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Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


52. Part six/ Stephan and Linda

Chapter 52 Part six/ Stephan and Linda

   Linda at the airport after saying goodbye to her brother, without thinking had taken charge in her usual manner, expecting Stephan to follow her with the suitcases. She even on the plane gave him her hand luggage to put in the overhead storage unit.

   Once seated Stephan decided to play up to Linda’s mothering instincts by pretending to be afraid of flying. Well it was partly true, he had felt sick on take-off when he had flown out to America.


   Linda seeing that Stephan appeared nervous. She reassured him that there was nothing to worry about, as flying was perfectly safe. She held his hand as the aeroplane left the ground. Then when the flight attendant served the food she even took the plastic wrapping off for him. All while chatting away and smiling.

   Stephan only half listened to what she was saying and every now and then when she stopped, he would just nod in agreement, and she would then continue. Eventually the tone of her voice sent him to sleep.

   Later when the plane landed at Heath row, Stephan collected his carryon bag and, as instructed by Linda, he carefully removed her hand luggage from the plane’s overhead storage compartment. He then followed her off the aeroplane carrying both of their bags.

   Passport control was no problem. Although he was from Poland he had one of the new European passports which only needed scanning. Afterwards they made their way to the luggage area, stopping briefly for Linda to take a bathroom break. By the time they reached the luggage carousel the cases from their plane were already going round and, to Stephan’s amazement Linda’s case was almost one of the first out.

   Stephan had to stop himself from laughing when Linda who was leading, took the wrong lift, by mistake. The lift only went as far as the car park, instead of down to the train station.

   Retracing their steps, they found the lift they needed to get to the underground station and catch the train home. 


   Linda’s mother was not pleased. She did not approve of Harry having stayed in America without her permission.

   Linda argued that Harry was wasting his time here working in a dead end job filling shelves in a supermarket. He had applied for so many jobs and hadn’t received a single interview, so this chance to work for a modelling agency was like winning the lottery.

   Even so her mother was worried about the type of people he was staying with.

   To reassure her mother Linda showed her pictures of Ben and Patricia whom she described as the father and mother figure of the other boys, Jimmy, Jason and now Harry.

   Instead of making her mother feel happier she declared that both Ben and Patricia couldn’t possibly be considered responsible adults as they don’t look much older than everyone else.


   The first thing Stephan did when he reached the studio and his room was to contact Jimmy on his pad.

   They chatted face to face for a while. Harry asked, “How did Linda cope with the take off? I hope she wasn’t too scared.”

   This made Stephan smile as he replied, “We held hands as the plane took off and she was fine.”

   Next it was Jason’s smiling face wanting to know what the on board video had been.

   Ben just said, “Hi,” and was pleased Stephan had arrived safely.

   Pat wanted to know how he and Linda had got on together during the long flight. She was pleased to hear that they were still talking to each other and had made arrangements to meet up the following evening for supper.


   Linda arrived outside the photo shop where Stephan had arranged to meet her. She had got there early wanting to surprise him.  Looking in through the shop window there was no sign of Stephan, only a pretty girl behind the counter. This disappointed her as she had intended to have some fun distracting him by waving and doing other things. Instead she was forced to go in to the shop.

   “Hello can I help you?” the girl greeted her in a friendly manner.

   “Is Stephan around?” Linda asked.

   “Stephan. I’m sorry, there’s no one of that name working here,” the girl had replied.

   “Oh! But he said he did,” Linda declared looking somewhat puzzled.

   “No, I’m sorry there’s never to my knowledge been a Stephan working here. Maybe you’ve got the wrong shop.”

   “Maybe I have,” Linda said thinking aloud as she left.

   Linda stood outside wondering what to do next. She knew she hadn’t been mistaken. Stephan had definitely said this shop. She tried Stephan’s number but there was no reply.

   Linda was about to leave when Stephan turned up.

   “Hello I’m not late am I?” Stephan asked looking at his watch and then back to Linda. He would have given her a kiss but Linda had backed away from him.

  “Why did you lie to me?” Linda demanded looking annoyed.

   “What lie?” Stephan replied looking worried for the only lie he could think of was pretending to be scared of flying and that didn’t really count because Linda had lied back.

   “You said you worked in the photo shop and they’ve never heard of you,” Linda said in a hurt and a somewhat accusing voice.

   “No I didn’t,” Stephan said grabbing Linda’s hand and pulling her back across the pavement to the curb. Then he pointed up at the shop’s sign. “It says Photo shop and studio.”

   “Well?” Linda asked puzzled as to why Stephan was showing her the sign.

   “I work in the studio and live above it and never ever go into the shop.”

   “Oh! I’m sorry but I thought you said to meet in front of the shop where you work. Apparently I misunderstood you,” Linda said contritely.

   Stephan pulled Linda into a cuddle and laughing said “Well if you’re really, really, sorry, I might forgive you if you give me a kiss.”

   Linda still a little annoyed, for she was certain Stephan had said he worked in the shop, decided to only give him a friendly peck on the lips.

   “Is that it?” Stephan announced sounding disappointed. Because so fare he still hadn’t had more than a kiss and a cuddle with a bit of hands on and was looking forward to being alone.

   “No that’s just part payment,” Linda said laughing. She then stated, “I’m hungry, so let’s eat first and I promise to play some more later.”


   Linda found eating out with Stephan a whole new experience.  He had taken her to a restaurant that apparently he visited regularly, for on entering several of the dinners greeted him in Polish.   

   The funny thing was when they were shown to their table, instead of sitting opposite each other as one normally did, Stephan chose to share the padded bench seat and sit next to her, which certainly made it feel more intimate. While waiting between courses they could cuddle up together and kiss. 

   One thing Linda noticed, Stephan had a roving eye. He would clock other guys as they came in. This prompted her to play the game she did with her gay brother.

   The next time she noticed him looking she leaned in and whispered, “I think that guy looks hot.”

   Stephan played along and answered, “Yes he certainly is hot with a nice package in front.”

   Linda watched as the guy walked by and remarked, “He has a nice butt too.”

   They played this game for a while until one of the guys as he was leaving asked Stephan in Polish, “How about both of you coming back to my place and having a threesome?”

   When Stephan translated what the guy had said, Linda had replied, “No way,” and started laughing.


   Back at the studio in the street behind the photo shop Stephan lay next to Linda on the bed. He was feeling happy, because finally, they’d had sex with thankfully no repeat of him coming to soon.

   Much later after a shower and a rest, Stephan gave Linda a guided tour of the studio downstairs. It was when they reached the large mirror Danny used for group photos, that Linda, seeing herself, wanted Stephan to take her photograph.

   Stephan put on some music then using a hand held camera he took shot after shot of Linda, while she danced in front of the mirror.   He then showed Linda the results on the studio’s computer screen. She exclaimed, “Wow, it’s like there’s two of me dancing.”

   “Yes it’s amazing what can be achieved by using mirrors,” Stephan admitted, smiling for he was rather pleased with himself.  

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