Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


36. Part four/The Agency p2

Chapter 36 Part four/The Agency p2

It was good to be back photographing Boys again. Ben felt he had come home. The first order of the day was to reshoot Eddy’s last session.

Ben double-checked that the camera, was positioned correctly. Usually Eddy had done that, but he wasn’t around anymore.

    Donald brought the first model in. The boy was dressed in jeans and a tank top, which after the initial shots, he would strip off and pose in the underwear he was wearing underneath.

    Ben consulted the storyboard where he had marked down the shots he had to take according to the client’s instructions. Some wanted waist up, waist down, entire body, ass and bulge shots, all depending on what was being sold in their catalogues.

    Thankfully, he had brought Jason in with him today, who acted as a sort of dresser, enabling Ben to concentrate on the camera view screen.

         During the five-minute break in between shots, while the boy stripped off, Jason asked Ben, “Don’t you recognise the boy?”

    “Why should I?”

    “It’s our Jimmy remember the one who cream his pant.”

    “No way. Hey is that you, Jimmy?” Ben called out.

     The boy just nodded his head, smiled and started to pose for the next shot. 

Ben had merely asked Jimmy to adjust his cock into a more erotic position when the boy’s bulge at this suggestion suddenly decided all by its self to rise like yeast in a warm kitchen. Jimmy’s face went a bright red with embarrassment. Ben tried not to smile, he just said out aloud for everyone to take five. Now he would have to wait until the bulge subsided a bit. Just enough, to take the shot required as some of that bulge was what the client wanted.


Much later after the photo session ended. Ben together with Jason met up with Jimmy. He told them he was now out to everyone about his being gay and his parents being his mother was okay with it. That he was doing this modelling thing during the summer break to help her pay for college. Also that he needed a place to crash.

Pat was not well pleased when Ben and Jason brought back this teenage boy named Jimmy.

         OMG she thought she had just about excepted being a threesome and now here they were wanting her without even asking for another boy to crash with them in their hotel room for a few days while he found somewhere else to stay.

   She had to laugh when Jason had said, “Jimmy can share my bed, which will give you and Ben time to be alone together.”

Ben even suggested that maybe they could pile their suitcases and hand luggage in between the two beds to give them some privacy.

    Very reluctantly she agreed that Jimmy could stay for one night only as long as there was no sex.


Three days without sex, was driving Ben mad. He was relieved when Donald mentioned he knew of a place to rent.

Apparently there was a house down the Beach from Donald’s were this friend of his was looking for someone to house sit, because his company was sending him to work in Europe.


Pat was really, pleased this morning having had great sex with Ben without anyone else in the bed or room with them.

Last night they had moved in to the Beach house, which thankfully had enough rooms to accommodate all of them.

It certainly was an improvement on the hotel room were the only privacy she’d had for the last few days was when she either locked herself in the bathroom or when everyone had left for work.


Donald was rather surprised when he walked down the beach to his friend’s house. To find that not only Ben and Jason were living there but also another boy named Jimmy and a girl named Pat who Donald assumed by the way she was bossing Jimmy around, she had to be his sister, was also living there. 


Ben and the boys were busy all day long at the studio as the fashion houses were gearing up for their next year’s spring collections.

It was all happening now during the summer break when most of the young models were available.

        At one stage, Ben was so busy he had to do a few night sessions. These tended to be for a client that specialised in catalogues advertising "sexy" clothes. This client wanted the pictures to show more, sexy and exotic poses, and all the photos had to be "suggestive."

The models tended to be slightly older and as such harder to control emotional wise. The single shots were less of a problem.

 It was when there were two or more boys together. Ben found when he placed them in the classical oral-genital proximity which was their mouths and lips "near" the other guy's crutch line as Eddy had taught him their reaction was rather unpredictable some would get an instant erection while other would find it funny and burst out laughing.

After one such session Ben as he was leaving alone. Jimmy and Jason having gone off earlier to a club together. A couple of tough looking guys approached Ben and had suggested in no uncertain terms. That now as they understood he had taken over from Eddy at the studio. They expected him to provide the same services as Eddy had. And they would be back with their own models in a few days’ time for him to take a few private photos.

      Somewhat shaken by this encounter. Ben decided to visit Donald and ask for his advice.

     When Ben reached Donald’s beach house he found Donald was at the door kissing this gorgeous looking young Puerto Rican teenage boy goodbye.

     “Well,” Ben had asked once he was inside sitting comfortable.

    “Oh you mean that boy. He just came around to thank me.”


    “He’s going to be on the front cover of next month’s swimwear catalogue.”

    “Wow, he must have impressed you.”

    “Yes, he’s quite a find and to think I only interviewed him this morning. After seeing his portfolio of pictures I asked whether he had any in swimming gear, so I could get a sense of what that might look like for an ad.”

    Ben started laughing. “I sometimes wish I had your job Donald.”

    Donald smiled and replied. “It was an honest request.”

    “And.” prompted Ben.

    “He said ‘sure’, and flipped out his phone and slid past a few pictures to ones of him pool side posing in a Speedo, and another in boxers.

     He looked good, and I told him so and that there'd be plenty of work for him. After that he deliberately slid slowly past a few more pictures, and they were of him poolside naked.”

    “And, was he well-endowed?”

    “Oh, yes I had tingling feelings going on down below. Just thinking of that cock on this guy sitting beside me.  I leaned back and said: Hmm, nice to know that you have that much to fill out a Speedo. He laughed and scrolled back through those pictures. Wow, I said let me see them again but slowly this time. He stopped at each one for as long as I wanted, I responded by looking at them eagerly, and hinting that it would be nice to see the real deal.”

    “So that’s why he called.”

    “Yes he was grateful but I made it clear right from the start anything that may happen, would not affect the work status and since I knew his age, it was all legal.” 

That prompted Ben to bring up the subject he had come there to discuss. the taking of private photos. 

     Donald apparently knew of Eddy’s involvement with the local tough guys and how he would take some private photos for them.

His only advice was to be careful about what he might be forced into and to go see Eddy first.


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