Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


45. Part five/ Jason

Chapter 45 Part five/ Jason 

   Jason was getting both worried and annoyed. He had expected both Jimmy and Ben to have arrived home by now. Instead, there was no sign of them and it was already well past midday. The text message from Ben had definitely stated they would be here by lunch time. He had tried contacting Jimmy but he was still not returning either his phone calls or text messages and as for Ben, he never had his phone switched on when driving.


   Jason couldn’t believe his ears. That evening Jimmy had refused to sleep in their room. It was bad enough that when Ben and Jimmy had eventually arrived home after sitting in a traffic jam for what seem hours, Jimmy had been rather cold in his greeting. He had been mostly silent when they had sat down to eat and Ben had told Jason all about what they had learnt on the course.


   Ben was already awake when Jason came into the bedroom. Jason smiled at Ben who lifted the duvet indicating for him to get in, on Ben’s other side Jimmy was still asleep.

   Lying there under the mirrored ceiling felt good. Jason closed his eyes and snuggled up to Ben. A voice shouting out, “What’s he doing here?” made him open them. He was about to reply, when he felt Ben’s hand cover his mouth stopping him from saying anything.

   Ben replied instead, “Jimmy, what’s your problem with Jason?”

   “He’s a big fat liar and a cheat,” Jimmy again angrily shouted.

   “Well Jason,” Ben asked, “What have you got to say about that?”  

   “We have an open relationship.”

   Before Ben could speak, Jimmy shouted back,   “We agreed to the occasional one night stand only.”

   “It was only one time,” Jason lied.

   “No way, you’re a liar. I followed you the other day and you met him at that cheap hotel we go to.”

   “Ok, I’ve been with him twice then,” Jason admitted.

   “You’re a liar I met Laura, the dyke who lives upstairs. She told me the guy’s been staying here for the last few days.”

   “Is that true?” Ben asked. Throwing back the duvet, he pushed past Jason and walked to the end wardrobe to where the safe was. On inspection, he noted someone had moved the dial.

   Looking back at Jason he asked, “Have you been to the safe lately?”

   “I’ve mislaid my black book, so, no.”

   “Black book?” asked Ben.

   “Yes you know I have a bad memory, so I’ve put everything down in a black book.”   

   “Fuck!” Ben swore. “Go find it and Jimmy, go help him.”

   The tone of Ben’s voice implied it was a command. Both boys jumped out of bed and started searching their bedroom.

   Almost immediately, Jimmy found the black book.

   Ben swore after inspecting the book. He was not happy. Thankfully he was able to change both the combination on the safe and the flats security pad codes immediately, just in case.


   Jason was in the doghouse. He Knew he’d been a fool.  Thinking back over the last few days. Jason remembered catching Stephan searching the draws in his bedroom when he came out of the shower, and had even thanked him, when Stephan had admitted looking for his missing black book.

   Yet there was no real proof he had done anything wrong. So when Jason received a text message from Stephan to meet up at the hotel, he decided it would be ok. Of course he couldn’t say anything to either Ben or jimmy, who were still annoyed with him.

   Just in case Jimmy might have followed him again, Jason took the train into town, then doubled back and headed to the hotel from a different direction. He found Stephan waiting for him just inside the hotel at reception.

   Stephan said, “Hi, I have the key for our room. It’s on the third floor.” As soon as the lift door closed, they embraced each other and kissed. They did not stop until they reached the third floor. Then laughing, they ran down the corridor hand in hand. Once the room door was closed, they started shedding their clothes, and by the time they reached the bed they were stark naked.

   Much later, when they were lying together side by side under the covers, Stephan told Jason, Ben had invited him to the studio the following day.    

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