Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


16. Part two/Matt and Ben

Chapter 16 Matt and Ben

Matt couldn’t sleep he didn’t know what to do about Ben.

He had accepted from the beginning that Ben had sex with other men while he was away on patrol and except for the one time when he actually caught him with a guy in bed on his return. He had been able to pretend that it didn’t happen.

Now because of the greeting card photos he could no longer ignore it.


When Ben awoke the following morning, he was alone in the bed with no sound of Matt.

Fearing the worst Ben looked around the flat and discovered that Matt had during the night moved into the spare bedroom and was now asleep in there with the door shut.


OMG Sammy screamed when he saw the greeting card with his photo. Ben had called at the stall on his way home. having gone to work that morning before Matt got up.

He had decided to get some crapes for desert as a sort of peace offering especially as Matt had several times remarked how much he missed eating them.


Ben walked slowly from the station dreading what Matt would say when he reached home.

He was annoyed at himself for both not confiding in Matt in the first place and of stupidly dropping the letter from Mike on the floor. 

 Ben was surprise and puzzled when he arrived at their block of flats to see Alex, the stallholder Matt’s friend leaving.


Matt didn’t wake up until ten o’clock well after Ben had left for work.

He’d moved into the spare bedroom during the night so as not to disturb Ben. After some hard thinking about his problem with Ben, seeing other men while he was away, he had fallen asleep admitting it was as much his fault as Ben’s.

This morning, Matt opened the box of cards to look at them again to his surprise he found on top a packet of greeting cards Ben hadn’t shown him. They were of a younger clean faced Sammy looking very sexy.

This gave Matt an idea so he called his friend Alex.


Ben was even more surprised when Matt acted as though nothing was amiss in fact he gave Ben a welcoming hug and a kiss when he arrived, telling him not to go into their bedroom, because he had a surprise waiting for him in there.


After supper Matt asked Ben,to “Close your eyes.” Then he led him into their bedroom saying, “No peeping till I tell you,” at the bed he asked Ben to “sit and open your eyes.”

“OMG,” Ben declared because in front of him six of the mirrored glass wardrobe doors were open and attached to the inside of each of them was a full size framed photo picture of one of the greeting card boys including to Ben’s surprise one of Sammy.


The following day when Ben arrived home after work. He had just let himself into the flat. When he heard voices coming from the kitchen.

Ben stood there in shock because he recognised Matt visitors voice. It was Sammy and as he listened they were apparently talking about him. Having a good laughing about how he always wore a pair of socks in bed even though the rest of him was naked.


Matt decided that although he had displayed the greeting card pictures in their bedroom he needed to teach Ben lesson. So he found Sammy at the stall and invited him to come early for supper.

His plan had been to bed Sammy and have Ben walk in on them. Somehow he got his timing wrong and Ben arrive as they were having a good laugh comparing note with regards to Ben’s sexual habits.

After supper Sammy stayed the night and they all share the same bed under the mirrored ceiling.

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