Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


22. Part two/Ben and friends p2

Chapter 22 Ben and friends p2 

Laura, the dike who lived upstairs, was just leaving on her motorbike when Ben arrived at their block of flats.

    Laura, seeing him, braked hard and came to a screeching halt alongside him and shouted over the noise of the throbbing engine, “How’s Matt? I haven’t seen him for a while.”

    “He’s away right now and won’t be back for a few months.” Ben shouted back.

    “So you’re alone and up to your usual tricks then.”

     Ben just laughed.

    “I thought so when I saw the Italian girl ringing your bell. I told her you weren’t in. so she wrote a note and I put it into your mailbox in the hall.

    “Thanks for letting me know. I wouldn’t have looked in the box until morning.”     

    “Just one thing Ben, be careful this time as it’s a girl again.”

     “Okay, I get the message. You don’t have to remind me I almost fucked up my relationship before over a girl. This time it’s different, I’m only having sex with her twin brother.”

    “Well if it turns out bad again, you know you can always come to see your Aunty Laura for sympathy.” With those parting words, she took off at high speed.



    The note was from Bettina, as expected. In it she explained why the delay in coming to London. Her brother Martino had been arrested for putting a waiter, named Colin, in hospital. The police and the Italian embassy were involved, their father being a diplomat. Martino was now in the embassy, having been released due to diplomatic immunity, and was to be sent home to Italy in disgrace.

    His first impulse was to give her the picture of Colin with his pants down to save Martino. But Ben had a problem. Should he acknowledge openly he’d taken the picture? Maybe he could just send the picture anonymously. He only took it to stop Colin from outing him to Patricia. Knowing Colin, he would tell how Ben had used the threat of the picture to extract revenge by blackmailing him into being Ben’s sex slave for the night and a photo session. It would all come out and Ben could be stopped from entering America again. This time he decided to do nothing to rock the boat.

    Later that same day Bettina came back to visit him. She looked great. She was wearing a stylish blouse, instead of that padded thing she had worn the first time he had seen her in America. No way could he have mistaken her for her brother this, time. Dressed like this Bettina reminded him of Pat. She also had small breasts and a boyish look about her.

    They just sat there and talked at first about her brother Martino’s problem, and how upset she was him not being with her this trip to go sightseeing and shopping. This prompted Ben to suggest he could help with that by being her guide.

     Her interest was everything Royal, so starting tomorrow it being a Sunday; he would take her to see Buckingham Palace. In the meanwhile, he offered her some food but she was not hungry. Anyway it was getting late so Ben phoned for a taxi to take her back to the hotel. Before she left they hugged and Ben kissed Bettina passionately as if she was Patricia. She responded in kind and they only broke contact when the intercom buzzer announced the taxi had arrived.


     The next morning Ben phoned up to Bettina’s room. “Hi I’m downstairs in the lobby,” he informed her when she answered.

“Oh I’m sorry I’m running a bit late would you like to come up its room number three twenty-two.”

Ben took the lift to the third floor and found the room. To his surprise when he knocked Bettina was still in her pyjamas. Laughing she pulled him into a tight hug and kissed him as she pushed the door shut with her foot then leading him by the arm through the short entrance hall past the bathroom to the bedroom.

Where she announced while getting into bed that she wanted him to make love to her.

Laughing Ben stripped down to his socks and underpants then lifting the covers he sat on the edge of the bed and after removing his under pants he joined Bettina in bed.


Ben found Bettina’s pro-active hands on sex most interesting. More like doing it with a man, certainly different from Patricia’s more passive laid back approach. Bettina voiced what Ben was thinking, “It’s a pity Martino’s not here to make a threesome.”

     It was only when there was a knocking on the door announcing that the maid wanting to come in to do the room, did they realise that it was already twelve o’clock and they had missed the changing of the guard.


Bettina thought her brother had been right Ben was certainly a good kisser and as for his man shaft she couldn’t get enough of it. And was thankful this first time her twin brother wasn’t there.

So what if they missed seeing the changing of the guard this time there was always another day.


“So what would you like to do now,” Ben asked Bettina, they were eating lunch in the hotel.

“Well we could go back to the room,” Bettina laughingly suggested. 

“OMG Your sex mad,” Ben declared in a loud voice, then blushed as several of the other people in the restaurant look up.

His embarrassment made Bettina laugh. “Or we could go visit Buckingham Palace as planned.” she said.


So after lunch they took a leisurely walk through Admiralty Arch and up the Mall to have a look at Buckingham Palace. Amazingly, they were able to get right up to the railings surrounding it. After looking through them at the Palace building, Bettina remarked, “I suppose it’s imposing enough, but I still think the White House in Washington is more impressive.”

    Having only seen the White House on TV and in films Ben couldn’t really comment.


    Bettina found Ben funny and so gallant she liked the way he insisted that he walk on her left side, telling her in the olden days when there was horse drawn carriages, a man would walk that side to protect his lady both from getting mud on her clothes dirty and being attacked. He even demonstrated drawing an imagery sword with which to defend her honour.  This made her laugh.                      

On reaching the iron railings that surrounding the palace she was disappointed to only to see one solitary guard on duty and pretended to be cross with Ben saying in a loud voice, “If only you had stopped making love to me we could had got here sooner and wouldn’t have missed the ceremony.


Ben couldn’t believe his ears and blushed with embarrassment. Especially when this American couple butted in, anyway the man did. It always amazed Ben, how wherever he was at any tourist attraction there always was someone who had something to say about the place. Apparently this guy and his wife, who came from some hick town in America, told Bettina, “Don’t fuss yourself, little lady, in my opinion you didn’t miss nothing. This here ceremony ain’t worth spit. Back home our Fourth of July shindig is far better than this. But if you’re determined to seeing it, you’ll have to get here right early, to beat the crowds. Another thing, you must line up against this here black old iron fence, facing the palace to see and hear anything, otherwise it’s a waste of time.”

    After the American couple had taken their photo of the stationary guard now on duty and left, they had a good laugh.

Ben told Bettina they could be right. He then related to her his experience of a few years back when he attended the Chinese New Year celebrations in Trafalgar Square. It was so crowded. “I was almost unable to see the dragon and vowed never again.”

 Before moving on Ben the photographer took over and he started, instructing Bettina how to move and stand, enabling him to take shot after shot. So providing her a record of her palace visit.


   Backtracked through the park they eventually crossed the Mall near Admiralty Arch and visited Horse Guards’ Parade.

Bettina was really surprised how near people could get to the guardsman on his horse, who was dressed in ceremonial cavalry uniform. Once again Ben took loads of photos of Bettina.

Then they moved on to the parade ground with its iconic buildings. Bettina remarked how really strange, it all looked seeing the old buildings with the new London Eye with its tubular wheel structure and glass enclosed gondola pods full of people slowly rotating along its edge, looking like some monster out of the future towering above them in the background.

Later while they were having tea in the park, Ben received a text message from Alex. He had a problem needing Ben’s help, so he had to leave Bettina after arranging to meet her later back at the flat to fend for herself.


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