Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


55. Part six/ Harry

Chapter 55 Part six/ Harry

   Harry and the boys had gone to the club where he had hooked up with this gorgeous looking guy named Bradley who didn’t just want a quickie in the backroom of the club. Instead he wanted Harry to go home with him.

   Over the next few weeks a loving relationship developed.

    Harry found Bradley fun to be with and after amazing sex, they would shower together and then lie wrapped in towels on the bed and watch TV.

   Over the next few weeks a loving relationship developed.

   On a couple of occasions Bradley ordered a Chinese takeaway and gave Harry his credit card to pay for the delivery. 


    It was at Bradley’s birthday bash that everything went wrong. Poor Harry didn’t know what had hit him, when Bradley’s friends came to the party bringing drugs and booze with them. The party lasted two days and by then both Bradley and Harry were stoned out of their minds.


    Thankfully Jimmy knew the male nurse on duty when he and Ben visited the hospital to see Harry. Otherwise not being close family member they wouldn’t have gained access to his room and so discover that there had been an identity mix up. For the guy in the bed wasn’t Harry.


   Stephan regretted having gone with Linda to see her mother. To say the woman was an intolerant religious bigot was an understatement. Instead of being glad it wasn’t her son Harry lying in the hospital bed dying, she actually denied having a son, for if she had one, no way would he be a homosexual, as it was a sin in God’s eyes. Stephan and LindaH couldn’t get out of there quick enough.


    Harry just sat at the back of the chapel silently crying, as he watched Bradley’s coffin slowly moving along the rails into the oven where soon he was to be turned into ashes. Jimmy and Jason were sitting either side of him.

   The doctors had tried everything to save Bradley’s life. Unfortunately, his body was too full of drugs and so he died from an overdose. Harry had been lucky after they had pumped out his stomach. Although he felt like shit for a few days afterwards, at least he had survived unlike his friend and first real lover Bradley.

   Later that evening at bedtime, Jimmy couldn’t bear the sound of crying coming from Harry’s room so, with Jason’s blessing, he fetched Harry, insisting he shared their bed if only for the night.                                                                                              ****

            Ben was pleased and proud of both Jimmy and Jason for looking after Harry who couldn’t stop crying over Bradley’s death.

   This brought back painful memories for Ben, whose first lover Matt had died in a car accident a few years ago and, like Harry, he had been unable to say goodbye.

   The other thing they had in common was when, according to Stephan, Harry’s Mum on, hearing he was gay, had disowned him.  in Ben’s case, his father had thrown him out of the house after catching him in bed with Matt and, much later Ben had disowned his mother because she wished him dead.


   On the second night of sharing a bed with Jimmy and Jason, Harry stopped crying.  He had soon found it impossible to carry on feeling sorry for himself. The boys wouldn’t let him. No way were they going to stop their nightly sexual fun and games just because he was in the bed with them. It was either leave or join in.


   Harry started crying with relief Linda hugged him tighter and Stephan patted him on the back.  Poor Harry hadn’t known what to do about his Mum. Ben had suggested that at least for his own sake he should go home and talk to her face to face.

   As soon as he had entered the house his Mum had confronted him, but instead of shouting at him as he expected, she was all smiles, as though pleased to see him. She had asked him how his flight had been and had acted as if all the bad words she had uttered on the phone about his going to hell because of being gay were forgotten and unsaid. She seemed to be in denial.


   Harry while back home in London, took the opportunity to meet up with an old sixth form college friend.

   “Hi Harry over here,” Peter called out as Harry entered the pub.

   Harry waved a hand in acknowledgement, and noticed Peter was talking to the twit Eric. Stepping up to the bar he ordered a pint of lemonade and lime. He was surprised when the bartender asked his age and for some ID to prove it, before he would serve him, even though it wasn’t alcohol. After Bradley’s death he had vowed never to drink again.

   Harry had then taken a sip from the rather full glass before moving over to where Peter and Eric were sitting.

   “Hi how’s tricks?” Harry asked while sitting down, after first placing his glass on the table without spilling it.

   “We’re good just getting ready to go to university,” Peter replied.”

   Eric then asked in a rather superior manner, “How about you, still stacking shelves in the supermarket?”

   “No I packed that lark in. I now work in America for a modelling agency.” 

   Eric, laughingly, asked, “What as.” 

   “What do you fucking think? I’m a model,” Harry replied, getting pissed off with Eric’s put down attitude.

   “Wow that must be interesting,” Peter said quickly before Eric could say anything.”

   “Yes, you could say it has its ups and downs,” Harry said laughing.

   Changing the subject Peter told Harry, “I’ve got a tattoo.”

   “Well show me,” Harry asked smiling.”

   “No way, not in public,” Peter replied laughing.

   Then Eric butted in again, this time with a snide remark. This really annoyed Harry. He had only sat down with both of them in the first place so as not to be rude to Eric. He stood up, picked up his glass and said to Peter, “I’m moving outside. I phoned you for a one to one get together not a fucking threesome.” With that he left. Thankfully Peter got up and followed Harry outside.


   The following morning after a shower, Harry looked at himself in the full-length mirror attached to the inside door of his wardrobe. He tried to imagine what a tattoo like the one Peter had shown him in the pub gents would look like on his bottom and whether he could stand the pain of having it done.  Thankfully he consulted Ben before finding out.

   “No way,” Ben’s voice and face on the pad indicated his disapproval. “Just because a famous footballer has a fetish for tattoos all over his body and some porn stars have some, doesn’t mean you need to have one too.”

   “But Jimmy has a trade mark tattoo on his left buttock,” Harry argued.

   “Jimmy’s a special case. When Jason and I first met him well before he ever started modelling, we noticed he had a blemish on his left buttock. This was from a splinter from coming down uncarpeted stairs on his bottom when he was a little boy. If you look really closely you may see the blemish under the tattoo.”



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