Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


62. Part seven/Lucy and Harry

Chapter 62  Part seven/Lucy and Harry

   Lucy, while performing her number at the club, felt momentary upset when she glanced towards the empty table where Harry usually sat. She had tried hard not to fall in love with him because she knew he would break her heart. It had been by some quirk of fate that they had original come together in the first place. She mentally shrugged and thought it had been fun while it lasted and moved on to entertain her audience.

   It was later when she had finished work, that she missed him the most. They would go back to her place after eating out. She felt sad that one thing she had always wanted had lost her the person she most desired.

She had known all along that Harry was not attracted to girls but she had the sex change operation anyway.


   It felt strange for Lucy to be sitting there in reception waiting for Ben and wondering if at any moment Harry might walk by and how he would react.

   Ben had made contact, inviting her in for a chat with him and Donald, one of the modelling agents. He had explained that they had shown her photos, the ones he had taken when she first came over for Sunday lunch a few weeks ago to one of their fashion house clients

   The client thought, if she was interested, they’d like to use her to model clothes for their next season’s mail order ‘Cross dressers and gender changers’ catalogue.

   Ben came out all smiles and asked how she was feeling after the operation and mentioned he was sorry to hear things hadn’t worked out between her and Harry. Ben then showed her into the office and introduced Donald who after greeting her, was all business.

   He explained that his clients were at present using boy models to show off their clothes. However, after seeing Bens photos, of her, they thought maybe using someone who had recently had a sex change would make an ideal role model to show off their latest designs.

   The thing that really appealed to Lucy more than the money which she thought wasn’t too bad, was she could keep all the clothes she modelled to take home for nothing as part of the contract.  


   “Wow!” Lucy exclaimed when she stepped out of the lift.  In the basement room the agency people had built a studio set that resembled the club she nightly performed in. 

   To her astonishment, the agency had provided a lady to help dress her in the clothes to be modelled together with both someone to do her hair and a makeup artist to beautifier.

   Ben started by instructing her how to stand and move while he took photos.

   When it came to videoing, Ben wanted her to perform as though she was in the club, to make it more realistic, he even provided people from the agency to sit at the tables and act as an audience.

   Lucy found it very tiring, as Ben would continuously ask her to repeat a part of the performance, each time making adjustments to either where she should stand or the camera angle he needed until everything was just right.

   By lunchtime, on that first day of standing still and moving around, Lucy felt shattered. Her main problem was that she wasn’t used to getting up at the ungodly hour of five o’clock in the morning.

   Ben took Lucy to the cafeteria where she saw Harry looking really scruffy dressed in a pair of baggy old jeans. He was deep in conversation with a boy whose jeans were almost falling down, with his underpants clad bottom hanging out.

   The boy must have said something because Harry turned around and when he spotted her his whole face lit up like the sun and he ran over to her.

   Lucy was surprised when Harry took her in his arms and hugged and kissed her. She felt the embrace was like a sort of homecoming and didn’t want it to stop.

   Moving back Harry said, “You’ve put on weight since I last saw you.”

   “No way,” Lucy said indignantly, “I no longer have to wear binding to strap myself down.” 

   “Well tell me,” Harry asked, “Have you fucked yet?”

   “No I’ve been saving myself for you, Lucy said laughingly, but at the same time being honest.


   Lucy hadn’t been kidding when she said she was saving her first time as a new girl for Harry.

   Thankfully, the operation had been a great success for the sensation she felt when Harry penetrated her was beyond her wildest dreams. She laughed out loud, then wrapping her arms and legs around his naked body, and refused to let go, making him her prisoner. She held him tight and just lay there not moving savouring the moment with him inside her.


   Harry couldn’t believe it; he’d had sex with the new Lucy. A part of him had enjoyed it. They’d had fun and games and laughed a lot. The problem for Harry was he would have enjoyed the sex more if she was still a he down below. No way could he say anything because she would be upset and he didn’t wish to hurt her feelings. But if they were to continue to be friends this way, he would have to look elsewhere to gratify his needs for male company.


   Lucy was no fool she knew that Harry was still seeing Timmy the boy who worked in the cafeteria. The one whose jeans were almost falling down, with his underpants clad bottom hanging out. At lunchtime she would observe how they would smile and joke around also that Timmy would give Harry a bigger slice of pie than anyone else. And how they would make hand contact when Harry paid for the food.

   Apparently since the operation she no longer completely satisfied Harry’s sexual appetite. With that in mind the next time Harry stayed the night she had a surprise for him.  


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