Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


42. Part five/ Jimmy

Chapter 42 Part five/ Jimmy

Jimmy was pissed off. Maybe he should leave and go home for good. Stephan was now Ben’s golden boy, especially after the studio session where he admitted having experience in video work.  He told Ben that it was general practice to shoot scenes more than once, even if the first take looked perfect, and to shoot a variety of different shots to maximize choice when editing.

What really made him feel unhappy was he knew something was going on between his Jason and Stephan. They were forever talking quietly and would stop when he came near. Ok, he and Jason had an open relationship. However, this felt different.


   This morning after Jimmy had overheard Jason talking on the phone arranging for a meeting with Stephan he decided to follow him. Thankfully, the cab driver, when asked to follow the cab Jason was in, didn’t blink an eye and just drove. He even stopped for a while, allowing Jimmy to see Jason and Stephan meet and go into the seedy hotel, before driving him back home.


    “What should he do?” Jimmy thought. He could confront Jason but what if Jason decided to end their relationship. No way did he want that. He needed to talk to someone but who could he confide in, definitely not Ben. In any case he was away for a couple of days on some course to do with editing or something.

    Jimmy felt lonely. He had waited up for Jason but he had not returned.

 Pat answered his call and after some small talk he told her everything, omitting Ben’s sexual involvement with Stephan.

“Well,” he asked, “what do you suggest I do?”

“Talk to Ben, tell him how you feel.”

“But,” Jimmy said

“No buts. He loves you, you’re his family. Never forget that.”

After the phone call Jimmy felt no better. In fact, he felt much worse because of actually voicing his fears, they had become more real. Instead of going to bed in the room he shared with Jason, he cried himself to sleep on a makeshift bed on the settee in the lounge.     


The slamming of the front door awoke Jimmy. Looking up from the settee, he was surprised to find Ben standing there. Without say a word, Ben reached over and swept Jimmy’s legs off the settee then sat down next to him and gave him a great big hug.

Jimmy started crying. Ben held him until he stopped and then told him to pack.

He needed Jimmy’s help on his film-editing course.


Jimmy loved being with Ben. After dropping off Jimmy’s overnight case at the hotel, they had gone straight to the studio, where the course was being held.

To begin with everyone had to switch off his or her phone and, during each live video session, no talking was allowed. It was being run like a real film set. The first part was learning how to take videos so as to prepare them for editing. Then to the actual editing, which soon showed any faults in the videoing.

It soon became clear that Jimmy had a flare for both taking and editing videos, this certainly pleased Ben.

They worked all day with a short buffet break for lunch. 

It was not until much later that same day that Jimmy found he had received several phone messages from Jason. The last one sounded worried, wanting to know where in hell he was and why wasn’t he answering his phone.

Jimmy decided to let Jason sweat a bit and not ring until the next morning.

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