Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


13. Part two/ Ben and Mike

Part two/ Chapter 13 Ben and Mike

Sammy couldn’t stop laughing. Ben had given him a great big hug and a sloppy kiss when he arrived at the stall this morning, meaning that everything was now all right and back to normal.

It was only then that Sammy realised how much he had missed having body contact with Ben. All morning they joked around. Now and then Sammy would hold Ben’s hand just because he could and Ben would give him a knowing smile.


At lunchtime it got really busy. Ben had a line of people waiting for food. He had crepes, donuts and waffles all cooking at the same time. Thankfully, with Sammy’s help they were just about coping.         

It didn’t help much when from nowhere this dick head according to Sammy tried to jump the queue by coming up to the counter.

Before the man could utter a word, Sammy always ready to protect Ben who he considered his younger brother told the man in no, uncertain terms that he needed to join the back of the line and wait his turn.

Later when the rush was nearly over with just a couple of people still to be served Sammy left the stall to go find a toilet.


Mike Grayson was please when the older boy left so when it was his turn to approaching the counter he could speak alone to the cute looking blue eyed fair skin blond hair boy who as described by Alex had to be Ben.

 “Hi my names Mike, Alex said you’d be here and I’m sorry about before.”

    “Yes well it was quite stressful juggling so many things at the same time. Yet I’d like to apologise for my friend telling you to f off to the back of the queue.”

    “No problem.” Mike said smiling.

    “Okay. Why did Alex send you?” Ben asked smiling back. This time noticing Mike’s great body.

   “Well I own a card company in the states and after buying several of your photo pictures from Alex.  I was wondering if I could purchase the rights to reproduce the same photos on greeting cards”. Mike then produced his business card and explained that he was based in New York and if Ben was interested, to could contact him at his hotel in London details of which he had already written on the reverse side of the card.

In parting Mike mentioned that of course he would want see copies of the signed waivers from each person before proceeding and also they had to be eighteen or over.

    Waivers, holy shit Ben thought, he took the offered card and told Mike he would like to think about it and would be in touch. 


Sammy immediately wanted to sign a waiver when Ben told him of Mike Grayson’s proposal and as for age he was now nineteen and Ben had taken his photos only last year so he certainly qualified. 

      Danny at the studio the following day was able to explain all about waiver forms and had a whole box of blank ones he could let Ben have.


    At first, Ben’s main problem had been to locate the men he had photographed. While Matt had been away at sea. Thankfully he’d had the presence of mind to have included                                                                                                                                                            their names and details together with the photos on the computer at the time. Some of them he contacted were married with kids and not too happy, to be reminded openly of their gay side. Most, however, were still actively out there and very willing to sign a waiver, if only for the money.

    It took some time to get everything sorted. By then Mike had left his hotel for a few days touring. Ben left a message at the hotel for Mike to ring him on his mobile number when he returned.


Matt was in bed reading the Sunday newspaper. While Ben was in the shower his phone started playing its tune announcing a call. Usually Matt would let it ring but lately he had been monitoring Ben’s phone. He’d had a laugh when he discovered the password was SLUT.

    He knew something was going on because Alex had told him about the greeting card man. Yet Ben hadn’t said anything. He reached over and picked up the phone just as it stopped ringing, looking at the screen he could see it showed a missed call from Mike Grayson at the Hilton hotel, Kensington.

    Matt quickly put the phone back and lifted his newspaper as Ben was coming out of the bathroom. He was just wearing a towel so Matt put down the newspaper and gave his special smile.

    “No, way,” Ben declared as he grabbed some underwear and a pair of jeans from his wardrobe and rushed back into the bathroom locking the door behind him.

    Matt just had time to check the phone was okay. Before Ben returned after a few minutes dressed except for a shirt and shoes. Matt again gave him that same smile, and told him, “I was only going to say your phone rang while you were in the shower.”

    “Oh yeah, I don’t believe you, no way do I want to take two showers like yesterday.”

    “Honest, Ben, check your phone.”

    Ben noted it was from Mike the card man. Not wishing to explain about the possibility of getting his photos reproduced on greeting cards, he just shrugged and said, while putting on his shirt, “It’s a wrong number again.”  He was already bending down and putting on his shoes otherwise, he would have seen the hurt look on Matt face when he heard the lie.      


    Later that morning, when Ben was alone Matt having gone out to play golf for the day, he contacted Mike and arranged to go around that afternoon to discuss business. 

     When Ben arrived at the hotel’s reception desk, he heard someone shouting, “I’m over here.”

Looking around the room, Ben saw it was Mike waving his arm in the air to get his attention. He was sitting in an armchair at the back of the lounge area having tea.

 As Ben approached him, Mike got up and putting his hand out said, “Hi. Would you like some tea?”

    Ben, resisted the urge to embrace Mike, as he usually did to people he knew. Instead, he just shook the offered hand, saying, as they sat down, “Thank you I take it with milk and sugar.”

    Over tea, they talked business Ben had brought with him copies of the signed waivers for the six pictures Mike had already bought from Alex, also a flash drive containing their digital images for exclusive use on greeting cards only. All for the sum of three thousand pounds.


Mike was really surprised to learn that Ben although looking no order than seventeen was in fact twenty-one and therefore able to sign the contract himself.

After concluding the business. They just sat and talked. Mike found Ben had this crazy sense of humour that made him laugh.     


 Ben watching Mike sitting across from him thought how good looking he was and that he had a really sexy smile. and those, oh so kissable lips. Poor Ben knew he had to stop it before he embarrassed himself by getting fully aroused. Instead, to take his mind off sex, he looked around at the other people in the lounge. He noticed everyone was in very up market clothes including Mike. God he felt like a rent boy sitting there in his jeans with the holes in them and only a t-shirt.


    Mike knowing Ben’s was legal and seeing the hunger in the boy’s eyes. He deciding he would for once break his own rules and mix business with pleasure. So with a smile he gave Ben a suggestive look and said, “Let’s go up to my room.”


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