Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


51. Part five/Harry, Jimmy and Donald

Chapter 51 Part five/Harry, Jimmy and Donald

   Harry had been annoyed at his sister’s remark at lunchtime. He had only been playing around. She didn’t have to tell him off and embarrass him in front of Jimmy.

   Sometimes he hated his sister, she was forever mothering him. Take their first visit to the beach, they had gone to a party, Harry wanted to hook up with another boy so had worn the swimming trunks that when wet one could see through, the chap at the gay shop had suggested he bought. They had had a good laugh over them at the time.  Harry had taken a spare pare of regular trunks, just in case he wasn’t brave enough to actually wear them. 

   At the party, he had deliberately taken a swim to wet them and as he had emerged from the water, he had been aware of the admiring looks he was getting from the cute boys around. That’s when his sister had spoilt it all by rushing over with a towel to cover him up.

   Luckily, to his surprise, they had met up with the cute looking chap from the plane. The one who had been brave enough to be reading a gay porn magazine openly.

   Unfortunately, he was bisexual and had chosen Linda instead of him. Still it hadn’t been all bad as he had introduced Harry to Jimmy.


   Jimmy had been rather surprised at how quiet Harry had become after his sister’s outburst. After lunch while, everyone was taking a rest, he invited Harry to go for a walk down the beach to visit Donald, the modelling agency guy.

   While walking he asked Harry, “What did your sister mean when she referred to glass houses?” 

   “Oh that. It was nothing,” Harry replied.

   “No way,” Jimmy declared, “It must be something. You’ve been acting like a wet blanket ever since.”

   “Well promise you won’t hate me If I tell you.”

   “No of course I won’t,” Jimmy said. Thinking to himself, please god, I hope he’s not got aids.     

    “Well you see I’ve been lying to you when we’ve been comparing notes about sex.” Harry took a deep breath before saying, “I’ve never kissed someone, let alone had sex with anyone.”

   With relief that it wasn’t aids, Jimmy laughing said, “You, idiot,” stopped walking and pulled Harry into a great big hug, giving him a long and tender kiss which would have turned into something more had they been alone at the time.

   Afterwards they carried on down the beach, but this time holding hands and both smiling.


   Donald was in his usual place sitting in a deckchair on his patio watching the world go by. When he saw Jimmy coming along the beach talking to this really cute looking boy, he got up and started waving and shouting, “Jimmy, Jimmy,” until he got his attention.

   “Hello Jimmy come up and visit for a while and bring your young friend with you,” Donald called down.

   Jimmy allowed Harry to climb up first so he could admire his butt as he followed him up the stairs to the patio where he introduced Harry to Donald.


   Harry liked Donald’s easy manner and was surprised when Jimmy showed him around the beach house while Donald was making a phone call. Instead of the usual shower with glass surrounds there was a wet room with a bench for sitting on. Also a room set aside for editing and showing videos.


    Donald phoned Ben while Jimmy showed Harry around Donald’s beach house. He had thought that Harry would do nicely for the Carter account He also mentioned that when he first saw the boys they were walking along the beach holding hands, and wondered how offering Harry a modelling job might cause a problem with Jason and so affect the agency.


   “O M G,” Harry couldn’t believe his ears. When Donald offered him a job. It was unbelievable to have travelled all this way to have found one. Because back home in London he had been looking for one since getting his A levels results. There was no way could his mum could afford two of them to go to university.

   The only work he had found so far was working for a crappy company filling up selves in a supermarket at night on a zero hour’s contract, which really pissed him off.

   So when Donald had offered Harry a job working as one of his models, of course subject to photos and a green card for the USA, he was so excited he couldn’t get back quickly enough to tell his sister.


   “Don’t be daft,” Linda exclaimed when Harry told her about the modelling job offer.

   “Why do you always have to be so negative?” Harry replied. Then said, “Alright I understand there will be small problems, but I’ll have to overcome them.     

   “So you consider finding somewhere to live and eating without money a small problem, do you?”  Linda screeched in frustration at her brother’s stupidity.

   Fortunately, for Harry, they were having this conversation while sitting on the patio of the beach house in front of everyone.

   Jimmy looked at Ben who looked at Patricia who declared in a calming voice, “Linda you know we have plenty of room in this house, so why don’t you let Harry stay here with us? As for food there’s always enough to go around.”

   Harry looked at Linda with pleading eyes; although he didn’t need her permission, it would be easier to sell the idea to their mum back home.


   Jimmy and Harry were alone at last. They had said their goodbyes to Stephan and Linda at the airport, then headed back to the hotel, primarily to collect a case Harry still had to pack.

   New York was having a heat wave so, by the time it took them to go from the air-conditioned car to the cool air of the hotel room, their clothes were soaking wet and sticking to their bodies.  Harry had said he needed a cold shower and had gone into the bathroom closing the door. He then stripped naked and stepped into the shower only to find to his surprise that Jimmy had slipped in behind him.

   After getting to know each other’s bodies in the shower they had soon dried off and had moved to the bed. Where it had been better than Harry could ever have imagined and certainly more enjoyable than just watching porn videos.

   Wow! Harry thought he was lying beside Jimmy, feeling for the first time sore but satisfied. He had at last had sex with another boy. He lay there thinking about how he liked the kissing and cuddling the best, which had led to the more physical side of having sex.


   Ben started getting worried when Jimmy and Harry hadn’t returned from the airport after seeing Linda and Stephan off this morning. It was already lunchtime; he had tried phoning Jimmy but had received no reply. That’s when he remembering that Donald had mentioned that he had seen them holding hands.

   When they did eventually arrive back at the beach house their lame excuse of Harry having to wait to book out of his hotel as reception was having computer problems did not wash with Ben. One look at Harry had told him everything.



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