Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


61. Part seven/ Harry

Chapter 61 Part seven/ Harry                                

   The airport terminal lounge was full. It was like a madhouse. Most flights on the departure board showed delays. They were due to an electrical storm raging overhead.

   The place was so crowded, Harry had no choice but to sit down on the floor.

   “Shift over,” a girl said slipping in between Harry and the wall, then lying down flat so no one could see her.

   Harry thought the girl now lying by his side looking back up at him was cute. If he didn’t know better, she looked like a boy with long hair and pink lipstick.

   To Harry’s embarrassment, he started getting an erection. Poor Harry didn’t know what to do the more he tried to hide it from her the harder it got.

   The girl started to giggle which made it worse. Especially when she suggested, “If you don’t mind doing it in public I’ll give you a blow job right here and now, but it will cost you.”

   Just then over the loud speaker system it was announced that all passengers for United Airlines flight number 0321 to New York to please go to the counter.     There they would be issued with a voucher for a hotel room for the night because the plane was grounded and would not be departing until the following morning.

   Looking down at the girl, Harry who now had a big grin on his face replied, “How about doing it in my room instead?”

    “Fuck,” Harry swore. He had got to his room in the hotel accompanied by the girl alright and, as promised she had given great head, but when he had gone for the essentials he was surprised but not disappointed, for she was a he.  

   Harry found it really strange having sex with someone who had a girl’s body up top in the shape of enlarged breasts and down below with a young man’s tackle.

   Apparently Lucy short for Lucinda was taking hormones, because she/he was in the wrong body or that’s what he/she said when they were having anal sex.

   The following day once, again at the airport, Harry found that Lucy was a fellow passenger on the same flight to New York and had somehow arranged to sit next to him on the plane.

   In the course of their conversation during the flight, he learnt that she was a singer in one of the gay clubs, and that she knew who he was having seen the commercial. Apparently she had bet with her friends who she was travelling with when they saw him at the airport that she could blow him.

   He in turn said he had enjoyed the sex and asked if she would go out with him on a date the next day, after she was through singing in the club.


   Going out with a transvestite was certainly new for Harry. He was very self-conscious when he visited the club that first evening where she was performing. It caused quite a stir and certainly gave them something to laugh about later.

   Harry thought Lucy looked good as a girl. He liked her hair, which she wore long, so thankfully she didn’t have to wear a wig like some of the drag queens. Also the hormones she had taken had worked their magic on her top half, allowing her breasts to develop. Apparently she’d had an operation to shape them to fit into the bra she was wearing without having to stuff paper in them. Of course, the lower male part had to be hidden from sight. Only to be allowed out when Harry was allowed sex. 

   In some ways Harry felt it was like having the best of both worlds. He enjoyed being in her company doing normal boy/girl things in public and then having a gay boy/boy relationship in private.


   When Harry called for Lucy she was in quite a state. It was most unlike her she was only half dressed. She couldn’t decide which top to wear.  Lucy was really nervous as they were invited out for Sunday lunch.

   Harry and Lucy had been seeing each other for over a month now. Harry would go to the club and sit at his usual table and watch Lucy perform. Afterwards they would go out to eat and then he would take Lucy back to her place where sometimes he would stay.  

   One morning, when Harry returned in the early hours after an all-night session with Lucy, Ben had been there. He was concerned that Harry was back on the old merry-go-round of boys again. Harry had told Ben all about seeing the boy/girl Lucy and Ben had then invited Harry to bring her to the beach house for lunch the following Sunday so everyone in the family could meet her.

   When they eventually arrived at the beach house, it amazed Harry to see Lucy switch, from the bag of nerves she had been on the way there into performance mode as soon as the door was opened.

   Unfortunately no one had told Jimmy that Lucy was a special type of girl, so when he opened the door the expression on his face was one of open mouth astonishment. Thankfully he didn’t, for once, put his foot in it by saying something inappropriate.

   Lucy all smiles, took charge as though she was back in the club with an audience. She made Jimmy laugh by calling him a handsome boy.


   Harry found the conversation at lunch a bit stilted at first, as if everyone was holding back. That was until Jason, never one to be tactful told, Lucy he had enjoyed her performance at a friend’s wedding where she did ‘Sweet Transvestite’ from the Rocky Horror Show.

   Thankfully after that piece of information, the conversation got better and went back to normal.

   A bit later Ben told Harry while in the kitchen collecting desert he found Lucy delightful, and thought he was a lucky boy to have found such a nice person to be friends with.

   Hearing this made Harry happy because a part of him had wanted Ben’s blessing. He came back to his seat next to Lucy at the table on the patio with a great big smile on his face. Once seated Harry leaned over and kissed Lucy on the cheek in front of everyone.

   Lucy looked at him with a puzzled expression on her face and asked mouthing the words silently, “What was that for?”

   Harry, in turn, silently mouthed back, “Because I love you.”

   Before leaving Ben took a few photos of both of them together to mark the occasion of Lucy’s visit.

   Later, back at Lucy’s place she, sat Harry down and thanked him for his earlier declaration of love. Then they had this most weird conversation where she agreed that they enjoyed each other’s company and that the sex was great, but had he considered how he would feel after she had the sex change operation. 

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