Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


59. Part Seven/Jimmy and Harry

Chapter 59 Part seven/Jimmy and Harry

   It was now three months since the TV adverts had been showing and they had been a great success, so much so that there was talk of a mini-series.

   Harry was not happy. he couldn’t go anywhere without someone snapping him with their phones camera. He wouldn’t have minded if they bothered to ask. At least he could have posed for the photo. Instead, he literally couldn’t pick his nose or scratch his arse without seeing a picture of it shown on the internet. He was forced to follow Jimmy’s lead in wearing a wig and glasses as a disguise when going to the shop.


   Okay there was the up side of being on TV at least he got into the gay clubs without paying. He always jumped the queue to get a table at his favourite restaurants, even when they were totally full.


   Ben noticed that fame was going to Harry’s head. He had started using make up on the set to hide the blackness around his eyes. This was a sign, he was burning the candle at both ends. He seemed unable to settle on a relationship with anyone boy.

   Maybe he was afraid of being hurt again as he had been when Bradley died. So each night he would be seen with a different young man in tow.

   Ben decided it would be best for Harry’s sake if this merry go round of boys was to stop. So he sent both him and Jimmy back to London. They could stay in his flat in Hampstead for a short beak.

Leaving Ben to take photos of Jason who, due to his age, had progressed to modelling clothes for a more adult catalogue.


   “Wow,” Harry exclaimed when he opened his eyes and saw the king size bed and his reflection in the surrounding mirrored wardrobe doors.

   It was early morning and they had just arrived from the airport after travelling from New York on the night flight to London.

    On entering the flat Jimmy had told Harry to strip to his underwear and to close his eyes as he had a surprise. He had then led Harry to the master bedroom.

   Jimmy now grabbed Harry’s hand and pulled him onto the bed then pointed upwards.

   Harry lay there speechless, to his astonishment the ceiling was also mirrored. He lifted his arm and waved. He started laughing as his reflection waved back down at him. He then watched Jimmy, who was lying next to him, turn towards him. Harry kept on looking up at their reflections at every opportunity, He found having sex under that ceiling of mirrors was fascinating. It brought a whole new dimension into play.

   Much later when they met Stephan and John for supper that evening Harry couldn’t stop talking about the mirrored ceiling. This made both Jimmy and Stephan laugh, as they had both experienced that same feeling their first time doing it in the master bedroom. John was intrigued and wanted to know how it compared with watching a video.


    “No way,” John said feeling embarrassed when Jimmy suggested a foursome.

   Harry, laughing said, “Ah that’s a pity. We understand from Stephan that you’re quite the big man.”

   John’s face went a bright red when he heard this.

   “Well how about a threesome then?” Stephan asked. 

   John just sat there silently refusing to answer.

   Jimmy suggested a compromise, “Maybe if we did it in the same room as separated couples to start with.”  

   This appealed to John and he agreed to give it a try.

   Jimmy got everyone’s permission to switch on the two wall mounted video cameras. The sex was great, especially after a while it turned into a foursome. Later, when they had finished, everything had changed between the couples. Jimmy was now with Stephan while Harry was with John.


   Harry found being back in London strange at first, especially living away from home as such. He had gone back once to get clothes as the things he had brought with him from New York were either designed for the cold air conditioning or beach wear. Thankfully his Mum was out so he didn’t have to go through all the pretending not to be gay business.

   Ben’s flat in Hampstead was ideal as a base for visiting the west end shops, restaurants and gay bars.

   Jimmy and Stephan were both busy working at the studio editing a couple of Ben’s videos, leaving Harry and John to fend for themselves during the day. It just so happened that John had just finished a three-year university course on photo-art and needed help setting up his display for judging.


   Stephan was certainly not happy when he visited John’s end of course photo display at the university. Especially when he saw that John had used shots from their first time of having sex together captured through the large mirror in the studio.

   Stephan had to admit that John had cleverly slowed down the section where he, Stephan, had seductively stripped in front of him.

   Stephan’s problem was although he had been in several sex videos back home in Poland when younger, very little of his face was ever visible in them. Whereas in this video everyone couldn’t help but recognise him. Hopefully this exposure wouldn’t cause him trouble as he still wished to become a catalogue model.


   “You bastard, how could you humiliate me like this,” Linda had screamed at Stephan from his pad when he answered her call.

   “Do what?” Stephan asked looking shocked and puzzled at her outburst.

   “Make me look a fool to everyone,” Linda screamed back at him.

   “Hold on a minute. What in hell are you talking about?” Stephan asked trying hard not to raise his voice. 

   “You bloody well know so don’t come the innocent with me,” Linda again screamed back at him, in reply.

   “So tell me,” Stephan asked totally at a loss as to what he had done to explain Linda’s anger.

   “John’s photo display. It’s on the university web site” Linda said starting to cry.

Oh My God, Stephan thought. He hadn’t realised that John’s work would be published on the university web site for everyone to see.  

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