Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


57. Part six/Stephan, Linda and John

Chapter 57 Part six/ Stephan, Linda and John

   Sex, sex and more sex. Stephan was getting tired of Linda always wanting it. He hadn’t realised girls could be so demanding. At first it had been fun and exciting, especially when shopping for clothes she would sneak him into the changing room. They would have sex standing up or on one occasion the cubical was big enough for them to actually do it lying down.


   John liked Stephan right from the beginning. He even played along with the deception that he was only an old school friend to Linda. Yet he would have liked more sex and was waiting patiently for Linda to go off to university.


    Linda had remembered where she had first seen John. He was the boy Stephan couldn’t keep his eyes off when they were at the proms rehearsal. Not an old school friend Stephan had wanted her to believe.

   So not wishing to lose Stephan, she had forced herself to become aggressive sex wise.


   There was a war film showing at the local cinema Stephan wanted to see it but Linda didn’t. So Stephan contacted John.

   “Hi John, want to go to the cinema tonight with me?”

   “What about Linda?” John asked.

   “She doesn’t want to see the war film that’s showing.”

    “Yes of course I’d love to see it with you,” John said, jumping at the chance to be alone with Stephan.


   John tried not to show his disappointment when he saw Linda standing there with Stephan when he reached the cinema.    “Hello Linda, I thought Stephan said you weren’t coming as you don’t like war films.”

   “True, but I can always cuddle up with Stephan when there’s a bit I‘m not happy watching.” Linda replied smugly, for there was no way she was letting the two of them be alone together.

   Once inside the cinema, after buying a giant container of popcorn to share, Stephan was quite content to sit in the seat between his two friends to watch the film. Linda cuddling up to him on one side, while John sat holding his hand on the other side.

   Now and then Linda and John’s hands would meet in the popcorn container that was located on Stephan’s lap. When that happened, Linda would smack John’s hand out of the way. This was okay when the container was full.

   “Ow.” Stephan called out and swore. “That hurt, be careful remember my crown jewels are under there.”  

   This outburst made both Linda and John start laughing.

   Everyone around them in the cinema complained about the noise they were making.


   Linda thought this was unbelievable. She was actually sharing a joke with John, who she knew was holding Stephan’s other hand and yet she was laughing.


   Stephan, when they came out of the cinema, felt something had changed between Linda and John. Apparently Linda had accepted John as his special friend, so when it was time for John to leave them, Stephan gave him a parting hug. A kiss he thought might be pushing it too far for Linda to accept right now.


   Linda lying in bed with Stephan after having had sex, brought up the subject of John.

   She wanted to get things straight before she headed off to university the next day. “Stephan I know John is not an old friend, he’s the boy you met when we went to the prom rehearsal.

   “Yes, to be honest your right.” Stephan agreed.

    “So tell me truthfully, have you slept with him yet?”

    “No I haven’t,” Stephan lied and then said, “I can’t deny liking him a lot but you’ve kept me so busy, I will be pleased of a rest while you away at university.”

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