Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


43. Part five/Jason

Chapter 43 Part five/ Jason

   When Jason arrived back home after his all-night session with Stephan, he was pleased to find Jimmy was out. This gave him time to have a shower and change out of yesterday’s clothes, and to think of a lie to tell Jimmy.

   Before Stephan had come into their lives, they would have picked up guys at the club together for a one-night stand and think nothing of it. Now it felt different. He thought of Jimmy as a younger brother who he had fooled around with, not as a lover.

   He hated lying to Jimmy but could not tell him the truth. He didn’t want to lose him.


   While in the bedroom dressing after the shower, he noticed that their bed hadn’t been slept in. He knew this because as a youngster his father, who had been a soldier, had drilled him into making his bed each morning ready for inspection.

   He knew Jimmy, when left alone, would just move the duvet aside to get out of bed and certainly would not straighten the under sheet.

   Puzzled Jason opened the drawers allotted to Jimmy and discovered his clothes were missing.


   The problem for Jason was why had Jimmy packed up and left. Had he discovered that he was sleeping with Stephan?

   He tried to contact Jimmy every hour but got no answer. He left him a text message each time.

   “WHY?” To say that Jason felt guilty was an under statement. Looking back over the last couple of weeks he now realised how his involvement with Stephan must have appeared to Jimmy. It had started quite innocently. They told each other things about their lives and laughed at funny experiences. When Jimmy came over, Stephan would shut up and stand there waiting for Jimmy to move away before carrying on their conversation. The exclusion of Jimmy seemed quite natural at the time but, now thinking about it, Jason knew in his heart it had been wrong. He had treated Jimmy badly. What was Stephan to him anyway?


   Jason was getting worried Jimmy had not yet returned his calls. Stephan had phoned and suggested going to the club and then doing something afterwards. Jason was too stressed out even to consider going out, let alone have sex. More important where the hell was Jimmy?  Was he safe? That thought had made him feel sick.

   All through the night Jason tossed and turned unable to sleep. He wondered whether he needed to report Jimmy was missing to the police.  Before that he had to steel himself to tell both Pat and Ben and admit it was his fault.


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