Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


54. Part six/London

Chapter 54 Part six/London

   Poor Linda didn’t know what to do. She knew Stephan was interested in men and, unlike her brother, he had had several sexual encounters. Her problem was how to keep him interested in being with her only. At first she had been flattered that he had chosen to go with her rather than Harry. Now even though the sex was great and he treated her with respect, she was well aware he looked around all the time. Today he had taken her to a prom rehearsal in the Royal Albert Hall. Apparently one of his fellow countrymen was a security guard there and had let them in.

   Linda had thought the whole experience of being one of a select few in a place that held thousands quite strange.

   Instead of watching from way up high, as she had done the last time she came here with a girl friend to the proms, she now sat so close she could hear the conductor talking to the orchestra explaining as to how he wanted them to play different parts of the music. Then waving his arm and batten around, he ordered various instruments to join in.

   The only thing that spoilt everything was that Stephan kept on glancing at this really cute young man who sat two seats away from them.


   Stephan liked being with Linda. She had this strange sense of humour. Maybe it was because she knew her brother was a closeted gay that they got on so well. Many a time they would discuss the good and bad points of this or that boy whom he found attractive. Another thing he enjoyed was the sex, however at times he wished she was a man, still one couldn’t have everything.

   Linda had just left and Stephan was alone in his room above the studio. He took out of his pocket the card the guy had slipped him earlier during the interval. The guy had written a phone number on the back of the card together with his name, John.

   Stephan mulled over whether to make contact or not. Stephan had taken Linda to the Royal Albert Hall to see an orchestra rehearsal and this cute looking young man had come in and taken a seat almost next to him.

   Although Stephan was there to listen to the music he couldn’t help himself every now and then glancing in the guy’s direction. 

   Stephan estimated that he was around Jimmy's age, but much slimmer. Stephan found the way the guy sat, with his legs tucked under the seat and his knees jutting out in front of him with his hands resting on his lap just over the crutch area, really sexy. Especially as he was wearing grey sweat type pants that gathered up around the waist.   

   The guy wouldn’t keep still he was forever sitting forward and lifting his arm and feeling the back of his neck and pushing his hand down under his black tee-shirt.

   Stephan reckoned that all the fidgeting was due to the guy having just had a haircut.  When the orchestra stopped for a break, Linda went to the toilet leaving Stephan to watch the guy openly. Soon after she left the guy bent down to retrieve something from his bag rewarding Stephan with a great view of his Calvin Klein underwear together with a tantalising peak at some bare skin.  That’s when the guy had caught Stephan looking.


    Stephan was really pleased he had contacted John, the guy from the concert rehearsals. When they had met up for a lunchtime coffee and a sandwich later that week. John had told him, “I could tell from the start before sitting down that you were interested.”

   “No way!” Stephan exclaimed, and then asked, “How could you tell?”

   John said with a straight face, “I have Gaydar.” 

   This made Stephan laugh, “No seriously,” he asked.

   “Okay to be honest, I only spotted you watching me just before the interval and tested you out by bending forward and showing you some underwear and skin.”

   Sex was not the only thing they had in common, John was into photography big time. In fact, he had a special time-lapse camera that Stephan was eager to see, so he arranged to meet John at the studio after work.

   John, having never set foot in a studio before, wanted the grand tour and asked lots of questions.

   Stephan showed how they used the floor markings to position the subject in order to gain the best photo possible. When they came to the mirror Danny had for taking group shots, John was fascinated as Linda was before him. However, instead of dancing, John wanted to use his time lapse camera to take a series of photos through the mirror whilst having sex.  


   A continuous ringing noise awoke Stephan. It was coming from downstairs. Fuck, he thought, looking at the clock. Who in hell could it be ringing the doorbell at three in the morning?

   Quickly grabbing a pair of underpants lying on the floor next to the bed and after putting them on, he stood up and looked over at John still snoring away. He thought as he rushed downstairs, the lucky bugger. How could he sleep through this noise? Before opening the door Stephan looked through the spy hole and, seeing it was Linda standing there he opened up, and let her in.

   Her first words were, “Why aren’t you answering your phone?” Then grabbing him, she burst into tears.

   “What’s wrong?” Stephan asked.

   “It’s Harry.  Mum received a phone call from America. He’s in hospital; they think he might die. They said something about gay sex and a drug overdose.”

   Somewhat shaken by what Linda had told him, Stephan suggested that they go and sit down in the studio’s reception area.

   OMG, Stephan thought, when he saw the empty space where the double width padded bench usually stood.

   Last night John had wanted to take photos of them having sex in front of the mirror. They had thought of bringing down the mattress from Stephan’s bedroom. Fortunately, they had decided against it, which under the circumstances of Linda’s unannounced arrival was a good decision. However, Stephan had forgotten to return the bench they had used. Luckily, there still were a couple chairs to sit on. “Let me get dressed and get my phone so I can contact the family,” Stephan said, leaving her alone.

   When Stephan got upstairs, John was still sound asleep. It was while getting dressed that the thought of losing Harry made Stephan cry.

   Thankfully, by the time he got downstairs again, Stephan had gained control of his feelings, as he had to be strong for Linda.

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