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Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


60. Part seven/ Linda


 Chapter 60 Part seven/ Linda

   Linda had privately accepted Stephan’s relationship with John but seeing proof of it staring her in the face so to speak for all the world to see was another thing. She felt betrayed and rather embarrassed, especially as she had declared her love and shown photos of Stephan to her new friends at university. Her first thought was to kill John and dump Stephan.

   Later after confronting Stephan, she felt better and once again looking at the photos on the web site she had to admit that the boys looked happy together.

Stephan had reassured her that he loved her and John was now history.

   Unsure whether Stephan was lying to her about breaking up with John, she contacted her brother Harry to find out if it was true.

   “Hi,” Harry said, using voice only to answerer her call.

Linda had to smile to herself for obviously she had caught him in the act of doing something he didn’t want her to see. “Too much of that can cause blindness,” she said laughing.

   “Ha. Ha, very funny,” Harry replied.

   Linda put up the volume of her audio and heard whispering going on in the background. She enquired, “Who’s with you? Anyone I know?”

   “Hey, can’t a fellow entertain Mrs. Palm and her five children now and then without you always knowing,” Harry said in banter, laughing back.

   Linda heard a voice in the background that she recognised telling Harry to, “Hang up,” and his reply back, “You said to answer the bloody phone because you wanted to sort of do it in public, didn’t you?” then the call just ended.

   Linda thought so Stephan had lied, John had really dumped him for Harry.


    Linda contacted Pat, and after explaining the situation she asked, “How can I ever trust Stephan again?”

   Pat replied by posing a question, “Do you love Stephen enough to ignore his imperfections?”

   After a long pause Linda said, “Yes I think so.”

   “Well if that is the case, my suggestion,” Pat said, “Is to ignore everything and just except him as he is.”

   “But shouldn’t I at least say something?” Linda asked.

   “No! No way,” Patricia replied, “You mustn’t openly acknowledge anything. Once something is out there, it cannot be unsaid.”      


   It was really hard for Linda not to say anything when she met up with Stephan and the boys for a drink, especially as John was there. Her problem was that she had promised Pat to hold her tongue. To let things, go on as before and to accept Stephan for who he was.

   However, there was one thing that really bugged her. Stephan and the boys would suddenly burst out laughing when one of them would refer to some action or other under a mirrored ceiling. It was as if they had this inside joke that they only knew about. This made her feel like an outsider. When she had asked Stephan why they were laughing, he had brushed her off with saying it was nothing and just them being silly.

   Later when she and Stephan were back alone in his room at the studio, she tried almost everything to find out what they had been laughing about. She even at one point refused to have sex until he told her.

   “No way,” Linda said, for she couldn’t believe her brother Harry and John could do such a thing.

   Stephan had then reminded her of the day they had first met on the beach, it was soon after she had rushed over with a towel to cover Harry up because of his wet swimming pants and exposing himself.

   After he pointed this out she remembered the crazy phone call she’d had with Harry and his whispering about doing it in public. She had overheard him saying    this to John.

   This made her realised Pat had been right, she should have let sleeping dogs lie. In future she would never look at her brother again without thinking about him and John doing the things Stephan had described to her in graphic detail

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