Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


39. Part Five / Pat

Chapter 39 Part Five / Pat

After a few weeks back in London, Pat soon realised she had been wrong expecting Ben to give up everything he had worked for in America. He had become depressed and was always ready to have a fight, especially with his studio partner, Danny.  

   She had seen a text message Donald had sent Ben and, making the excuse of her father being ill she had flown home to America.


Donald had been interviewing a boy in his office when Pat arrived at the modelling agency studios. She had to wait in the reception area for him to finish. Sitting nearby were the boy’s parents.

   They were in deep conversation, the dad was not too happy that his son was entering the sex trade, as he put it.

   His wife argued that Bobby, their son, being gay, at least wouldn’t be too embarrassed by what the agent might ask him to do. Bobby apparently had insisted seeing the guy on his own and even though his mum had told him to leave the door open, he had shut it behind him.

   The mum was rather concerned as to what might be going on in the office. Her cousin had told her certain things, which she couldn’t believe or didn’t want to admit. 

   The important thing was that the agent should like Bobby no matter what, so he could earn lots of money modelling, and possibly get enough to pay for his college fees.

   Eventually the boy came out.  He had a great big smile on his face. His parents were then asked by Donald who looked a bit flushed to come into his office. He acknowledged Pat with a nod.

   Bobby stayed outside with Pat in the waiting room. To Pat’s surprise, when she looked closer Bobby looked like a younger version of Jimmy. Maybe it was the loose wearing of the trousers and showing the top of his underwear, which reminded her of Jimmy. In America the fashion first started in prisons where they were not allowed belts. Pat pretended to look at her phone and took a couple of photos of Bobby. One of which showed off his tight stomach with a flash of pubic hair. The other was later from behind when he bent down to picked up his bag from the floor showing a pair of bare arse cheeks. On this cute boy they looked good. Later Pat would compare the photos with those she had of Ben and the boys on her computer.


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