Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


8. Part one/More than friends

Chapter 8 More than friends

 Ben could not understand his feelings; he couldn’t stop smiling. Pat and he had kissed in the park. They had been dancing and she had felt so good in his arms. All he could remember now was the touch of her soft lips. Those lips had made him feel strange, somewhat weak at the knees, and afterwards, when their bodies had met in an embrace, he had felt so sexually aroused. He could have torn her clothes off right there and then.

    That night Pat had stayed over. They had made love on the bed in the spare room.

 Ben had felt shy to begin with because he had never been with a girl before. It felt odd when Pat’s hand had guided him to where he could enter her body, after which nature had taken over. Then later they made love again on the carpet in the lounge in front of the TV and, oh yes, once more in the shower.

    Wow, sex with a girl was a first for Ben and to his surprise, he loved it. Funnily it wasn’t really the sex he needed because he had been satisfying himself with hand and a dildo ever since Matt had left. It was the body contact he had missed.

It was wonderful once again to hug and kiss another person and not to feel so alone.


OMG Pat thought. No way could she now fly home with her brother, Jerry.

She had known Ben was gay right from day one, and had found his trying to act straight very sweet, only to learn of his not so secret promise of no man touching from his friend Sammy. From then on she had amused herself by openly flirting with Ben just to see how far she could go. In the process she had got to know and trust him. In fact they had become good friends.

Since Thursday everything had changed it was not just because of the sex. She had somehow stupidly fallen in love with Ben.


Ben helped Pat move in the day before Jerry was due to leave for America. It took several journeys in the lift to take her things up to the flat. It had amazed him how much stuff she had amassed in so short a time. Pat’s two very heavy, busting at the seams, suitcases were put in the spare room together with her clothes which went straight into the empty wardrobe and chest of drawers. Her art stuff was stored in the cupboard on the balcony.

     Tired out from all that physical exertion they went to bed for a rest, which turned into them having sex.


    “Oh my god,” Pat thought. She and Ben were in the throes of having sex on the king sized bed in the master bedroom, when she glanced up only to be confronted by herself looking down from the mirrored ceiling above her. When she had first entered the room, she had noticed the mirrored wardrobe doors and thought “Strange.” A mirrored ceiling was more than strange it was kinky. Maybe it was a gay thing she wondered, as she manoeuvred them both onto their side giving her a better view of their bodies. What was bizarre was Ben grabbing a camera and starting to take photos.


    Slowly they adjusted to living together, even if occasionally they got annoyed with each other, Ben would be upset with Pat for forever being untidy. She in turn could not find things because he was forever tidying up.

    The sex always brought them back together. Its healing powers were like a magic potion.

    Pat got used to being photographed at odd times and Ben would lie still for ages while she sketched him. A sort of harmony prevailed.


One morning Ben was having breakfast when he heard the sound of the dustbins being moved; he swore.

    “What’s wrong,” Pat asked?

    “I forgot its bin man day,” he said, grabbing the black sack full of rubbish from the peddle bin in the kitchen. He then dashed down the stairs like a lunatic, instead of using the lift, to put it in the bin already waiting by the roadside.

    Feeling good for having made it in time, he now pressed the lift button and waited for it to arrive to take him sedately back upstairs.

    “I made it,” he proudly shouted out to Pat when he opened the front door. Instead of a happy reply, he heard crying coming from the spare bedroom.

    Ben felt a lump in his throat for he couldn’t bear to hear her crying.

    From the doorway, he watched Pat repacking her suitcases. That’s when she told him she was leaving.

    Apparently, he had forgotten something much more important than the rubbish, for while he was downstairs, Matt had phoned from Scotland saying he would be returning home in a few days.


 Pat told Ben, Matt had been nasty to her on the phone after she had announced that she was his girlfriend.

    Ben pulled Pat up from her kneeling position on the floor and wrapped her in his arms, “Don’t go, I love you,”  

    “What about Matt?” she asked.

    “I love him too.” After this declaration, Ben felt Pat’s mood change. She was no longer soft and cuddly in his arms. In fact she removed his arms from around her and took a step back, and looking him straight in the eyes she demanded, “You have to choose between us.” 

    “Hold on, you knew I was gay right from the start, so what’s changed?”

    “I have I love you and don’t want to share you”

    Ben dilemma was although he liked living with Pat and the sex was good. How could he afford to move out and support her? Then there was Matt, how could he hurt the man who he owed big time for, saving him from a life on the streets when his dad had disowned him.                   


Pat found it a bit awkward sharing the bed with Ben after he had chosen Matt instead of her, but as usual sex eventually won out.


    Over the next two days, Ben helped Pat pack some of her things into boxes then with the help of Sammy who was still his best friend took them down to the lobby to await the carrier to ship them back to the USA.      Leaving her with one stand size suitcase and a smaller one she could use as hand luggage for the flight home.

    At the airport Pat hugged Ben one last time before going through the gate into the departure lounge.


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