Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


10. Part one/Matt and Ben p2

Chapter 10 Matt and Ben p2

   Luckily Ben had taken a shower after having sex with the redheaded girl in her hotel, because when he entered the flat he found Matt was home waiting for him in the bedroom.

   Instead of a welcoming ‘Hello’ together with a kiss and a hug Ben was expecting, he got Matt angrily demanding, “How could you?” indicating the photos on the bed.

    Ben just waited and bit back his own resentment at having had his privacy invaded; it had taken him ages to clean the place up and this was all the thanks he got.

    Matt let out all his pent up anger ending by saying. “No way can I sleep in this bed under that ceiling. It would remind me of those,” once more pointing at the photos.

    Ben thanked his lucky stars that Matt hadn’t found the other photos he had stashed under his underwear in the lower drawer. The ones he had taken of himself and Pat while having sex on this bed that first day she had moved in.

    That evening Matt, still annoyed with Ben, went out to eat supper alone and did not return home until well after Ben was asleep. As he had stated, he did not join him in their bed under the mirrored ceiling. Instead he made up the bed in the spare room for himself.


    Ben awoke in the early hours of the morning feeling unhappy for he felt so alone in that great big bed. There was no Patricia lying next to him to cuddle up to and now no Matt either even though he had chosen him over her as his bedfellow. He felt sick he desperately wanted Matt to forgive him and so make things better between them again as they were before. He got up, and moved along the corridor to the spare room where Matt slept. Ben asked from the doorway, “Are you awake?” The only answer he got was heavy breathing. So he approached the bed and lifted up the duvet then started to slide into the bed. That’s when Matt’s voice said, “No, Go away.”

    Now kneeling by the bed with his head down resting against it as if he was praying, Ben begged, “Please let me in.”  In a pleading voice, sounding both vulnerable and lonely, he said, “I never meant to hurt you.”

    Matt took pity on Ben and let him into the bed. He felt Ben’s body snuggle up close and heard him say, “Sorry,” quietly and felt wet tears on his arm as Ben cried silently.

    It almost broke Matt’s heart, yet he knew that their relationship would never be the same again.

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