Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


53. Part six/ 53 Harry

Chapter 53 Part six/Harry

   Harry was scared and his sister wasn’t there to hold his hand. Back home when he had a test at school he hadn’t prepared for he could always skip the class. But here it was different. What did he really know about modelling? Okay he had seen Ben’s video on the net. But could he really do that? Both Jimmy and Jason were so out there and everyone loved them they oozed confidence. Could he really be like them?  Help, He didn’t know what to do. He had just finished talking to his Mum back home in London. She had been annoyed with him for staying in America and demanded he come home. They had a row with him ending the conversation by telling her he was eighteen now and didn’t need her permission to stay.

   This made him so angry. What did she know?  No way could he go home now without proving to her and everyone else that he could do it.


   Harry had found the first time in front of the camera quite stressful for he was really quite a shy person really even though he didn’t show it. He thought he knew what to expect having seen the video on the net. However, in reality it was quite a shock to have to strip down to only his underpants in front of everyone that including Donald, the agency boss. Then he was expected to just stand still with all eyes on him, while Ben looked through the camera.

   Ben told him to turn left a bit, then lean back and lift his head and smile then to stop and hold that pose. Then after taking a photo, Ben told him to relax.

   It was when Ben instructed Jimmy to go and stuff a sock inside the front of Harry’s underpants to give more bulge to the crutch area, that everything went wrong. His reaction was that his face had turned a bright red with embarrassment, especially, as just the thought of Jimmy’s hand going down there caused him to sprout an involuntary erection. 

   Instead of being upset, all Ben did was to call for everyone to take five so Harry could calm down a bit.

   Apparently, this was quite normal, Jimmy laughing told him later. It happened all the time even to him and, in any case, Ben would prefer photographing a natural bulge rather than an artificial one made with a sock stuffed down the underpants.


    “Wow,” Harry exclaimed, when he saw all the guys dancing to really loud music. Looking around he couldn’t believe his eyes. Everyone but everyone, including the DJ and the gorgeous barman with his six-pack stomach, were all only wearing coloured boxer under pants, like him. 

   Harry now understood why Jimmy and Jayson had insisted on him wearing boxer underwear this evening and the reason for stripping his outer clothes off when they first came into the club.

   They were there because he had mentioned to Jimmy about being shy. Jimmy told him that he also had suffered from being shy when he first started out modelling, and that the only way to overcome it was by getting a lot of exposure.

   The other strange thing that puzzled Harry was why the clothes locker key, which was on a chain, had a bell attached to the other end. When he asked Jason about the bell, he just laughed and said that Harry would soon find out.

   Having no pockets in his underpants Harry had to wrap the key chain around his wrist. Looking around him now he saw some guys had done the same, while others had tied the chain around their ankles. But many more had just left the key hanging on its chain from the waistband of their under pants.

   Soon after they had arrived, the DJ stopped the music and announced, “Guy’s are you ready, are you steady, shall   we play your favourite song?”

It seem that everyone in the place shouted out “Yes,” and  to Harry’s surprise and delight the DJ played a Chuck Berry record with him singing, “My Ding A ling.”

   Each time the chorus line, “I want you to play with My Ding A ling,” everyone including Harry joined in. Then the DJ would stop the record and in the silence that followed one could hear the sound of tinkering bells.

   Harry couldn’t stop laughing when he had suddenly realised what those guys with the key chains hanging out of their waistband had attached their bells to.


   Ben at the next photo session noticed a marked difference in Harry’s attitude. Rather than being the scared boy of the other day, fidgeting, not standing with confidence, he now seemed to be enjoying himself.

   Ben had to smile when once again the photo shot required more bulge in the crutch area, and without blinking an eye Harry had refused the offered sock. Instead he had used his hand to good effect producing the required bulge while Jimmy sang the chorus lines, “I want you to play with My Ding a ling.”


   Ben came out of his bedroom and who should he see leaving the bathroom but Harry, who obviously had just had a shower. He was only wearing a hand towel wrapped around his waist, which barely covered everything up.

   This, Ben thought, would be an ideal opportunity to talk to Harry. So he followed him back to his room, which had originally been Jimmy’s until he moved all his things in with Jason.

   “Hold on Harry,” Ben called out just as Harry was going into his bedroom, “Can I have a word with you?”

   Harry stopped and turning to face Ben replied, “Okay, I’ll be right back out again as soon as I’ve put some underpants on.”

   “I think what I’ve got to say to you would be more appropriate if we talked in your bedroom alone. So can I come in?” Ben asked.

   “Sure,” Harry replied looking worried, wondering what he might have done wrong needing Ben to speak with him privately.

   Ben followed Harry into the room closing the door behind him.  Harry sat on the partly unmade bed, while Ben sat in the chair.

   Ben tried to keep his eyes averted from below Harry’s waist because the towel that had been wrapped around it no longer covered everything.

   “Well as you know, Harry, we in the house have very few rules and are quite tolerant as to general conduct, but in last few days you have gone a bit too far. You seem to have forgotten there’s a lady living in the house, Pat.”

    “I haven’t forgotten, I am always respectful and help out with things.” Harry said, looking upset.

   “Yes I’ve noticed your good like that Harry.”

    Harry looking a bit scared and feeling guilty said “I’m sorry if my going to clubs and coming home late is disturbing everyone.”

   “No, no, that’s not it Pat and I understand you’re living away from home and all that is very liberating.” God, Ben thought this was harder than he had expected, but to keep Pat happy it needed saying. “It’s the way you walk around the place.”

   “What do you mean?” Harry asked somewhat puzzled. 

   “You’re always undressed. Take this morning you came to breakfast still in your pyjama bottoms and, when you sat down, it was most revealing to say the least. Then take now after a shower you’ve come out of the bathroom almost naked. Let me say I don’t mind in the least,” Ben said laughing, “But Pat feels embarrassed.”

   Harry’s reaction was to dive under the bed covers. His face turning a bright red and almost in tears he said in a very quiet little boy’s voice, “Sorry.”

   Ben had been upset at Harry’s reaction this morning.   Normally he would have comforted the boy, but as he was virtually naked under the bed covers, he felt it inappropriate to do so.

   Still it worried him that Harry had stayed the rest of the morning in his room.

   At midday Ben was pleased to see Harry emerge from his bedroom and join them on the patio for lunch.  He noted Harry was dressed in a t-shirt that had a stain on it and a rather creased pair of swimming pants. O M G, Ben thought, no wonder the poor boy was always walking around half-naked. He had only the clothes he’d brought with him on holiday in that one little suitcase that the airlines allowed you.

   Ben got up and gave Harry a hug and quietly told him he was sorry about upsetting him this morning and that he was taking Harry shopping for clothes straight after lunch.


   “Wow,” Harry declared, when the lift doors opened and he saw the basement room. The place was full of clothes, some on rails, and others still in unopened boxes. To him it was like entering an Aladdin's fashion cave.

   He had thought Ben was only making a brief stop at the modelling agency’s building before heading to the shops in the mall to buy him some clothes. Instead Ben had brought him here to the room where the fashion houses stored the clothes needed for the models to wear.

   Ben had to smile at Harry’s reaction. Jimmy who had been there before and knew what to expect, grabbed Harry’s hand and guided him down the row of rails until they reached those that contained the clothes that would fit them. Jimmy followed by Harry, then stripped down to their underpants and proceeded to try things on.

   Quickly Ben fetched a camera from the studio upstairs so he could take photos.

   Later back at the beach house, Ben, looking at the photos on his computer of the boys trying on clothes, got an idea for a promotional video. It would mean trying something new. So before presenting it to Donald, Ben put together a story board using the boys’ photographs.


   The next morning, when both Jimmy and Harry came out to the patio for breakfast in their new clothes, Jason instead of saying how great they looked in them, started moaning. “Why wasn’t I invited to pick new clothes?” he demanded, glaring at Ben.

   God, Ben thought he had only wanted to help Harry out. Jimmy had come along for the ride but, of course, he had to come away with some new clothes too. Thankfully for once, Jimmy realising the bind he had put Ben in by choosing a few things for himself yesterday, said, “Jason these aren’t mine I’m just breaking them in for Harry, us being the same size.” 

   Ben could tell Jason didn’t believe that. But was proud of Jimmy when he turned to Harry saying, “It was about time someone noticed you needed new clothes and they certainly look good on you.” Then he could have murdered Jason, who with an evil look on his face said. “Isn’t it about time someone gave you some pocket money, so I’m not always the one to be paying.”

   Before Ben could say anything he watched Harry’s face go bright red with embarrassment and rush off back to his bedroom.

    If looks could kill Jason would have been dead on the floor. All Ben could say was, “How could you?” as he rushed off after Harry.  


   At lunchtime everyone was unusually quiet. Jason knew he was in trouble big time. Ben, instead of tell him off, had been giving him the silent treatment ever since breakfast, which was worse.

   Even Jimmy had been so disgusted at how he had treated Harry that he had started packing up his clothes, and would have moved out of their shared bedroom if Jason hadn’t almost got down on his knees and begged him to stay.

   Jason, unable to stand the strained quiet any longer, announced, “I’m sorry I did wrong.”

   Ben just looked at Jason, then pointedly looked towards Harry.

   Understanding the conveyed message, Jason taking a deep breath said, “Harry I’m sorry about before. I didn’t mean anything bad. It’s just sometimes I act like a right shit and I hope you will forgive me.”

   Harry would have ignored this apology but for Ben giving him an encouraging smile. So Harry replied in kind, “Well I shouldn’t have expected anything better from someone who wears his hair in a ponytail.” 

   This set everyone laughing at the implied joke except for Jason, who didn’t like being called a pony’s arsehole, however funny it might seem to the others. 

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