Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


11. Part one/Matt and Ben p3


Chapter 11 Matt and Ben p3                          

    The next morning Ben found he was all alone in the bed. He could hear Matt banging around in the kitchen. He visited the bathroom to check his face in the mirror and as he thought his eyes did look a bit puffy from all the crying.

 The smell of toast, coffee and a good morning from Matt greeted Ben as he entered the kitchen. Yet when Ben tried to give Matt a kiss, he pointedly turned his head away. This upset Ben a bit but at least they were talking now.


    Ben was frustrated. It was now over a week since Matt’s return and he was still refusing to sleep with Ben in their king sized bed. He was also still going on about how sleeping under the mirrored ceiling would be a constant reminder of Ben’s fancy woman. In any case he had made himself comfortable in the spare bedroom by transferring most of his clothes to the wardrobe and chest of drawers in there.

    So each night they would start by sleeping alone in two beds and end up together in Matt’s room. And as for having sex, they sort of played a game. Ben would snuggle up and try for more and Matt would keep pushing Ben away, saying he could not forgive him yet.


It was lunchtime and Ben was once again at the stall with a queue of people waiting to be served.

Sammy was there with him helping out as a good friend dose, especially when he wanted to be fed for free.

Sammy never shy to talk about other people’s problems in public asked, “Have you and Matt fucked yet.”

With a sigh Ben told him that they hadn’t done it yet but he had high hopes he would win through any day now.


The following day while they were  having a good conversation over breakfast Matt received a text.

He announced aloud, “It’s from Jerry, you know the American who lived downstairs. He says hi’ and thanks for looking after his sister, Pat.” Before reading more, Matt looked up at Ben, “So that’s who she was,” Matt looked down again at the text, then back up at Ben and swore. “So you let her stay here for over two months and where did she sleep? Not the spare room I’ll bet.”

    Ben listened to Matt rant for over ten minutes.

From then on it was back to the silent treatment and as for sex, Matt’s bedroom door was firmly shut.



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