Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


30. Part three/The agency p1

Part three/ Chapter 30 The agency p1.

 Eddy collected Ben from his hotel and took him direct to the modelling agency studios. The first person they saw when they entered the building was this smartly dressed good looking guy of about thirty-five and, on checking him out Ben thought he certainly looked well endowed. They both laughed as their eyes met. Apparently the guy had done the same to Ben. He said, “Hi, Eddy,” and turning to Ben asked smiling, “Who might you be?”

    Before Ben could reply Eddy, had jumped in saying, “Hi, Donald. This is Ben, the English guy I told you about. Ben meet Donald, who’s the agent that give us the work and so is the most important man in our lives.”

    “Hello,” Ben said as he shook Donald’s offered hand. Their eyes met again and this time Donald gave him that hungry look, Ben knew so well.



    The noise of voices shouting, “Down, down, down,” followed by a burst of cheering, then the sound of someone laughing awoke Ben. He stretched, turned over and saw that Donald was no longer lying in the bed beside him. It had taken only two day for Ben to find himself in Donald’s beach house 

    He sat up swung his legs over the side of the bed and ignoring his clothes lying on the floor, got up. He walked naked through the open patio door to join Donald who was outside leaning on the rail looking down.

    “Wow!” Ben exclaimed eyeing the cute young guys   standing in a circle on the beach below them.

Donald laughingly put his arm around Ben’s shoulders and asked, “Which one, do you fancy?”

    Apparently, the guys down there knew Donald worked for a modelling agency and would do almost anything to attract his attention.

    “Go on, go chose,” Donald pushed Ben towards the stairs, slapping his naked butt to encourage him.

    When Ben reached the beach, he felt a pair of strong hands grab his arms from behind pinning them to his sides. Another guy plastered his lips with black lipstick. He then was manhandled by the crowd into the centre of the circle. “Oh My God,” Ben thought for there in the middle was this guy lying on his back on the sand.

    Ben was shoved to his knees and someone whispered, “Welcome to pole diving.” And then everyone kept shouting, “Down, Down, Down.”


Ben was unhappy although he’d had a great time with Donald at his beach house. He was not enjoying his time working for Eddy. Apparently he had to relearn how to take photographs Eddy’s way, which was completely different to how Danny had taught him.

    Day after a day Ben returned to his hotel almost in tears and would have given up and gone home to London, if it wasn’t for the twins.

Each evening Ben would come back to the room they shared and give them a blow by blow account of his day at the studio.

They in turn would see the funny side of everything, which would make him laugh.

And as for the sex they mostly shared only one of the double beds in the room.

Ben found although kinky doing it as a threesome certainly relieved the tension and frustrations of the day. Because working with Eddy in the studio was both arousing and very frustrating at the same time.

Ben found it very hard not to feel attracted to some of the guys. Especially when Eddy would tell the cute boy posing in front of the camera, who was only wearing underpants, to either get it up as the client was paying for more bulge in the crutch area, or he would get Ben to stuff some paper down there.

     This threat although embarrassing to Ben tended to have the desired effect. The boy would sprout a semi erection. Sometimes it became a bit pornographic, and Eddy would either ask the young man to deal with it or just wait for it to go down sufficiently before taking the shot.

On one occasion when Ben laughed with embarrassment at what Eddy had said.

 Eddy had explained that a natural bulge was preferred. College or high school audiences would spot a fake bulge. Even straight guys liked a nice bulge. That’s why the clients prefer the real thing not a photo shop manipulated picture or a paper imitation. Some swimwear magazines were even collected, especially by gay guys who would use the photos as a sexual stimulant.

     Eventually the twins returned to Italy leaving Ben all alone.  


    Slowly Ben began to understand what Eddy required of him. Even though he could appreciate the physical allure of the young men posing in front of the camera, he had to just think of them as dummies to be manipulated as the client’s clothes dictated. Of course the poses had to suggest sex. In some cases, they had to be downright explicit bordering on pornographic.  Naturally now and then Ben would have sex with one of the young men. 



     Ben just lay there. He was tired but well satisfied; sex with Jason had been quite something. Earlier that day Jason had been this really hot looking boy, posing in front of the camera, in a pair of mouth wateringly tight shorts. Afterwards they had chatted and Ben had discovered Jason had been one of the boys in the crowd on the beach that day at Donald’s beach house.

     They had a good laugh over the black lipstick and the diving contest. Then, somehow one thing had led to another and, they had ended up in bed.

    Ben watched as the boy got dressed and thought, “What a shame it was to cover up such a beautiful body. With all those clothes, and how he wished he could use his camera to take some photos but that was not allowed.

    After Jason left, Ben checked his phone. He had received two messages, one from Danny about business and one from Pat, informing him she was now back home in New York again.



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