Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


58. Part six/Ben and the project again.

Chapter 58 Part six/ Ben and the project again.

   Talk about fun and games, everyone in the beach house couldn’t stop laughing. Harry was having trouble learning his lines.  Ben had loaded Harry’s script onto an autocue and projected it onto the wall. This worked really well, until Harry started stripping. It was while Harry was taking off his jeans and concentrating on the words shown on the wall, that he caught his foot in his pants leg, and fell backwards onto the floor. The next try was even funnier. He had decided to sit on the floor so he could look up at the words on the wall, while at the same time wriggling his bottom, which he found was a good way of taking off his jeans. The only problem was that when he looked down his underpants had come down too, to the extent that one more wriggle and he would be exposing himself. His face turned a bright red with embarrassment.

   Ben soon realised that this was hopeless. He decided it would be best if Jason read the words aloud with Harry repeating them while concentrating on stripping. Later when sound was added, all the boys’ voices together with the appropriate background noises would be audio dubbed.


   Pat was worried about Ben. Although it was late and the boys had already gone to their room, she knocked on their door and asked. “Can I come in?”

   “What’s wrong?” Jimmy asked as he opened the door.

   Pat told the boys she had just received a phone call from Ben, who had sounded a little drunk and very depressed. He had phoned to let her know he’d be home late and not to wait up for him.  Apparently the video had been rejected by the fashion people.       


   Jimmy eventually found Ben in a strip joint sitting with one of the girl cuddling up to him. He contacted Jason, who soon arrived followed by Harry, as they had been only next door checking out the gay bar.

   Jimmy slid into the seat across from Ben and the girl, “Hi Ben,” he said.

   Before Ben could reply the girl looked at Jimmy and said in a very loud voice, “Piss off, he’s mine.”

   Jason blocked the guy who responded to girl’s loud voice. “Back off,” Jason said, “It’s a family matter,” showing the guy his hands. There was a ring on every finger, letting him know that if they fought Jason would do some serious damage.

   While this was going on Jimmy pulled Ben to his feet.

   Baby faced Harry, who was behind Jason, said in a loud voice, “Dad, Mum told us to fetch you home.”

   This made everyone laugh including the guy Jason had blocked. He now moved back, allowing Jimmy to help Ben, who was unsteady on his legs, to pass.


   The next day Ben, after drinking two cups of coffee felt better. His memory of the previous evening’s goings on was vague. However, one thing did stick in his mind that Harry had called him DAD and referred to Pat as Mum. Was that how they were now perceived by the boys? If so, it was rather a sobering thought and certainly made him feel old.

   Thankfully the boys hadn’t told Pat about finding him in a strip club bar.

   Donald rang to say that the advertising people of another fashion house had seen a copy of the video and liked the concept. They wanted a meeting with him and Ben to discuss changes.


   The advertising people they had met in Donald’s office were from the fashion house specialising in erotic clothes.

   “No way,” Ben couldn’t believe his ears. How could Donald even consider dealing with them? Their agent was the one who started all the trouble last time wanting Ben to take pornographic pictures.  

   Apparently they liked the concept of using a conventional shop as portrayed on Ben’s pilot video. The storyboard and script they brought with them showed that both Harry and Jimmy would act as sales staff and their own group of boys would be customers.

   Their intention was to produce a series of videos to promote their products, including sex toys, on a pay TV porn channel.

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