pointing at a place in the distance, “I want to take a series of shots to make a panoramic photograph.”

     Then he headed off in the direction he had chosen with Pat trying to keep up.


    Eventually when they got to the statue Pat surprised Ben by producing two tickets to visit inside the head and crown of the statue.

Ben who didn’t like high places decided to go along for the ride just to accompany her.

He found going up in the lift was okay. But when they stepped out and Ben saw the series of suspended walkways, stretching across the underside of the statues inner skin, he almost died and just stood there petrified. He wanted to go back but couldn’t and only went forward when the pressure of the people, now forming a queue behind him, sort of pushed.

Thankfully, Pat who was in front of him took his hand and led him like a blind man, one foot at a time onwards.

Every now and then whenever he had to climb up or down ladders to reach the next walkway, he was forced to look where he was going.

He almost froze a couple of time it was only with Pat's help they slowly got to the crown section and, instead of stopping like the others to look through the viewing windows, they moved on quickly.


When Pat eventually got Ben down to the ground, she could see the relief in his face. “Fuck that for a lark,” he said with feeling. Now with his feet firmly on the ground, Ben felt much better,

    “Sorry about that I never thought of asking you whether you’re good with heights, do you want to go back to the hotel or go on to Ellis Island?”


  Once again back in Ben’s hotel room Pat said, “No,” to Ben’s sexual advances. 

She felt tired after a long day of sightseeing and wanted to have a couple hours’ rest before going out for supper.  Within seconds of turning onto her side. Pat yawned and immediately fell fast asleep she even started snoring.

Leaving poor Ben feeling frustrated. He had only had sex with Pat that first morning when he arrived, and had been looking forward to a repeat performance. To take his mind off the sex, he fetched his camera to look at the pictures he had taken.

That’s when he heard the door open and saw Colin enter.  Instinctively Ben put his finger to his own lips indicating silence, as he didn’t wish to wake Pat up and pointed to the bathroom.


Now inside the bathroom with the door shut. And before Ben could ask for an explanation. Colin started kissing him on the lips and undoing Ben’s pants belt buckle this illicit sex got Ben very excited, especially knowing Pat was lying on the bed asleep in the next room. He had never done anything like this before. At one stage in the proceedings Ben whispered to Colin to stop and to listen, as he thought he heard Patricia moving about. He reached over and locked the bathroom door just to be on the safe side.  Within a minute of doing that the door handle turned and Pat shouted through the door, “I need to go to the toilet badly so I’m going down the corridor to use the public loo.”

    When they heard the outer door of the room slam shut, they both burst out laughing with relief.

    Colin remarked, “That was a near thing.”

    “God, lucky I thought of locking the door,” Ben replied, cleaning up and getting dressed.

    Ben made sure the coast was clear before seeing Colin out.


Pat wasn’t happy she had awoken needing to go to the toilet found the door of their bathroom locked. So had to rush along the corridor to use the public restroom on their floor. And now she found she had locked herself out and Ben wasn’t answering the door.

Thankfully a nice waiter passing had come to her rescue, and using his pass key he had opened the door.


    Pat didn’t stay the night after supper. So after seeing her off Ben got in the lift but instead of going up to his room, he thought of Colin and took the lift down to the first floor where the staff quarters were. Apparently they had a sort of general room where, when off duty, they could hang out. Ben was about to knock and ask direction to Colin’s room, when he heard his voice, telling someone about doing this guy in the bathroom, while his girlfriend was in the other room. Also how, if he played his cards right, he could get some big bucks this time by threatening to out the guy with his girlfriend.  The other guy couldn’t understand how he could do it with a guy when he was straight. Colin’s reply upset Ben he had laughingly told him it was easy, I only top, so it’s like doing it with a girl. 

    Well two could play that game Ben thought, as he left to go back up to his room, where Ben put his plan in action. He asked room service to send up some food.

    This time he was ready for Colin. When they kissed he undid Colin’s trousers and let them fall to his ankles so exposing all, as indeed he had no underwear on.

    Ben stepped back and, grabbing his camera, started taking shot after shot of Colin in this compromising position, showing him in an aroused state in his uniform with the hotel logo prominently displayed.

    Ben then explained to Colin the facts of life. The photographs he had just taken were now in his computer back home and that meant Colin’s butt was his.

   In the morning Colin left Ben’s bed a bit unsteady after a long session of taking it.

    Ben enjoyed doing the son of a bitch and it hopefully had taught him a lesson he wouldn’t forget for a while. 


    Pat had phoned saying she had to go into work in the morning and would meet him up town at the Chrysler Building at midday and then they would go for lunch.

    Ben got there early and started taking photographs of the place. He found getting a great view was a problem with other buildings getting in the way. Standing underneath at the side he could see the amazing details. He realised to appreciate the architecture he needed to have a clearer line of sight from an equally high building.

   When Pat arrived they kissed and hugged as usual, but he felt something different in the embrace. Standing back, he asked her point blank.    “What’s wrong? Since having that great sex the other day I’ve been getting vibes from you as if you’re avoiding me, holding back.”

    “Yes you’re right. At first I did it for the sex, but later it felt so right and it brought back so many memories of our time together before you chose Matt. Although I want to have sex with you again, I won’t because you’re going back tomorrow and I don’t want to be hurt again.”

    Ben felt a bit choked up, for he did still love her, “I could stay. I have lots of money now.”

    “No, it wouldn’t work. I see how other guys look at you as they pass.” Changing the subject and her mood Patricia asked, “Have you looked inside yet? The lobby it’s the same as the outside, original Art Deco”

    “No I’ve only taken photos of the outside and that’s very impressive.” Ben answered upset and not caring for her business like attitude.

    Once inside Ben forgot this as he looked around. Unfortunately, the public was only allowed into the foyer area, still Ben had to admire the opulent Art Deco design, lift door entrances and the big mural on the ceiling. 

By the time they had toured almost every iconic building including the Empire State with its all-round viewing platform at its top, Ben had had enough. He was pleased to say goodbye to New York and also, after eating supper back at the hotel Pat. They did however part as friends.


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