Ben's story

Sexuality is like the flip of a coin one side gay the other side straight how will it land.


46. Part five/ Ben

Chapter 46 Part five/ Ben        

   “No way,” Jimmy protested when Ben told him that he had asked Stephan to come to the studio and he expected Jimmy to work with him.

   Ben gave Jimmy a stern look and told him to behave himself. Then explained to him, “Although you’ve learnt how to both take and edit sections of a video, it would do you no harm to have some help from someone, who has had practical experience of actually producing a completed video.”


   Ben, Jimmy and Stephan discussed how to precede using the still photos Ben had already taken, in the usual manner of two models, on the previous day. At this pre video meeting they made up a storyboard using those photos to show in detail the video shots required.

   After lunch, when the models had arrived at the studio, Jimmy, with the aid of Stephan, started videoing. He soon found it was impossible to follow the story exactly as shown on the board. After a further discussion, Ben agreed extra shots were required, which hopefully would solve the problem when editing to achieve the desired video to be produced.

   By the end of the week Jimmy and Stephan had become quite friendly because of their having to work so closely together.  Ben, however, was still unsure about Stephan and had contacted a friend named Josh, a night club bouncer, who in the past had helped by getting rid of someone.


Josh reported back to Ben that he had followed Stephan home from the studio, and that he lived in a house with about fifteen other Polish lads. He also reported that Stephan had been caught shoplifting on two occasions. More importantly Jason was still meeting him at a local hotel and according, to the receptionist, they were renting a bedroom by the day, and that she was having complaints about the noise they were making while having sex.


Watching Stephan and Jimmy working together, Ben was uncertain what to do about the information Josh had given him. On a strictly professional level he wanted the two boys to carry on as they were, doing great stuff. In fact, he was thinking of employing Stephan full time.

Ben problem was he didn’t like the idea of Jason cheating on Jimmy and that by keeping quiet he was condoning it.

He thought maybe he would talk to Jason.



To Ben’s surprise the opportunity to talk to Jason presented itself the very next day. Jimmy had left early for the studio. He was apparently meeting Stephan to discuss something to do with the editing of yesterday’s video session. Ben was alone in the kitchen having breakfast when Jason walked in and, before Ben could say, “Good morning,” Jason had demanded to know, “What’s going on? Why haven’t you asked me to model the clothes in the video?”

 Ben sighed and replied, “I didn’t want any arguments.”

“Arguments,” Jason screamed back. “Why should there be any?”

“Well with your history with both Stephan and Jimmy, there’s bound to be some problems.”

“No way, I’m a professional model nothing affects my performance.”

“I wasn’t thinking of your feelings being hurt it was rather that I wanted Jimmy and Stephan to have a chance to work together without the pressure of you being around as a constant reminder.”

 “That’s not fair. I’m sick and tired of hearing Stephan whenever we’re in bed telling me that Jimmy said this or that about the blasted video their shooting.” Jason must have realised what he had just said when he saw the expression on Ben’s face, because he put his hand over his mouth and swore. 

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