Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


9. Part one/Matt and Ben p1

Chapter 9 Matt and Ben p1

 Matt had not been happy when he returned to find Ben had hooked up with a girl. He would have forgiven him, as he had many time before for being unfaithful with another man, but with a girl that was a different matter.

    Matt had phoned to give Ben ample warning that he would be coming home in a few days, so anybody shacked up with him would be gone by the time Matt got home. To his horror a girl answered when he phoned the flat they shared. He thought at first he had thumbed in the wrong number. No, it had been correct according to the display screen. “Hello can I speak to Ben?” he asked, wondering who she might be.

    “I’m sorry Ben’s just popped out for a moment. Can I get him to ring you back?”

    “May I ask who you are?” Matt inquired.

    “Oh I’m Pat. I’m Ben’s girlfriend.”

    Matt who could be quite caustic, told her in a few unpleasant words the facts regarding his and Ben’s relationship.


    Ben didn’t have time to get upset with Pat leaving. One look at the state of the flat made him feel sick.

    The place was an utter mess. He had tried his best to keep the place neat and tidy but it had proved a losing battle. Pat had been too great a challenge even for him.

    It took a whole day just to clean the kitchen. The tiles each side of the hob were splattered from cooking and needed more than just a whip over and as for the floor Ben had to get down on his knees to clean it.        

    Thankfully Sammy took pity on him and helped with cleaning the bathrooms.


    Matt stayed away for a whole week timing his arrival home so that Ben would be out at work.

    When he entered the flat, Matt had a good look around the place. It was clean, if not extra clean. One could almost have eaten one’s lunch off the kitchen floor it sparkled so much.

     Ben had done a good job of eradicating any trace of Pat or so he thought.

    Matt noticed in both toilets the toilet paper was of a different type, softer. In their bedroom, Matt stopped in front of Ben’s wardrobe and something in him wanted to know.

    So he decided to invade Ben’s space. On opening the wardrobe, he immediately saw the new shirt and pair of jeans that Pat had bought for Ben on their shopping trip. Moving the clothes aside, he discovered two folders, which he took over to the bed and sat down.

   The first folder contained several sketches of Ben all beautifully rendered. The second folder had some very explicit photos of presumably Ben’s girlfriend who Matt grudgingly had to admit looked damn good. When he got to the last few photos, Matt’s immediate reaction was to jump up for they depicted the girl on the bed and were obviously taken using the mirrored ceiling.


At long last Ben was able to sit down. Thankfully the lunchtime rush had ended.

Or so he thought. Instead a group of tourists descended on the stall on mass all demanding crepes.

“Hey can I have one with chocolate on in,” a girl’s voice called out.

Ben was getting really pissed off good god he had only one pair of hands. After he had plated up the crape he was cooking. Ben looked up and was ready to tell the bitch to “shut it.” Instead he saw this girl standing there who could have been the spitting image of Pat or rather her sister because she had red hair. Ben quickly changing his annoyed expression to one of a smile.


    Matt thought he could ignore the whole situation regarding Ben and the girl called Pat. However, during all that day the picture of the girl on their bed kept bugging him. At first, he felt upset, then sad and eventually angry. How could Ben have violated their bedroom like that, with a girl? All memory of catching Ben last time with a young man was now forgotten. It was doing it with a girl that mattered.

    Matt even went back to Ben’s wardrobe and took out the folder with the photos. In the mood he was in he almost tore them up. Instead he flung them across the bed, making them appear like a collage of arms and legs.

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