Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


37. Part four/ Ben and Eddy

Chapter 37 Part four/ Ben and Eddy

“Hi, Eddy, it’s me Ben.” Ben shouted as he entered the photo print shop.

    “You don’t have to shout, I maybe almost blind, but I’m certainly not deaf so what do you want?” Eddy demanded scowling.

    “Hi, Ben,” Eddy’s partner Ted called out as he came in from the back room, “Don’t mind him he’s just cranky, so how can we help you today?”

    Just then a middle-aged woman entered the shop. Ben waited while Ted attended to her and not until she had left did he answer with one word, “Pornography?”

     Eddy started laughing and said, “So Bernie made contact.” Eddy then told Ted to lock up and hang the closed sign on the shop door. They then all moved into the back room. “Here take a look at these.” Eddy said, shoving a load of porn magazines at Ben.

     Ben looked at the top one. On its front cover marked in pen was ref. page’s ten and eleven. Turning to them he was confronted with a series of still photographs, all of a young teenage boy with only a sailor’s hat on, and various configurations of large white rope. Ben thought the photos were amazing and almost burst off in his pants.

    “That’s my work,” Eddy noting Ben’s reaction he boasted proudly.

    “I hope he’s not one of our boys.” Ben asked nervously.

    Eddy started laughing again. “No way, would I ever use one of the agency models,” he assured Ben.

    After looking through a few more magazines, Ben realised he wouldn’t wish to engage in this type of work, but apparently he had no choice.

A few days later Ben was contacted again by the tough looking guys but this time with Eddy in tow. They also had this cute looking young guy in the car. Apparently he was potential porn star material in the making and so needed a bunch of photos especially as they wanted to pass him on to another gang. This he learnt later from Eddy.


Apparently the session with the potential porn star had been a success because a few days later Ben was expected to use his magic on an actual porn star.


    It was useless, Ben thought. He was getting more and more frustrated, “No, No,” he shouted again.

    Everything Ben had tried so far to achieve the desired shot hadn’t worked.

    The nude young guy standing in front of the camera had no idea how to position his body and wouldn’t listen to Ben’s instructions.

    Ben had even asked Jason to pose in the nude to show how he wanted him to stand.

    It was obvious from the guy’s attitude he thought he knew better than Ben, him being an important ‘porn star’.

     Another problem was Ben’s usual teenage models had trouble keeping their excitement from showing and therefore needed a short break to calm down a bit.

    However, this guy had to have breaks to maintain his arousal. Apparently he wasn’t gay.           

     Maybe it was Ben’s fault, Bernie had warned him that this might happen as most porn stars were straight and so required a stimulant of some kind to get it up.

    Apparently on a film set before the shoot the porn stars would watch a straight boy/girl movie which got them going. Some even had to take drugs to help

    Once filming had started a guy called a fluffer was employed to keep them up in-between shots.

    No way was Ben willing to allow that sort of thing to go on during his photo sessions. It was bad enough he had been persuaded by a couple of Bernie’s not so friendly guys to take the photos in the first place.

    Ben called for a break so he could think things through. The main problem for Ben was the guy couldn’t keep it up long enough for him to take a great shot.                          

    Ben knew that porn stars tended to have other jobs such as fitness instructors and some were even personal trainers. All of them were good-looking and had great bodies and also were well endowed just like this guy.

    Of course they all said they only did it for the money. But Ben wondered if this was really true.

    He remembered from his own experience when he had originally started taking photos of his friends, the ones he met while Matt was alive. He had practiced to get the best results, by posing in front of a mirror scantily dressed and sometimes with no clothes on. He had soon found himself getting turned on from just looking at his own body.

    Maybe the mirror thing would work with this porn star, anyway it was worth a try.

    Ben with both Jason and Jimmy’s help pulled the curtains at the back of the studio uncovering the large mirror which was used

used when dance group photos were needed.

 Wow Ben thought it was amazing the difference the mirror made. The porn star’s pose became more natural and soon he got well and truly aroused. He turned one way and then moved back the other way, all the time looking and admiring his own reflection.

Ben had to smile to himself as he observed both Jason and Jimmy’s reaction to the guy’s transformation from an ordinary young man into the was porn star he was. He had sort of come alive and was now preening himself like a peacock in front of that mirror.

    Quickly Ben, camera in hand, took shot after shot.


Ben’s phone flew across the room. “Fuck and double fuck!” he exclaimed aloud with feeling as it bounced off the wall and fell to the floor.

     In response, Pat appeared at Ben’s open workroom door. Her face wore a puzzled look, “What’s wrong?” she worriedly asked, for she rarely heard such an outburst coming from him unless it meant something bad had happened.

    Unhappily, Ben pointed at the computer screen showing the porn photos. “They’re good, too damn good, my best work to date.”

    Pat just stood there quietly waiting.

    “You won’t believe it. The buggers liked them so much, they want to see me now at the film studio to discuss taking more photos.

     This time on the set, while the guys are actual having sex.”

     With that, Ben covered his face with his hands and leaned forward resting his head on the worktop.

     Pat moved over to Ben and started massaging his neck and back. “Well, don’t do it.”

    “There’s no way in hell I can refuse them without packing my bags and running back to London.”

    “Would that be a bad thing?” Pat voiced while working at the knot in his back.

    “Yes it would,” Ben said sitting up.

    “Why not, we could still have a good life in London.” Pat said. She thought to herself no more young guys readily available to tempt you, and that would be bliss.

    “You realise I’d have to stop being a photographer. Just think of it me not taking photos. It would be the end of my life as I know it. I’d lose everything I’ve ever worked for.”

    Ben looked at his watch. He stretched his back muscles and said, “Thanks, it feels much better. Sorry can’t stay, they’re waiting for me right now. Let’s discuss all this later

    “Yes let’s,” Pat answered sarcastically, knowing full well, they wouldn’t. “Well at least think about it,” she shouted after him.


At the porn film studios, Ben took a load of photos of the current production whilst it was being shot. Unfortunately, the results were no better than the stills that came directly from the finished movie that most of the magazines already used.

Back at the agency studios Ben had Jason and Jimmy lying on a make shift bed having pretend sex.

    “Stop it you two,” Ben shouted in frustration.

    Both the semi naked boys were rolling around in fits of laughter.

    Ben’s problem was how to take the pictures the film studio wanted.

       Once more Ben asked the boys to resume their positions on the bed.

It was a fixed pose of Jimmy on all fours with Jason appearing to screw him doggy style from behind.

    Thankfully, this time they held the pose long enough before collapsing sideways for Ben to almost get the shot he wanted.

    No way in this kind of situation could he expect either of them to get aroused that would have been asking too much.

    Maybe, he thought, being porn stars was more difficult than he originally imagined. Especially trying to achieve and maintain instant sex in front of the camera was certainly hard work for all involved.

   That night Ben couldn’t sleep he tossed and turned until eventual Pat kicked him out of bed. He ended up falling asleep on the patio sitting in a chair while watching a bunch of boys having fun around a fire on the beach.

    In the morning when Ben awoke had to smile, for he had a possible solution to his photo problems. He’d had this dream it was of a boy named Michael who he had once met while working at nights in this great big barn of a warehouse. Michael had a really cute arse, and a bulging crutch that most of the time showed the outline of his cock. Ben at the time was still at school and certainly no one knew he was attracted to boys then.  

   It was funny how Ben had remembered that to save money the owners of the warehouse had only lit up the area where the stock picking bins were. This was great because Ben would sometimes after visiting the toilets sneak into the dark side and observe Michael moving about as though he was on a stage for Ben’s enjoyment. The best bit about being in the dark area was looking at Michael’s body without being seen. 


The studio was dark except for the bed, which was partly lit. Both Jimmy and Jason were once again on it but this time fully dressed.

     Slowly the boys started to undress each other until they were both naked and certainly by then fully aroused.

    Jason shouted into the dark area of the studio, “Ben we’re ready.” He had to call out several times.

    “Okay I see you’re ready,” Ben shouted back, and then asked, “Would you please get into position?”

    While the boys were doing that, Ben powered up the beds floodlights.

     Ben now looking through the cameras viewfinder asked Jason, who was at the back to move slightly until the pose looked just right; he then took shot after shot until they collapsed but instead of laughing they were so turned on they started make out for real.

    Ben, while the boys were making out, moved around the bed, taking shot after shot. Now and then, he would shout instructions like, “Jason lift your butt a bit higher, that’s it, stay like that just a bit longer and Jimmy move your left leg.”

     On one occasion, the boys were so engrossed in the sex that Ben was forced to slap Jason’s butt to get his attention.

     Hopefully Ben thought this would work, with the porn stars, if the film area around the set could be darkened enough to give them a sense of intimacy.


Ben was feeling sick. Pat sitting in the next seat reached over and took his hand, “You’re doing the right thing,” she reassured him.


    “I do hope so,” he replied and smiled as he looked over to the other side of the plane and observed that Jimmy and Jason were also holding hands.

    The Airplanes take off had been smooth, the seat belt release sign had just come on. Crunch time Ben thought as he flipped open his phone and speed dialled Donald’s number.

    “Hi Ben,” Donald answered “What up?”

    “I’m so sorry Donald, I’m quitting.”

    “What are you talking about?” Donald’s voice shouted down the phone.

    “I’m no longer working for you, Bernie or anyone else in America.”

    “I’ll be right over.”

    Before Donald could disconnect Ben told him not to come over, as he wasn’t in the States anymore but on a plane flying home to London.


     That’s the same question he kept asking himself many times over. He was really sorry he was leaving. It wasn’t the agency work, he loved that or even really the porn which he found challenging. He was going back to England to get away from Bernie and his associates.  Stupidly he had shown them the photos of Jimmy and Jason’s session on the bed when he was illustrating how his dark / light idea worked. No way until hell freezes over was he handing over those photos. They were his friends. The last straw had been when Bernie’s thugs had pushed their way into the Beach house wanting the photos and Pat had been home alone. 

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