Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


18. Part two/Pat and Ben p1

Chapter 18 Pat and Ben p1


Ben had squared it with Danny. He was taking a week off from the studio, primarily to suss out the art photo gallery in Greenwich Village. Apparently they wanted to cash in on his current popularity with a one-man show.


Pat's heart started thumping as soon as she spotted Ben. She had thought after all this time she had got over him. But just the sight of him awoke memories and a passion she had thought dead. The airport terminal was crowed.

“Ben over here,” she shouted waving her arms, and thankfully getting his attention.


 When Ben arrived at the airport. He found Pat waiting for him and to his surprise she met him with a great big hug and a long lingering kiss.


    Their first stop was a hotel downtown for Ben, needed to freshen up after his night flight. Pat was on the phone when Ben came out of the bathroom wearing only a towel after having his shower.

   Putting down the phone she told him the call was from the gallery. His meeting had been changed to this afternoon so leaving them plenty of time to kill.

   With a devilish grin on her face, Pat slowly began to undress. She laughed when she observed the towel Ben was wearing tent in the front so showing he was fully aroused.

    Ben just watching almost shot his load in anticipation. Thankfully, he was able to control his emotions, until she was naked. Then he just grabbed her and they had sex on the bed. Later once the madness had gone, they did it again. This time they made love. Afterwards Ben lay there thinking how much he had missed having sex with Pat and how their bodies had fitted so perfectly. It was like finding a remembered pleasure that he had once thought lost.


OMG Pat thought as Ben penetrated her she had forgotten how long his cock was, compared to her more recent sexual partners and it certainly hit the spot.

Within a few strokes of Ben moving in and out the old feeling of pleasure returned She pushed up as he came down and to say she couldn’t get enough would have been an understatement.


    After sex, they both felt hungry, and ordered from the hotel’s room service menu.                        

  Pat was having a bath, when there was a knock on the door announcing the delivery of their food. Ben grabbed the discarded towel up from the floor and once again wrapped it around his waist before answering the door, where he found a cute young man, who reminded him somewhat of Adam, who he still hadn’t contact yet, waiting with their tray of ordered food.

    Ben told the waiter to put the tray on the table by the window. He then turned around and reached down to his bag lying on the floor by the bed to get a few dollars for a tip. He had to smile when he straightened up and caught sight of the expression of on the young man’s face, in the dressing table’s mirror. Just for the fun of it, Ben bent down again and got a twenty this time for the tip.

     The young man smiled and thanked Ben for the money. He said his name was Colin and to be sure to just call him anytime, Day or night, for anything he might need, during his stay.


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