Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


44. Part five/Stephan

Chapter 44 Part five/Stephan

   Stephan found the bed in the spare room where Jimmy and Jason slept smaller than he would have liked but the sex with Jason had been great, and afterwards Jason had at long last fallen asleep. The poor guy had been in a bad way when Stephan called at the flat on his way home from the club. Apparently Jimmy had left home and wasn’t replying to messages.

   Although this pleased Stephan, as his plan was to take Jimmy’s place, he tried to appear sympathetic and at the same time supportive.

   Thankfully the sound of the phone announcing a text message hadn’t woken Jason.

   The text had been from Jimmy explaining he was on a course with Ben and had to switch off his phone and wouldn’t be in contact again for a couple of days.

   This changed everything; Stephan smiled as he deleted the message from the phone, because now he had Jason all to himself for the next two days and a great place to stay.


   While Jason slept Stephan took full advantage of being alone and searched the place. In the kitchen he found a cash box which felt heavy but locked. After searching each room he would go back to check on Jason making sure he was still sound asleep before moving on to search the next room. It was in the master bedroom that he discovered pay dirt, a wall safe hidden behind some clothes hanging in one of the mirrored wardrobes. Unfortunately it didn’t have a keyhole otherwise he would have had it open in minutes; instead it had a combination dial requiring a set of numbers.


   In the morning Stephan was awoken by the noise of Jason slamming a drawer shut. Jason still hadn’t heard from Jimmy and to crown it all his phone had developed a fault and was denying him access to his speed dial phone numbers which was why all the banging around. He was looking for his black book where he had written down all his important numbers and passwords.

   This was exactly what Stephan had wanted and why he had deleted the numbers from Jason’s phone.

   Unfortunately for Stephan, Jason found his last phone bill and although he couldn’t identify who he was ringing he was able after a few goes to contact a friend who knew both Jimmy and Ben’s numbers.

   At least Stephan now knew what to look for when he searched the room and hopefully the book, when he found it, would contain the safe’s combination numbers. 


   While Jason was having a shower, Stephan once again had taken the opportunity to search the bedroom. He had just discovered the missing black book when he heard the bathroom door opening.        “Shit,” he thought. What to do with the book it was too big to hide in his clothes and any moment Jason would be coming through the door.

   On impulse he placed the book under the bed to be retrieved later he then had turned back to the open drawer.

   “What the fuck are you doing?” declared Jason as he came into the bedroom.

   Having been caught in the act of searching Stephan decided telling the truth would work so replied. “I was looking for that black book of yours.”  

   Jason stopped looking angry then smiling said, “Thanks that was nice of you but don’t worry.  I’ll get the numbers off Jimmy’s phone when he returns.”

   “You mean if he returns.”

   “No everything is alright now, I had a phone call from Pat while in the bathroom, She told me Jimmy was with Ben on some course where their phones had to be switched off.”

   “Who’s Pat?” Stephan asked hearing her name for the first time.  

   “Oh yes you won’t have met Patricia, as she had already gone back to America to sort out our living accommodation for when we all return next month.”

   “Oh,” Stephan thought, for the going back to America was news to him.

“Pat.” Jason said. “Well it’s complicated she and Ben have been having an on-off relationship for a couple of years now.”

   “But I thought Ben was gay,” Stephan said sounding puzzled.

   “No he’s defiantly Bi and as for Pat, Jimmy and I think she’s great, we sort of consider her as our house Mum. Whenever we’re in trouble, we go to her for help.”

All this information certainly gave Stephan something to think about.


 Stephan had tried several times during the day to be alone in the bedroom to retrieve the black book from under the bed but whenever he thought the coast was clear Jason would turn up.

It was only when Jason had fallen asleep after having sex that night did Stephan have the opportunity to get the book which he took into the lounge.

To his surprise it not only had the safe’s combination numbers, it also had the flat’s security code to both activate and deactivate the alarm. So instead of ripping out the page he copied the numbers down. He then returned to bed, after first putting the black book back in the drawer where he had found it.


Not wishing to bump into either Ben or Jimmy on their return, Stephan left early the next morning. As he was leaving he had a good look at the security pad on the wall, and also noted the type of locks fitted on the front door.   


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