Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


65. Part seven/ London

Chapter 65 Part seven/ London

   Stephan and Jimmy had a plan to take revenge on Graham, the guy who had pushed John over the edge by outing him in a video on the internet to the whole world.

   Harry, when he visited John's parent’s house, he had given Stephan remote access to John’s computer. so he was able to down load everything, including the recording of John and Graham’s mirror sex session.


   It was agreed not to just dump the video of Graham performing sexual acts on the internet as he had done with John, the idea was too really scare him. Stephan found Graham on a chat website, making out he was still a closeted gay guy.  He suggested they meet in person as they apparently both lived in London. Graham was reluctant at first until Stephan sent him a picture of his naked lower body. He also recommended to Graham a gay hotel he knew that rented rooms by the day with no questions asked. They could meet there.


   Jimmy and Harry having flown over from America were already there when Graham followed closely by Stephan entered the hotel room.

   Before Graham could protest the boy’s had put him to sleep with a chloroform soaked pad over his mouth and nose.

   While Graham was asleep they replaced his clothes with a pair of fishnet stocking, a frilly see through pair of lady’s panties, a short skirt and topped it off with a paper stuffed bra and a blouse.

   When they were finished, Jimmy took some very pornographic photos of Graham and the boy’s, making sure that only Graham’s face was showing.

   Then leaving Graham asleep on the bed they left the room taking his clothes with them. Harry, after closing the door laughingly hung a do not disturb sign on the outside door handle. 

   Graham had to laugh when he saw himself in the wardrobe mirror. He especially liked the way he looked in the fishnet stockings and the pair of frilly panties.  He couldn’t wait to see the video of Stephan and his friends putting them on him while he was unconscious. Thankfully he had switched on the video recorder with the remote control as he entered the hotel room. His only regret when he saw who they were and what they did on playback, he hadn’t been awake to enjoy the sex.


   Stephan couldn’t believe it instead of getting one over on Graham, he was threatening to expose all of them, especially Harry and Jimmy, who he had recognised as being fashion models from the video adverts, unless they paid him in both sex and money to keep him quiet. Otherwise he would show the video he had secretly taken of them in the hotel bedroom to the fashion houses direct.  


   Ben contacted his friend Josh, the club bouncer in London who had sorted out the business with Safi, the guy who had put poor Adam into hospital with a broken jaw and given him Aids. Josh had reported back that Graham was known to pick on vulnerable gay men to blackmail. According to a disgruntled hotel employee he had an arrangement with someone in management, who allowed him access to the same room each time where he had permanently set up a video camera. 


   Graham wanted to revisit the hotel and gain access to room nineteen. He needed to download the video of Stephan and his friends from the camcorder. His hotel contact was scared, and had told him to stay away because there had been a couple of men asking questions about him. He now regretted jumping the gun and contacting Stephan, threatening to expose him and his friends before he actually had the clip in his possession.

   Graham’s problem was after viewing the video clip on replay, he had received a call from his hotel contact telling him to get out fast as the front desk had just rented out the room.  No way did he have time to unbolt the camcorder. In any case he would have enough trouble getting home dressed as he was in a blouse and skirt, so he left it behind with the intention of retrieving it later.


  Ben after receiving Josh’s report, decided that he had to personally retrieve the offending video recording and not leave it to others. So he travelled to London and together with Stephan he booked into the hotel room number nineteen.

   “I’ve found it,” Stephan called out.

   Bolted to the false top side section of the built in hall unit was a thirty GB hard disk drive camcorder. Its lens was pointing directly at the bed through a see through mirror.

   On inspection Ben was able to see that the camcorder memory held many hours of videoing. Thankfully, to his relief it included the clip relating to the boys, which if shown to the fashion houses would have meant the end of their modelling careers.


    At long last Graham gained access to the hotel room. Only to find, after removing his camera from its hiding place, someone had deleted all the video clips that were stored on its hard disk memory. He then left taking the camcorder with him.

   When he got home he discovered his house keys were missing. Thankfully he had spare set of keys hidden in his car.

   Unfortunately, when he gained access to his place, he discovered that someone had broken in using his keys and had stolen his computer and his external hard drive with all his blackmailing video clips.


Thankfully Graham still had the camcorder so, after replacing his stolen computer, he was able to use a recovery program to retrieve the deleted clips still on its hard disk.


   Stephan was shocked when he received an email from Graham. He immediately passed it on to Ben. Because Graham was still demands money for his silence and this time had enclosed a photo attachment showing a scene taken from the deleted video clip. 


   Ben couldn’t understand how Graham could still have a copy of the deleted video clip so he contacted Josh who told him that even though Ben had wiped the memory of the camcorder clean the information would still be retained on its hard disk, which apparently Graham had now retrieved.

   Josh then suggested, “Maybe I could arrange for this guy Graham to disappear.”


   Although Ben had reluctantly sanctioned the removal of the guy named Graham, Josh still had the problem of finding and destroying the video evidence. So instead of just pushing Graham in front of a moving train, Josh had been forced to go in heavy handed.

   Unfortunately, while having a friendly chat Grahams heart had stopped beating before he could disclose the hiding place of the video clips so leaving Josh no options but to set fire to the house.


                               approximately 62,000 +words


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