Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


64. Part seven/New York

Chapter 64 part seven/ New York

   Back in New York Ben asked everyone to keep a look out for Harry, although he appeared outwardly okay Ben knew from his own experience that Harry was hurting and still rather fragile. This made Ben worried because another knock might send him over the edge.


   Lucy loved Harry and hated him. She had been sorry to hear that he was suffering from the loss of a special friend but pleased it had kept him away from her.

   Harry not being there, had allowed Lucy to become mentally the complete woman she had always wanted to be. She had now moved on with her life.


   “Where’s Harry?” Ben asked Jimmy.

   “I don’t know I thought he was with you,” Jimmy replied. 

   “No, I haven’t seen him since he left the studio, with you and Jason to get something to eat,” Ben said, sounding worried. That afternoon Lucy had come to the studio session with a new boyfriend in tow.  


   By late afternoon there had been no sign of Harry, he wasn’t answering his phone either. Ben started to get really worried. He contacted Lucy, who told him Harry had been perfectly fine with her having a new boyfriend. In fact, he had laughingly suggested they get together one evening and make it a threesome.  


   Harry after receiving a phone call from Stephan had got the first available flight home to London. Where on landing at Heath Row he had taken the train into London and then a taxi to John’s parents’ house.

   John’s mother answered the door and after giving him a hug she shown him directly into John’s bedroom. She had then left him alone to get on with accessing John’s phone and computer.

   Later when she returned she found Harry, who had become overcome with grief sitting on John’s bed sobbing away.

   The boy’s distress upset her so much that she sat down beside Joe, and clutching him to her she started to rock backwards and forwards.                                     


   When Harry returned to New York a couple of days later, he was confronted by Ben, who feeling relieved, gave him first a great big hug.  He then demanded to know where he’d been. He then listened to Harry explain about getting a phone call from Stephan informing that Johns Mother had worked on her husband and got his permission to allow Harry access to Johns computer and phone. Stephan had suggested to harry that he should come to London right away in case John’s old man changed his mind.

   Ben said he could see the urgency but could not understand why Harry hadn’t let anyone know what he was doing. Harry obviously didn’t realise the worry he had caused everyone by his actions. 

   Although he would forgive him this time. If he ever pulled a stunt like that again, he would personally kick his arse. In the meantime, his punishment was to be grounded for the rest of the month, meaning he wasn’t allowed to leave the beach house alone.


   Harry was sorry he had upset everyone especially Jimmy, who was so annoyed that, unlike Ben he administered some corporal punishment using a paddle which caused Harry some discomfort when sitting down for a few days.                                      ****

   Pat was annoyed with Ben. It was all well and good punishing Harry for being thoughtless and scaring them all into thinking he might have committed suicide, but he wasn’t the one working from home. Her problem was how could she now ask Harry to go to the shops to fetch and carry as she usually did or just go play on the beach to get him out of her way.                


   Harry found it quite funny; being a prisoner in the beach house. On the day’s he didn’t have to go to the studio to work, he would sit on the back patio and watch the boys pass by. Now and then he would call to one of them who if he was good looking and had potential, he would invite to join him for some fun and games in his bedroom. On one occasion a boy stayed the night.


   Ben was about to knock on Harry’s door when it was opened by this drop dead gorgeous looking boy, who was wearing a very revealing pair of swimming pants. Apparently this was one of the boys Pat had been bending Ben’s ear about. She had said how Harry, who would normally go out for sex, was being forced to invite boys back to his room. She didn’t object to it, but wanted Ben to ask Harry to keep the noise down as it was interfering with her work.

   The boy looked at Ben and laughing said in an Australian accent on his way out, “Sorry mate I sucked him dry. You’ll have to come back later; he’s running on empty right now.”


   Harry had to laugh when Ben caved in regarding his house arrest. He thought the Australian guy staying the night certainly did the trick. Thankfully Harry was now free at last to visit the area further down the beach outside Donald’s, the modelling agency guy’s beach house, where most of the young men hung out.

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