Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


19. Part two/Pat and Ben p2


Chapter 19 Pat and Ben p2                     

    Showered, and now fed, Ben was ready for his meeting with the gallery people. Outside there was a heat wave, the temperature had reached one hundred and five and rising. No way could he take public transport as just walking down the street made one ringing wet. Instead, the hotel had arranged a yellow cab to take him to the Village.

     Ben, with Pat’s help, had dressed down because of the heat. She had insisted he buy from the hotel shop a pair of lightweight baggy trousers, an aertex type t-shirt with sleeves, a pair of sunglasses and, to crown it all off, one of those funny peaked caps everyone was wearing to stop getting sunburnt. Thankfully he didn’t have to buy shoes, for he found he had difficulty in finding ones to fit his feet. It had something to do with his having a high instep.

    He found the air-conditioning too cold for his liking. His room was okay because he could adjust it to be warmer, especially as being most of the time in an undressed state was very handy, as Pat would say, for sex. So, before he left he tied a jumper around his waist, just in case he got too cold indoors.  Pat shared the cab, and dropped him off at the gallery, she then carried on home, after arranging to meet Ben back at the hotel later.


    Ben had arrived deliberately early for his meeting, so he had time for a good look around the gallery. His first impressions were favourable; it was situated in an upmarket area. It was very touristy and, therefore, had a lot of passing trade.  He wandered around and felt quite at home. His photo pictures would complement the other work already on display here. He had to smile for in one area there was a stand of greeting cards with his photo pictures on sale. 

   Still having thirty minutes before his meeting, Ben took advantage of the time to go to the coffee shop two doors down from the gallery.

He had just collected a double latté from the counter and was looking for an empty table, when a young man sitting with an older man got up and approached him.

    “You’re Ben Conway aren’t you?

    “How in hell do you know that,” Ben asked puzzled.

    “Pat gave us a pencil sketch of you. I’m Peter Snow.”

    “Oh yes, the gallery guy, and who’s us?” He said, this nodding towards the man sitting at the table.

    “Why don’t you bring your coffee over and I’ll introduce you to my father.”

    “Ben, this is my father, Clive Snow. Dad this is the Ben Conway, the photographer we’ve been discussing.”

    “How do you do sir,” Ben said sitting down.

    “Hi.” The old man said and turning to his son commented, “You didn’t tell me he’s English.”

    “Yes I did Dad, and I also explained that the guys on the greeting cards are all English too, and that’s why their selling so well.”

    They discussed this further and at some point in the conversation they moved over to the gallery’s office, so Ben could plug in his hard drive into their computer and show his collection of photos.

Out the six men already on greeting cards they agreed to show four of them in a range of new position.


Pat waited until Ben paid off the cab and entered the hotel through the swing doors.

She then greeted him with a “Hi how did it go.”

“Better than I was expecting,” Ben replied as they moved through entrance hall towards the restaurant.

 Pat, only after they had been seated and the waiter had taken their order, did she eagerly asked, “So! What happened.”

“Well as you know I wanted to arrive early at the gallery so I could have a good look around before the meeting.”

 Pat nodded a yes.

 “Well, thankfully, I wasn’t recognised.”

 At this statement Pat face showed puzzlement.

“It was only in the coffee shop down the street, where I met Peter Snow and his father, that I discovered you’d given them a sketch of me.”

   “Oh I’m so sorry I forgot about that sketch. Yes, it could have been quite embarrassing for you.”

    “Well everything turned out just fine They agreed to display my photo pictures, in both their gallery’s the one here and their second one in San Francisco.”  

“That’s great news isn’t it?”

“Yes it is,” Ben agreed. “But it means I’ll have to go back home early to sort everything out, leaving me only two full days for some sightseeing.”

“Oh that’s a pity,” Pat said looking disappoint at hearing this news as she had planned several days’ out. 


 After supper Ben was alone in his hotel room disappointingly Pat hadn’t been able to stay so therefore no repeat performance of the earlier sex was available.

 Ben was watching TV, when the room was lit up by an almost blinding flash of light, followed by a huge crash of thunder directly overhead. A storm had hit the city. Then suddenly the TV stopped working and lights went out.

    In the semi darkness, Ben found the phone, thankfully it was still working, for when he rang downstairs he got reception, who told him all the electrical items in the hotel had stopped working, including the room keys and lifts. They asked him to stay put. Someone would be with him shortly.

    All he could do was watch the electrical storm raging outside through the bedroom window.


    After about an hour with the air conditioning off Bens room started getting hot forcing him to strip down to his under pants to keep cool. He was about to ring the reception again when there a knocking on his room door. On opening it he found Colin standing there bathed in the light of a torch type battery lamp.  Ben couldn’t but notice he had also stripped down to a pair of cut offs only.

“Hi it’s you friendly genie I brought your magic lamp sir.” Colin said with a smile.

Coming from this cute looking guy was certainly a turn on for Ben who laughingly asked, “If I was to rub the lamp like in the story do I get three wishes.”

“Yes master,” Colin replied with a cheeky grin on his face.

This time there was no misunderstanding Ben would no longer sleep alone in that great big bed of his tonight.

    In the morning when Ben woke up, Colin was still there sleeping by his side. The sex in the room that night had been as violent as the storm outside. Ben got up and opened the window He could feel a cool breeze coming in. Apparently last night’s storm had broken the heat wave.

    Ben got his camera out and started taking pictures of Colin, lying in the bed with his lower body partly covered by a sheet. As Ben took shot after shot from different angles, he woke Colin who with all this attention started to get excited. Slowly the outline of his semi arousal showed through the sheet, making the photos Ben was taking more erotic then pornographic, as Colin became fully aroused.

    Ben had been so engrossed with the sex that followed, that it took him a full minute to register that the TV and lights had come back on. After a shower, Colin quickly put on his cut offs and left for his room in the staff quarters to get dressed for work.

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