Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


31. Part three/The agency p2

Chapter 31 The agency p2

Pat looked great when they met for supper in Ben’s hotel restaurant. It amazed Ben how he now looked at her differently, with a more critical eye, seeing how the clothes she wore gave that hint of the sexual pleasure hidden beneath them.

    God, it was good to see each other again. They chatted as friends do.

    Ben told Pat all about his new job. When he described the problems he was having with taking photos of young men who were forever involuntary getting erections, she had a good laugh. Especially when he described it like watching yeast, rising never knowing when it would pop up and bring the session to a temporary stop.

    Pat in turn told him about the trip to see her brother in Japan. She had Ben in fits of laughter when she got to the toilets. She told him about the buttons one could press, including one for warming the seat, which when all things considered wasn’t a bad idea. Of course, Ben wondered what would happen if it got red hot. Another button sent jets of water up and, no, not gentle like a bidet, the one that really got Ben going was the one that played music to disguise the noise of farting. 

    That night Pat stayed over and they had great sex.


A few days had past and Pat was still sharing Ben’s hotel room thankfully it was not a work day. So after a leisurely breakfast, Pat needed to go to the local shopping centre. Ben tagged along. They were sitting at a table in the fast food area having coffee, when a group of young men came rushing past laughing and making a hell of a noise.

    Ben recognised Jason amongst them. Although handsome, one would never have imagined, hidden behind those baggy trousers, his equipment would be anything special. To Ben’s horror, Jason left his friends and came back towards them. Hopefully Ben thought it wasn’t true that teen age boys are so cocky and full of themselves that they shoot their mouths off.


    Two days later Pat was still giving Ben a hard time. It got so bad that Ben when they were apart had switched his phone to voice mail only. It was all because he’d had sex with the young man named Jason. The guy in question had come over and introduced himself in the shopping mall. Then in the conversation that followed he had blatantly suggested that Pat might like to join them when they next had sex, making it a threesome.

    Ben, not that he dared voice it, had found the idea most appealing. He knew all about trios, having done it with the twins.

Maybe he would take Jason up on his offer but one look at Pat’s face had told him it would have to be an all-male threesome.



    Thankfully, Ben was able to escape Pat’s continuous moaning, as Eddy needed his help with a special photo shoot, that turned out to be for another agency some distance away.

    On the way there, Eddy explained. “I’ve taken photos for this client before. If you look at this old catalogue, you will see they like the boys posed in oral-genital proximity. Notice how many of the boys have their mouths and lips "near" the other guy's crutch line.”

    “Wow is that legal?” Ben, asked laughing.

    “Yes, it is an art form not everyone can create such pictures. Look at the other pages, you will note the models are not always posed in the same plane, but their lips and crutch bulges are close. In other words, any sexually suggestive pose can be used to achieve sales.”

    “Wow, I can’t wait to get started,” was all Ben could say.

    “Well yes it’s especially hot when the boys are really good lookers, and have equipment in their pants to back it up.” 


“No way,” Ben told them.

    They arrived at the studio and had set up one of Eddy’s cameras and were ready to shoot, when one of the people from the agency informed them there would be a delay as unfortunately one of the two models had been in a car accident.

    It so happened that the model already waiting there was Jason, who acknowledged Ben with a nod and suggested, “How about you and me doing this session together?” he said with big grin on his face. He then informed everyone Ben was certainly well endowed, and that he knew this from personal experience.

     Ben thought about this, but decided not to stand in as a substitute, just in case being so close to Jason would course him problems and embarrassment he would never live it down.

     Eddy eventually convinced Ben to do it and not to worry about his age, as he looked much younger than he was also he had suggested that it would give Ben an insight on how to achieve the best poses in future, having experienced it from both sides of the camera lenses.

    In fact, the session from an advertising point of view, according to the clients later, was a resounding success.

    They thought that there appeared to be chemistry between the two young men, not normally seen in such photos. Maybe it was because they had knowledge of each other sexually.

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