Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


32. Part three/The agency p3

Chapter 32 the agency p3                   


Ben was walking through the concourse of the airport having seen Pat off on her domestic flight to Washington to visit her Aunt. She needed time out to think.

They didn’t actually have a bust up when Patricia had caught him in bed with Jason, but a separation was thought best for both of them.


There it was again; someone was calling his name. He stopped as he got off the moving stairway and looked back. A young guy he didn’t know was running after him.

Ben had to laugh at the cute teenage boy for that’s what he was. He had one hand holding onto to the back waistband of his jeans try desperately to prevent them from fall down; one could almost see all his underpants. With his other hand he, was gripping the extended handle of his suitcase, which he was pulling behind him in a rather haphazard manner unaware, whose ankles he was hitting.

“You are Ben aren’t you?” the boy said pulling from the front zipper pocket of his case a mail order catalogue. Flipping it open it showed Ben in underwear together with Jason.

Up close, Ben thought the boy was mouth-wateringly handsome “Yes I’m that Ben,” he acknowledged. 

“Cool can I have you autograph? Wow at college no one’s going to believe this.”

“Hey what’s your name?”

“Jimmy, Jimmy Baker, sir.”

“Jimmy how long is your stopover here?”

“I’ve got six hours to kill before boarding.”

“How would you like to meet Jason, the one with me in the picture, and have your photo taken back at my place?” while the cats away Ben thought, so let the mice come out to play.


Every time Ben looked at Jason they burst out laughing neither could help it. Just the thought of Jimmy set them off.

Jimmy had been so ‘happy’ to meet them sex wise. He had considered himself gay, yet he’d never ever been with another guy, and as far as they could gather he was still totally in the closet. He kept asking questions. The only way to shut him up was to kiss him. 

It only took a hug, a few kisses, a bit of dry humping fully clothed and before anyone new it he was already shooting his load. The poor boy had creamed his pants.

As a consolation, Jason and Ben formed a head to toe threesome sex ring with Jimmy.

Then after having showered, Ben gave Jimmy a clean pair of his boxer shorts which although a bit big were better than the thong offered by Jason. This somehow had appeared together with pair of spare jeans from the overnight bag he had brought with him. The jeans were a tight fit but better than the embarrassment of having to wear stained ones.

They had gotten Jimmy back to the airport in plenty of time to catch his flight. Ben had his address at college to send on his clothes.

After Jimmy gave them both a hug and a kiss, they watched him walk away with a smile on his cute face.


The models involuntary sexual behaviour, no longer embarrassed Ben. He realised Eddy deliberately said those rude things to provoke that reaction. It was all about controlling the emotions of the young men, who paraded in front of the camera. Like a fashion photographer, he told them how to move and feel. He started to handle the camera as though it was an extension of his own hands, all without thinking.

     He soon discovered his job was to make things happen. Everything else was well organised by Donald. He would bring the models out from the dressing rooms into the studio appropriately dressed in the client’s gear ready for both Ben and Eddy to work their magic.

    The one thing Ben still had to master was the shots that required two or three young men all posing together. Slowly, with Eddy’s help, he was developing an eye for what worked.


     Three months had been and gone. Matt was back from his stint at sea and wanted to know when Ben would be returning back home to him in London. Ben tried to explain about Eddy’s eyes getting worse, but Matt would not listen. He could not or would not understand why Ben needed to stay. In frustration Ben had lost his temper and had broken the connection while Matt was still talking.  

Ben phoned Matt later that day and left a message on voice mail that he was sorry.

Poor Jason, who now shared Ben’s bed, had to comfort him that night because he still hadn’t received a call back from Matt.


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